“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 7~ Do Hyun:”I’m just…a monster!”

Ri Jin saved Do Hyun’s life. At the last minute she found Yo Seob and stopped him from commit suicide.

Ri Jin gets ready to leave for America and Do Hyun welcomes his new secret psychiatrist.

Episode 7

Ri Jin decided what she will do next, she will go to John Hopkins Hospital for six months. She calls Do Hyun to say goodbye, but Do Hyun didn’t answer, the one that answered was Ahn Yo Seob, Cha Do Hyun’s suicidal personality. Yo Seob gave Ri Jin an hour to find him until he will kill himself and the other that live inside Cha Do Hyun. During that time Yo Seob will write his dying message.

Ri Jin doesn’t know what to do or where to go looking for Yo Seob so she calls secretary Ahn, but he can’t answer. Secretary Ahn was with Do Hyun’s grandmother. She knows something about Do Hyun’s condition, but she doesn’t care. The only thing Do Hyun’s grandmother care about is that nothing happens to Do Hyun until her son, Do Hyun’s father will recover and take over the company. Since she can’t get in touch with secretary Ahn, Ri Jin calls doctor Seok Ho Pil. He knows Yo Seob better than anyone.

Ahn Yo Seob is 17 years old and has a twin sister, Ahn Yo Na, who is also one of Do Hyun’s other personalities. He is smart, a genius with a lot of pride, also likes art, especially painting. Yo Seb has a remarkable aesthetic sense and hates ugly things. He is also pessimistic and wishes to die.

After listening to what Yo Seob told Ri Jin, doctor Seok Ho Pil realized that Yo Seob is on a roof top. In the past he tried to kill himself by jumping over from a roof. Ri Jin went looking around Do Hyun work place. She found a store from where Yo Seob could’ve bought the spray bottle to paint. Next to that store there is a building under repairing. To be able to commit suicide, Yo Seob would have gone to a place where none would’ve disturbed him. Ri Jin gambled and entered that building. She is either right or wrong, but if she is wrong then Yo Seob will kill himself, Cha Do Hyun and all the other personalities.

The hour is gone. It’s time for Yo Seob to jump over the edge, but he hears a voice stopping him. Ri Jin arrived in time to stop him. No matter how much Ri Jin tied to stop him and even asked him if the other personalities agreed to die, Yo Seob is stubborn. After Yo Seob’s watch, Ri Jin was 2 minutes late and since a game is a game he has to die now. When Yo Seob is about to jump, Ri Jin grabs his leg and pulls him down. But Yo Seob is stronger. He pushes Ri Jin away. She fell and some pipe fell over her.

Yo Seob returns to the edge of that roof and is about to jump again. Hurt, Ri Jin goes up and pushes him back on the roof. She grabs Yo Seob’s collar and calls for Do Hyun. Somewhere inside that body is Do Hyun and she knows that. Trapped inside his mind, the sleeping Do Hyun hears Ri Jin’s calling and come to surface.

Ri Jin:”Don’t die like that!”

With Do Hyun back, Ri Jin can breathe again. She bursts into tears. Do Hyun hugs her to calm her down and they both cry in each other’s arms.

Everything passed now. Do Hyun is with doctor Seok Ho Pil in his office. Doctor Seok Ho Pil asked Do Hyun to let Ri Jin go because it’s her second time in the emergency room since she met him. She’s in danger every time she is with Do Hyun.

When Yo Seob took his time and body, the sound that wake him up was Ri Jin’s voice calling him desperately. It was the first thing that something like that happened to So Hyun.

Later when he met Ri Jin, Do Hyun explained her that everyone abandoned him after he became rich. When he realized that if people are around him are in danger, Do Hyun avoided making friends, he build a wall between himself and the other people that could have been around him. Because he doesn’t want Ri Jin to be in danger again, Do Hyun lets go of Ri Jin and wishes her good luck in America at the John Hopkins Hospital.

Do Hyun:”I’m not a wild beast that will turn into a charming prince after the magic wears off. I’m just…a monster!”

Secretary Ahn is looking for author Omega 3. That author doesn’t show his face to anyone. Only the editor of his books knows his face. While looking at Omega 3’s books, secretary Ahn met Ri On without knowing that Ri On is the author that he is looking for. Later secretary Ahn saw Ri On coming out of Omega 3’s editor’s office. Secretary Ahn was told that Ri On is Omega’s fan club president.

Ri On went to see his editor. He is working on a new book now. His new story goes back with 21 years. A child who lost his memory is adopted. In his new family the little child grew up thinking that he was a twin sibling, but one day he hears his parents talking and finds out the truth. Also the adopted child hears his parents talking about a rich family name who may be related to his lost past. When he became an adult, the adopted child begins investigating the secrets of the rich family and his founds out that in the rich family there is a boy who is the same age as he is and he approaches that boy.

Do Hyun, forced by his grandmother goes to a blind date. Chae Yoon is having lunch with Ki Joon and his parents, but Ki Joon suddenly said that he has work to do and doesn’t come anymore. When she was about to enter the room where she should eat with Ki Joon’s parents, Chae Yoon hears them talking about Do Hyun’s blind date. Jealous Chae Yoon goes to where Do Hyun and his date were and ruined their date.

Meanwhile Ri Jin is saying her goodbyes to doctor Seok Ho Pil. When she leaves, Ri Jin bumps into Ki Joon. He came to find out why is Do Hyun visiting doctor Seok Ho Pil.

On his way back, Do Hyun keeps thinking about Ri Jin. He goes to the roof top where Yo Seob tried to kill himself. There Do Hyun saw that Ri Jin already was there, she build a snowman there and wrote “Heal Me” over the words “Kill Me” that Yo Seob wrote.

At the airport Ri Jin is saying goodbye to her family.

Ri On:”The best choice is your choice.”

Ri Jin:”I love you Oh Ri On!”

The plane left. Do Hyun is at his house, looking at the sky. He requested secretary Ahn to bring him a new secret physician, but this time he wants a man. Suddenly someone enters his house. It’s Do Hyun’s new psychiatrist, Oh Ri Jin. She lied to her family that she is going and came to help Do Hyun.

Ri Jin:” I’ve started to want to help this person.”


Thoughts: Is it me or the Ahn Yo Seob personality description looks, in some aspects, like the one and only Oh Ri On?

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