“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 6~ Se Gi:”If you touch my woman, your woman will be in danger.”

Do Hyun made Ri Jin the offer of being his secret psychiatrist. When Ri Jin calls Do Hyun to tell him her decision Yo Seob, Do Hyun’s suicidal personality, answered the phone.

Episode 6

In the basement, Ri Jin got drunk. She has a basement phobia since she was little, just like Do Hyun. When she falls over, Do Hyun helps her get up and when their eyes met both of them feel their hearts racing. But Ri Jin doesn’t know if her heart is beating fast for Se Gi or for Do Hyun and Do Hyun doesn’t know if he feels something for Ri Jin or what he is feeling are Se Gi’s feelings. Thinking that her heart is racing because Do Hyun changed again into Se Gi, Ri Jin calls Se Gi’s name, which Do Hyun didn’t like. He grabbed Ri Jin shoulders and said:

Do Hyun:” Should I make it so you won’t confuse us?”

Do Hyun get closer to Ri Jin, trying to kiss her, but suddenly he stops. When Do Hyun apologized saying that he wanted to confirm something Ri Jin got mad and grabbed him by his collar. Ri Jin didn’t get mad because Do Hyun tried to kiss her, she is furious that Do Hyun stopped. She also has something to confirm so she demands him to finish what he started, to kiss her. But when Ri Jin was about to hiss Do Hyun, Ri On opened the room and entered.

Do Hyun leaves with the trunk fool of food leaving the embarrassed Ri Jin to deal with her family.

That night, Do Hyun remembers Ri Jin’s wards, he remembers that Ri Jin said that her hearts also beats fast towards him and a smile made it on his face. The one that wasn’t pleased is Se Gi. In the morning when he woke up, Do Hyun saw a message from Se Gi written on the wall “Kill you”, next to Do Hyun’s bed there were a lot of alcohol bottles and cigarette butts. The living room was devastated and there was also a video message from Se Gi.

Se Gi:”If you touch my woman, your woman will be in danger.”

Scared that Se Gi might have done something to Chae Yoen, Do Hyun calls her, but the one that answered the phone was Ki Joon. Hearing that Chae Yeon was with Ki Joon the whole night, Do Hyun was relieved. On the other hand Ki Joon was surprised when Do Hyun asked him to stay by Chae Yeon’s side, but Chae Yeon wasn’t pleased.

Se Gi’s message made Do Hyun decide to gamble. He requested the hospital to send Ri Jin to his house and Do Hyun signed the request with Se Gi’s name. Depending on what Ri Jin does, Do Hyun decides if he should be on guard with her or to get he on his side.

Do Hyun:” Oh Ri Jin, will you be my secret physician?”

Do Hyun needs Ri Jin to keep Se Gi quiet for three months. After those three months, when his position at the company will be safe, Do Hyun will return to America and get treatment. But Ri Jin refused, she doesn’t wants to be Do Hyun’s psychiatrist and she doesn’t have the experience to help him. Because Ri Jin refused his offer, Do Hyun forced her to accept by asking the hospital director to fire her.

Since Do Hyun avoids her and Ki Joon said that Do Hyun is dating, Chae Yeon came to Do Hyun’s house. When she arrived, Chae Yeon saw Ri Jin leaving Do Hyun’s house. She tried to get inside, but the door is locked. She called Do Hyun, but he lied that he isn’t home.

Do Hyun accepted to meet up with Chae Yeon. She can’t accept that Do Hyun gave up on her when he found out that she has feeling for Ki Joon. In Chae Yeon’s mind, Do Hyun can’t date any other woman because she is his first love. She always knew that Do Hyun had feelings for her, but she pretended that she doesn’t know. Chae Yeon doesn’t want Do Hyun because he is a mistress son, but she doesn’t want to see him happy with another woman either. So for the first time in his life, Do Hyun, thanks to Se Gi’s threatens, has the courage to push Chae Yeon away, to stop being a toy that does everything that Chae Yeon wants.

Because she doesn’t want to be Do Hyun’s secret physician for three months doctor Seok Ho Pil offered Ri Jin the chance to study for six months at John Hopkins hospital in America. Now all that she has to do is chose between the two chances, to be Do Hyun’s doctor or to go to John Hopkins hospital. Not being able to decide, Ri Jin asks her family what decision would they make if they were her. Ri Jin’s mother would like Ri Jin to work for the rich man for three months, her father would like her to go to John Hopkins hospital and Ri On tells her that the rich man doesn’t want a doctor, he wants a friend, but still the decision belongs to Ri Jin.

After a conversation with Ki Joon, Do Hyun has a migraine. He goes to rest for a little while and he dreams about his younger self being in a basement. Suddenly next to him appeared Ri Jin saying that she is scared of fires and basements too, but because she is close to him she isn’t so scared. When Do Hyun woke up he wasn’t Do Hyun, another of his personalities appeared.

Ri Jin made her decision. She will go to John Hopkins. She calls Do Hyun to say goodbye, but the one that answered her was Ahn Yo Seob, the suicidal personality. Yo Seob gave Ri Jin an hour to guess where he is. If Ri Jin doesn’t find him in an hour then he, Do Hyun and all of the other personalities will be dead.

Thoughts: If Do Hyun was upset when Ri Jin called him Se Gi, does that mean that he likes her, but he didn’t realize it? After all Se Gi is one of his personalities. Se Gi represents Do Hyun’s feelings….

                 What does Chae Yeon want? She is with Ki Joon, but if Do Hyun doesn’t pay attention to her or dares to see another woman she doesn’t like it?

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