“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 1~” Have you ever been faced with another side of yourself?”

Hyde, Jekyll, and I is a drama about a man with two different personalities. One is Koo Seo Jin a cold and distant man, who is the director of a theme park. Seo Jin’s other personality is Robin.

Robin was created out of Seo Jin’s guilt so Robin protects and rescues the once around him.

Jang Ha Na is the leader of the circus form Seo Jin’s theme park.



Hyun Bin as Koo Seo Jin / Robin

Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na

Sung Joon as Yoon Tae Joo

Hyeri as Min Woo Jung

Lee Seung Joon as Kwon Young Chan

Lee Deok Hwa as Koo Myung Han

Kwak Hee Sung as Sung Suk Won

Oh Na Ra as Cha Jin Joo

Episode 1

Waking up from a nightmare in which a child was asking him the lost balloon and he saved a woman, Seo Jin begin his day with morning meditation. Later, at work, Seo Jin banned all balloons from the amusement park. Suddenly a little girl was running after her balloon who stopped in Seo Jin’s face, just like in his dream. People begin to scream. A gorilla escaped! Scared the people run for their lives. A young woman sees Seo Jin and asks for his help, but Seo Jin bites her and runs away. He climbs on a barrack and tries to calm down. Behind him, the girl Seo Jin bitten was unconscious. The gorilla was next to her and everyone surrounded the gorilla.

Well…so when a dangerous gorilla escapes the only thing you can do is look at her? Why are all those people looking at the gorilla and not running away as far as possible? And most important where are the caretakers?

When finally the guards arrived they were holding a net. Honestly??? Really??? A net???? Are you fishing or what? One of the guards tries to tranquilize the gorilla, but he failed. Angry, the gorilla is going towards Seo Jin. But before the gorilla attacked Seo Jin a girl’s voice is heard. “Bing Bing” she said. The gorilla suddenly stops and turns around. Everyone is shocked. The scary gorilla is just dancing around the girl that called his name.

Jang Ha Na is the girl that calmed the gorilla. She is the new leader of the amusement park’s circus.

Seo Jin is shocked. His heart beatings was about to go above the limit when the gorilla jumped at Ha Na. his heartbeat was more high when the gorilla jumped at Ha Na then when the gorilla was coming towards himself. Seo Jin finds strange that his heartbeat was higher when the gorilla jumped at Ha Na then when was coming towards him so he sent his secretary to bring Ha Na to him.

When Ha Na was next to him, Seo Jin was fine. Noting changed. Since he checked what he needed to check, Seo Jin doesn’t need Ha Na anymore so he fires her by terminating the contract his amusement park has with the circus.

Seo Jin:”I have the power to do it.”

But it’s not that easy for Seo Jin to terminate the contract with the circus. One of the circus employees filmed him while he was biting and pushing the girl in front of the gorilla to save himself. Using that video, Ha Na threatened Seo Jin and she got a new contract for the circus.

So the circus employees had time to film Seo Jin’s reactions instead of taking care of that gorilla….

Seo Jin suffers from multiple personality disorder. He has two types of personality, one is himself the cold Seo Jin and the other personality is Robin, who was created by Seo Jin’s mind out of guilt so Robin is the personality that saves and protects the once around him. For the last five years Seo Jin managed to keep Robin from appearing. The way Seo Jin managed to keep Robin from taking over was by keeping his distance from women, from touching, from excitement and from passion. So Seo Jin bit the girl and pushed her away because she touched him and he was afraid that everything will go out of control and Robin will come out.

After sending Ha Na away, Seo Jin told his secretary to delete the video and return the phone to Ha Na. Also to sent away the circus, because the contract is terminated. While Ha Na threatened him with the video, Seo Jin just pretended that he wants to make a new contract with them.

Seo Jin’s doctor called him. She found a way to cure his disease. When Seo Jin was leaving for the hospital, Ha Na was waiting for him. She has to talk to him about the circus. She can’t let everyone lose their jobs. But Seo Jin doesn’t want to talk to her, he’s in a hurry. Ha Na follows him to the hospital, but she can’t enter.

Ha Na is not the type to give up so using a tyrolean traverse she enters the hospital. The balcony she entered was Seo Jin’s doctor’s balcony. Inside the office, Ha Na found the doctor lying on the floor with blood next to her. Behind Ha Na there is a man, the man that killed the doctor.

Seo Jin gets closer to his doctor’s office and suddenly he hears a woman screaming. It’s Ha Na. She gets out from the dead doctor’s office and starts running. Seeing a masked man running after Ha Na, Seo Jin runs towards the elevator. He feels out of breath again. Ha Na reached the elevator and she, while grabbing his hand, asked for help. Like he did with the girl from the amusement park, Seo Jin pushed Ha Na towards the masked man. The masked man is trying to kill Ha Na.

Inside the elevator, Seo Jin isn’t feeling alright. He can’t breathe and he falls down. When he comes to his senses, Seo Jin takes off his jacked, his necktie and the gadgets that were controlling his vital signs. It’s not Seo Jin anymore. The man coming out of the elevator is Robin.

Robin saw the masked man trying to strangle Ha Na on the roof’s edge and runs to help her. When Ha Na fell from the building, Robin jumped after her and saved her.

Later, Seo Jin is scared. Or the first time in five years Robin appeared again. Ha Na comes to Seo Jin’s hospital room.

Ha Na:” Where you really the one that rescued me?”

Seo Jin:” Robin…is back.”

PS: Only in Korean dramas you can see men wearing flower print pants…..

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