“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 5 ~ Se Gi:” Cha Do Hyun has the skill to make money and I have the skill to spend money.”

Se Gi took Ri Jin out and made everything that he could to take care of her…even if he was a little childish in the beginning.

While asking Ri Jin to put to sleep Do Hyun, Se Gi kissed Ri Jin and from that moment on Do Hyun and Ri Jin’s heart begin to beat fast every time the met or think about each other.

Perry Park came out once again and he went to Ri Jin’s house. Ri Jin and Do Hyun were locked in her house basement.

Episode 5

After she couldn’t get in touch with Do Hyun for a while, suddenly Ri Jin received a text from Do Hyun saying that he is in front of the hospital waiting for her. Ri Jin runs excited to see Do Hyun, but when she arrived downstairs she found Shin Se Gi, not Cha Do Hyun. Se Gi grabs Ri Jin’s hand and takes her with him.

Se Gi:” Don’t make me mad. I don’t know what I’ll do.”

Hearing Se Gi saying that soon he will have more time then Do Hyun, Ri Jin remembered that doctor Seok Ho Pil told her that if one of the personalities became stronger, he can control the personality of the host. If that will happen, Se Gi will control Do Hyun’s time, actions and personality.

Se Gi:”If you want to save him, be quiet and follow me.”

Threatening Ri Jin with Do Hyun’s life, Se Gin convinced her to go with him to a hotel, saying that he is giving her a chance to choose. Entering the hotel room, Ri Jin was shocked. That room was full of toys. The scare yet childish Shin Se Gi thought that those toys will make Ri Jin choose him over Do Hyun. But Ri Jin wasn’t pleased with any of those toys so Se Gi tries his last resort. Se Gi changed his hairstyle to Do Hyun and by Ri Jin facial expression Se Gi realized that the one she chose is Cha Do Hyun.

Se Gi grabs Ri Jin’s hand again and leaves the hotel. Outside is cold and they are wearing thin clothes so Se Gi threatens some people and pays them three times the cost of their jackets and gets warmer clothes for him and Ri Jin.

Se Gi:” Cha Do Hyun has the skill to make money and I have the skill to spend money.”

When Ri Jin scolds Se Gi for spending Do Hyun’s money and for getting Do Hyun into trouble, the upset Se Gi reveals to Ri Jin who was he created by Do Hyun.

Se Gi:” I saved him from danger and I took on the pain instead of him.”

Even if he is scary, violent, childish and creates a lot of problems, Shin Se Gi wants only to take care of Ri Jin. He wants Ri Jin to like him as Shin Se Gi, not the weak Cha Do Hyun.

They are now at the park to see the fireworks. Se Gi keeps talking about what Ri Jin did a long time ago and Ri Jin remembering one of Do Hyun’s question towards her, Ri Jin asks Se Gi if she looks like his dead first love. But she is alive, Se Gi’s first love is alive.

Se Gi:”I wish I could be with you forever.”

He tried all day to please Ri Jin, but the only thing that made her happy was the fireworks event. Because he wants to be forever with Ri Jin, Se Gi asks her to put to sleep Cha Do Hyun and then he kisses her. But while they were kissing Do Hyun woke up. Embarrassed Ri Jin runs away, but Do Hyun caught her. He doesn’t understand what happened.

Afraid that Se Gi could come back anytime and hurt Ri Jin or force her to put to sleep Do Hyun, doctor Seok Ho Pil sent her home for few days. She is shocked. She doesn’t know if she kissed Se Gi or Do Hyun. Ri Jin dreams with her eyes wide open at Se Gi and Do Hyun. She sees them in her soup or sitting in front of her.

On the other hand Do Hyun noticed that Se Gi’s personality change every time he is with Ri Jin. Secretary Ahn took from the hotel all the toys that Se Gi showed to Ri Jin because he was afraid that there could be drugs hidden in them. While looking around the stuff that secretary Ahn brought from the hotel room, Do Hyun’s heart begins beating fast every time he thinks about Ri Jin. Since Do Hyun was too busy with his racing heart, Perry Park took advantage of the situation and came out.

The Perry Park personality is really funny.

Perry went out to play and he arrived in front of Ri Jin’s house. When he was about to enter, Do Hyun came back. Do Hyun doesn’t recognize the place, he goes back to his car to change from Perry clothes to his. While Do Hyun was changing his clothes in the car, Ri On and Ri Jin returned from the store. They went to but alcohol because Ri Jin isn’t feeling that well.

When Ri On saw the car moving, he went to take a look. The moment Ri Jin and Do Hyun’s eyes met they both were shocked, but before they got the chance to say anything, Ri On called Do Hyun “Perry Park”.

Do Hyun was invited to dinner. Ri On tells everyone, including Do Hyun, how he and Perry Park met. The first one that Ri On met in the plane was Se Gi. Ri On saw Se Gi recording the message that Do Hyun saw when he returned to Korea. After recording the message Se Gi fell asleep and so did Ri On. When he woke up, Ri On saw the man that was sitting next to him taking his wine bottle. From that moment on Perry and Ri On became friends. But then again Ri On hides something. He knows who Cha Do Hyun really is.

Having the chance to go out alone, Ri Jin took Do Hyun to the basement so they could have a privet talk. She puts a piece of wood so the door won’t close. After saying what she wanted to say, Ri Jin wants to leave, but Do Hyun removed the piece of wood to close the door and have a more privet conversation with her about Se Gi. The problem is that the basement door is broken and can only be opened from outside. No matter how much he tried to open it, Do Hyun couldn’t open the door.

While he was trying to open the door, Ri Jin got drunk. She has a basement phobia and so does Ri On…The drunk Ri Jin fell and Do Hyun helped her to get up, but when their eyes met, their hearts started racing.

Do Hyun:” Should I make it so you won’t confuse us?”

In Do Hyun’s family there is a secret and a rumor about a secret child. No one saw that child. No one knows if that child is a boy or a girl. After the fire that happened during Do Hyun’s childhood all the workers from that house were changed like they were trying to hide a something.

Could it be that the secret child, if he existed, is Ri On and that is why he is so obsessed with Cha Do Hyun and his family?

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