“Healer ” ep 15 ~ Jeong Hoo:” My name is Seo Jeong Hoo!”

With a little help, Jeong Hoo revenged his teacher’s death and the police arrest Ki Young Jae’s killer.

Something happened that got Moon Shik angry so he went to look for Young Shin.


Young Shin came to Jeong Hoo’s house. He is sick. When he came to his senses he sends Young Shin away, but even if he pushed her away, Young Shin didn’t leave. She accepts him the way he is even when she doesn’t know a lot about him, she doesn’t even know his real name.

Jeong Hoo watched Young Shin sleep all night. For him is like a dream, but he isn’t used to have dreams so he kept confirming if the fact the Young Shin is there with his is real or not. He kept hugging her, watching her and kissing her.

The next morning, when Young Shin leaves, Jeong Hoo offers to drive her, but she refuses. He isn’t fully recovered yet. Jeong Hoo follows Young Shin to the bus stop and accompany her for one station.

After saying goodbye to Young Shin, Jeong Hoo went to see Moon Ho. He wants to tell everything to Young Shin, including who she is and the fact that her real mother is alive, but before that he wants to clear his father’s name and to revenge Ki Young Jae’s death.

Kim Moon Shik incinerated Ki Young Jae. Jeong Hoo made his way in and took his teacher’s aches. He will keep the aches until he finds the time to take them to the Pacific Ocean. He doesn’t want to give Kim Moon Shik his teacher’s aches.

There is a meeting at Someday News. Moon Ho is telling everyone what to do. They will have an reportage about Kim Moon Shik soon. Since Bong Soo took some days off, Young Shin will work with a freelancer that Moon Ho contracted. Young Shin arrived at the meeting place and she sees the freelancer coming towards her. When she saw him she was surprised. He came to her and introduced himself.

Jeong Hoo:” My name is Seo Jeong Hoo! I’m the freelancer who needs your help today.”

That day Young Shin had to meet detective Yoon and Jeong Hoo needed to enter the police station. With Young Shin’s help Jeong Hoo entered the police station, he arrived into detective Yoon’s office and hacked into detective Yoon’s computer. Now Min Ja can control detective Yoon’s computer.

Young Shin:” How did I find such a boyfriend, really.”

While Young Shin keeps detective Yoon busy, Min Ja found the policeman that poisoned Ki Young Jae and Healer entered that man’s house. Inside Healer found the evidence they needed to get Ki Young Jae’s killer, including the poison he used. Healer photographed everything and sent the photos to Min Ja. Then Min Ja sent the them to Moon Ho and to Young Jae’s killer. While Moon Ho contacted detective Yoon, the killer arrived home, where Healer was waiting for him.

After talking to Moon Ho, detective Yoon went to his subordinate house and found him tied up. That night the police arrested Ki Young Jae’s killer.

Young Shin followed detective Yoo all night with Jong Soo and recorded everything. Meantime at Someday News, Moon Ho broadcasted the whole story about Ki Young Jae’s life, including his past.

Moon Ho:”We remember you.”

Home Jeong Hoo and Young Shin are watching Moon Ho’s broadcasting. While remembering his teacher and the moments spend with him, Jeong Hoo tells Young Shin about Ki Young Jae.

After seeing the broadcasting, Moon Shik called Moon Ho and threatened him with hurting Young Shin and Jeong Hoo. Also at home, Myung Hee sees the broadcasting and finds out that her old friend, Young Jae, died.

In the morning Myung Hee calls Young Shin and tells her to come over for the interview Young Shin requested. When she left, Young Shin saw that Moon Shik was waiting her in front of her house. While lying that he will take her to Myung Hee, Moon Shik convinced Young Shin to get in the house with him.

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