“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 3~ ”The biggest challenge in life is for the two hearts to live in peaceful co-existence.”

Ha Na met Robin and realized that Robin was the one that saved her when she was little.

Before going away, Robin left a message for Seo Jin. A new rule was added to their protocol.

Episode 3

Ha Na followed Robin on the roof. She things the man in front of her is Seo Jin, but she can’t understand why is Seo Jin so different from the Seo Jin she knows. Suddenly one of the security guards found them. Robin fought the security guard, pushed him out and closed the door. Then he looks for a way to run away. Ha Na is looking at him surprised.

Robin:”There’s no need to thank me. That’s just my personality.”

Hearing Robin say that sentence, Ha Na remembered the boy that saved her years ago. He said the same sentence after saving her then. In the end Ha Na helps Robin to run away from that roof. Robin is in a hurry to leave the amusement park and Ha Na, who has a lot of questions for him, decided to accompany him. At the place where Robin wanted to go, Ha Na called him “Goo Seo Jin”.

Robin:” My name is Robin. I’m director Goo Seo Jin’s older twin brother.”

To be able to coexist Seo Jin and Robin had some rules. One of those rules was to say that they are twins if by any chance they will meet people that knows that both of them. But Ha Na wants to know why the guards were after Robin if he is Seo Jin’s twin. At that question Robin doesn’t know what to answer, but luckily both Robin and Ha Na slipped on ice so while playing on the ice Ha Na forget about her curiosity.

Ha Na saw Robin’s necklace and she also knows the sentence he always is saying after saving someone. She wants to tell Robin that they’ve met when they were little, but the guards arrived and shot a tranquilizer arrow. Ha Na saw the guards and pushed Robin and the arrow hit her.

With unconscious Ha Na in his arms, Robin follows the guards. They took Robin to Seo Jin’s house, where Seo Jin’s father was waiting for him. At the entrance Robin sees Seo Jin’s mother, his mother, and happily wants to go to her, but he sees his mother pulling herself away from him. Inside Seo Jin’s father, his father was waiting for him. The first thing his father asks him is why he “crawled “ back to ruin Seo Jin’s life. Robin is just a fake so his father gives him some pills to get back to sleep. No one, form those who know about Seo Jin’s illness and Robin’s existence, are happy to see him…after five years. Everyone, including Seo Jin’s secretary, tells Robin to disappear and never come back, because now Seo Jin has changed and he doesn’t need Robin anymore.

Robin doesn’t appear on his own, someone must call for him. He is sure that Seo Jin needed him and that is why Seo Jin called for him after five years. Now that doctor Kang went missing Seo Jin needed him, or at least that is what Robin is thinking.

From the meditation room, Robin entered the secret room and saw Seo Jin’s message for him. Seo Jin was telling him that he isn’t needed anymore so he should disappear for good. But Robin is curious, if Seo Jin didn’t call him who did? Looking at the recording from the surveillance camera from the day he appeared to save Ha Na, Robin saw that before he appeared Seo Jin called out Ha Na’s name. Then Robin sees the recording from the amusement park with the gorilla incident and Seo Jin’s secretary said that he saved Ha Na at the hospital. After five years since he last appeared, Robin came back every time Ha Na was around. He starts thinking that if it wasn’t Seo Jin the one who called him then it must be Jang Ha Na.

Robin:” The one who brought me back…was Jang Ha Na.”

Ha Na woke up. She was sleeping in Seo Jin’s house. Robin gave her the necklace. Looking on the window, she sees Robin in the meditation room. Because there are guards in front of her door, Ha Na jumps over the window and Robin catches her. They run out and the guards are following them. Until the guards arrived they tell each other that they’ve met when they were little the day Robin saved Ha Na. When the guards arrived, Robin goes with them. He enters the secret room and leaves a message for Seo Jin. When Seo Jin woke up he sees a note next to his bed and runs to the secret room. In his message, Robin was telling him that the 19th rule is invalid now because he found a new reason for his existence even if Seo Jin doesn’t want him anymore. Also Robin added a new rule, number 20 “Protect Jang Ha Na”.

When he was younger, a teenager, Seo Jin tried to kill himself by throwing himself over a bridge. Every night he was going to that bridge, but when he was on the edge, he always changed his mind. A girl was watching him every day without him knowing. One day Seo Jin got on the edge of that bridge and jumped. The girl who was watching him, Jang Ha Na, saved him, but she fell over the edge. Because he wasn’t able to save Ha Na, Seo Jin’s mind created Robin. Because of Jang Ha Na, Robin was born and now because of Jang Ha Na, Robin has awakened after five years.


Thoughts : Where does that rope that Ha Na need always when she jumps from a building to another appears from?

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