“Healer ” ep 16 ~ Jeong Hoo:” Why can’t you look at me or hug me?”

While looking for his father’s statement, Jeong Hoo found one of the policemen that took his declaration. Something happened and that man, who still has the recording of Seo Joon Seok’s statement, betrayed Jeong Hoo and is murdered.

Young Shin found out who she is and that her father was murdered by Jeong Hoo’s father.

Episode 16

Jeong Hoo found out the name of the policeman that took his father’s statement and went to see him. What Jeong Hoo didn’t know is that the man he went to see was a bait from Kim Moon Shik’s people.

Meantime Moon Shik went to pick up Young Shin from her house. He took Young Shin to his office and told her about his old friends Ki Young Jae, the first Healer, and Seo Joon Seok, the father of the second Healer, Seo Jeong Hoo. Then Moon Shik’s people told Young Shin their version of Healer. They’ve made Healer a murderer, like his father, in front of Young Shin. Because Seo Joon Seok killed his friend or at least Moon Shik’s people said so.

Min Ja is always tracking Young Shin’s phone and when she saw that Young Shin is at Moon Shik’s office she called Moon Ho. Worried Moon Ho went to get Young Shin from his brother. Shocked form all the things she just found out, Young Shin can’t understand why two important people like Kim Moon Shik and Kim Moon Ho are coming to escort her. She is just a simple girl, while Moon Ho is the CEO of Someday News and Kim Moon Shik is the CEO of an important newspaper. Moon Ho never imaged that he will tell Young Shin the truth like that, but since the moment came he has to tell Young Shin who she is.

Moon Ho:”Choi Myung Hee is your mother and you name is Oh Ji An.”

Jeong Hoo found the place where he can find the second policeman that knew his father. Even if he knows that it could be a trap, Jeong Hoo still goes to see that man. While he was fighting with some men that attacked him, Jeong Hoo received a phone call from Young Shin.

After the phone call Young Shin keeps thinking about all the things Moon Ho told her. She now know who she is, who her mother is, why her mother didn’t look for her, but she also knows that Jeong Hoo knew and didn’t tell her. Picking up the papers Moon Ho gave her, Young Shin sees her father’s name, Oh Gil Han, and remembers that Kim Moon Shik’s man said that Seo Joon Seok killed his friend Oh Gil Han. Young Shin is shocked! Jeong Hoo’s father killed her father?

Myung Hee is calling Moon Ho. One of his reporters, Chae Young Shin was supposed to come and interview her, but she can’t get in touch with Young Shin.

Worried about Young Shin, Jeong Hoo came to her house. She is acting strange. Jeong Hoo hugs her, but she doesn’t even look at him. Realizing that Young Shin is acting that why because she found out that his father killed her father, Jeong Hoo tries to explain her that his father was just a suspect, not a killer so he could have been innocent. But when he sees that Young Shin is scared of him and she is getting further away from hin, Jeong Hoo decided to leave and return after he found the evidence that his father isn’t a killer.

Jeong Hoo:” Why can’t you look at me or hug me?”

When Jeong Hoo left, Young Shin followed him and asked him to find the evidence and even if he doesn’t find it she told him to return.

Jeong Hoo found the ex policeman that he was looking for. Before he got a chance to say anything, the former policeman asked Jeong Hoo if he is Seo Joon Seok’s son. The former policeman was announced that Seo Joon Seok’s son will come looking for him. The people who told him that Jeong Hoo will come told the former policeman to announce them when he will meet Jeong Hoo and in return they will give him a lot of money.

The only thing Jeong Hoo wants is to find his father’s statement, but the former policeman told him that the statement that was summated was a fake one. They’ve written a fake statement and they’ve forced Seo Joon Seok to sign that statement. The policeman that reported Seo Joon Seok’s fake statement to the audit team they were all fired. The former policeman has Seo Joon Seok’s recorded declaration. He kept it for twenty years and now he will give that record to the one that will give him more money, either Jeong Hoo or the other side.

Young Shin is feeling better so she came to Moon Ho for more information about her childhood. Because she doesn’t trust Moon Shik anymore, Myung Hee placed a microphone under his desk so she heard Moon Shik talking with someone about hurting Jeong Hoo. When Moon Ho and Young Shin were leaving the office, Moon Ho received a phone call from Myung Hee. She told Moon Ho what she heard Moon Shik saying. After he ended the phone call with Myung Hee, Moon Ho called Min Ja and Young Shin called Jeong Hoo. The former policeman betrayed Jeong Hoo, he knew that his phone was tracked down. He sold Jeong Hoo and Seo Joon Seok’s recorded statement to Moon Shik’s people.

Kim Moon Shik’s men arrived. Jeong Hoo fights them and tried to protect the former policeman, but the former policeman still believes that Kim Moon Shik will help him. While Jeong Hoo was fighting those men, one of those men hit the former policeman then the former policeman fell and hit his head again on the stairs.

Before he died, the former policeman whispered something to Jeong Hoo. After Moon Shik’s people left, Moon Hoo and Young Shin together with two policemen arrived. But it was too late…

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