“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 2~ ”If someone else exists inside me…then I hope it’s someone better than myself.”

Seo Jin finds out that the only witness that saw the man who attacked his doctor is Ha Na and decided to protect her until she recovers her lost memory.

The dream that Seo Jin had with him saving a woman from a falling globe happened before his eyes. Robin came back and saved Ha Na.

Episode 2

Seo Jin wakes up in the hospital. He is scared and worried. He can’t remember the last six hours of his life. Ha Na comes in and asks him if he is the one that saved her.

Ha Na:” You jumped in the water to rescue me?”

Seo Jin is shocked and screaming he throws Ha Na out. He isn’t the type that goes around saving women. Before leaving Ha Na is surprised to see Seo Jin’s necklace, someone who was wearing a similar necklace saved her when she was younger.

Seo Jin:”Why have you returned, Robin?”

Robin:”This is just what my personality is like.”

Retuned home, Seo Jin enters his secret room to watch the videos he has with Robin saving people. Then Seo Jin leaves a recorded message for Robin.

If you’re seeing this video, then it must mean that you’ve returned. But listen to me carefully, Robin. You remember, don’t you? The final rule on our list…number 19. There’s no reason for you to exist anymore. I’ve changed and I no longer want you around. So if you’re going to make an appearance, then give it your best shot, because I’m going to get rid of you once and for all.”

Later Seo Jin meditates, but he is too scared that Robin will come back again soon.

The next morning, while walking around the theme park and his secretary was talking to him about his doctor’s disappearance, Seo Jin realized that the witness in his doctor’s disappearance is Jang Ha Na.

At the hospital, Ha Na was questioned by the police. She is surprised to hear that the lady she saw the other day fainted on the floor is missing. During the time doctor Kang was attacked the surveillance cameras from the floor her office is were off. The surveillance camera from the other floors shows who entered and who left the hospital, everyone except Ha Na. When the detective was asking her who she entered, Seo Jin arrived saying that she came in using a rope. After Seo Jin and Ha Na’s small contradictory conversation, the two of them and the detective enter doctor Kang’s office. Ha Na reconstituted her steps from the day before. She remembers everything except the attacker’s face, she has post traumatic stress disorder. Because he needs Ha Na to say who the attacker was, Seo Jin recommended hypnotherapy. But Ha Na wants something in return. Taking advantage of the fact the Seo Jin wants her to get her memory back, Ha Na refused to participate at the hypnotherapy session until he signs a new contract with the circus.

Seo Jin did as Ha Na wanted and signed a contract with the circus for ten years. Before leaving Ha Na asked again Seo Jin about his necklace. But Seo Jin’s personality is different from the personality of the person who saved her when she was younger. Seo Jin follows Ha Na to the elevator, trying to find out if she met Robin, where and when. Because Ha Na didn’t answer his questions, Seo Jin grabbed her and pushed her to the wall. While he was screaming at Ha Na his heartbeat started to beat faster and he couldn’t breathe.

With the contract signed, Ha Na accepted to do hypnotherapy. Seo Jin is taking her to the doctor that will do her hypnotherapy, doctor Kang’s former student Yoon Tae Joo. On their way, Ha Na sees that Seo Jin’s car is full of religious objects. Then she starts joking around about what hypnotherapy means, but the serious Seo Jin explains her that hypnotherapy isn’t a joke.

Arrived at the doctor Yoon’s office, he explained Ha Na who the session of hypnotherapy will happen. To calm Ha Na down, Tae Joo pretended that they will not do hypnotherapy from their first meeting. He proposed an old game. While they were playing, without Ha Na realizing it the hypnotherapy began. Ha Na remembers entering in doctor Kang’s office on the window. She saw doctor Kang lying down with blood around her hear. Suddenly Ha Na sensed a presence behind her and turned around. The man from behind her attacked Ha Na. To save herself Ha Na stabbed that man and run away. While running away from her attacker, Ha Na asked Seo Jin to help her, but Seo Jin just pushed her to her attacker’s hands.

The attacker took Ha Na on the roof and strangled her. With her last strength Ha Na took off the attacker’s mask and saw his face. Tae Joo woke her up from hypnotherapy before Ha Na got to see clearly her attacker’s face features, but she saw his face.

When his secretary told him that Ha Na saw the attacker’s face, Seo Jin realized that the attacker also knows that Ha Na saw him so that means that Jang Ha Na is in danger.

Ha Na arrived at the theme park after her hypnotherapy. She’s scared and she feeling that someone is following her. It’s the man that attacked her at the hospital. Agitated, Ha Na walks faster and she bumps into Seo Jin. Hearing that someone followed her, Seo Jin grabs Ha Na’s hand and drags her to his penthouse. He wants Ha Na to live there until she remembers everything so that she will be safe. To be sure that Ha Na is safe, Seo Jin restricted her from all the events she has to attend to and from practice. But Ha Na can’t do that. She remembers that Seo Jin didn’t help her so he is the one who made her the only witness and now he made her remember the terrifying moments she lived in that hospital.

Seo Jin left and Ha Na followed him. She looks at him and tells Seo Jin that he is right, it wasn’t him the one that saved her, either now or when she was little.

Ha Na:” He wasn’t a bastard like you. The person I remember saves people.”

Agitated, Seo Jin follows Ha Na and ask her if the person she remembers looks like him. After Ha Na left, Seo Jin remembers that Robin appeared, after five years, every time Ha Na was in danger.

Realizing that Robin’s return after five years could be because of Ha Na, Seo Jin goes after her. He arrived at the event room that Ha Na talked about earlier and looking at Ha Na from behind Seo Jin realized that he is living his dream from the other day. He sees the balloon flying and something falling on Ha Na. Seo Jin calls her name, but he can’t breathe anymore.

A big globe is falling on Ha Na. She froze, she can’t move. Someone saves her. When she opened her eyes, Ha Na sees Seo Jin’s necklace and Seo Jin smiling at her. The Seo Jin that is smiling at her, checks to see if she is alright. He seems like a different person form the one she just talked too. Ha Na doesn’t understand what is going on.

The nice Seo Jin wants to help her get up, but he suddenly apologizes and leaves. The security guards run after him armed. Ha Na follows them. She sees Seo Jin hiding from them and tumbling around as if he would be a gymnast. She keeps following him without knowing that the man who saved her isn’t Seo Jin is Seo Jin’s other personality, Robin.

Robin:”I have finally returned!”

Thought: I don’t know much about mental diseases, but there is something I can’t really understand in Hyde, Jekyll, and I. So something bad happens to a weak person, that person’s mind creates a self defense mechanism and creates a multiple personality. That personality is usually a better and more powerful version of yourself. So if a weak person is in danger, his mind usually creates a scary personality, but here in Hyde, Jekyll, and I both Seo Jin and Robin are good. None of them is evil. Seo Jin is just cold because he is afraid that Robin will take over his body…. Well…I’ll just keep watching this drama and see what happened to Seo Jin that made his mind create Robin.

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