“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 8~ Ri Jin:”With the name Cha Do Hyun, you guys will become a cooler person.”

Ri Jin moves in with Do Hyun to become his secret psychiatrist.

While Ri On talks about the child in the basement, Do Hyun’s forgotten memory comes out and about personality appears. It’s the unpredictable troublemaker Ahn Yo Na!

Episode 8

Do Hyun’s house door opened and Ri Jin come in. She decided to stay in Korea and help Do Hyun as his secret psychiatrist. Because of Ri Jin, secretary Ahn saw Do Hyun getting annoyed for the first time in 11 years. Ri Jin made the mistake to accept Do Hyun’s proposal without reading the contract that secretary Ahn sent her. She accepted without knowing that she will have to watch Do Hyun every minute of his life for the next three months. For that Ri Jin will have to move in Do Hyun’s house and she will have to pretend to be his secretary at the office.

While Do Hyun was sending secretary Ahn away, Ri Jin took her luggage and tried to run away, but Do Hyun caught her. When she entered his house that day, Do Hyun told her that if the two of them will shake hands and she will become his secret doctor, then he will not let her go if she will change her mind.

Later that day Do Hyun explains Ri Jin the characteristics of all his personalities so she will not get surprised when they will come out. Also Do Hyun showed Ri Jin the people from his family that he has to be careful around. If Do Hyun shows any symptoms of changing personality in front of any of the people that he should be careful around, Ri Jin’s job is to stop him at any costs.

That night Chae Yoon came to Do Hyun’s house. Now that he can become the owner of his family’s business, she suddenly realized that she has feelings for him. But now Do Hyun is the one that is pushing her away. While Chae Yoon asked him who is in his heart, Do Hyun as answer called Ri Jin.

Ri Jin’s family thinks that she left for America and they are worried, at least the parents are. Ri On is too busy eating. After breakfast, Ri On goes to his room and, while looking at pictures with him and Ri Jin form their childhood and high school years, he remembers the moments they’ve spend together.

The day before, Ri On’s mother found in his room posters with naked women so now she enters Ri On’s room upset. She thinks that Ri On isn’t worried about his sister and he doesn’t work all night like he said. In his mother’s mind Ri On just spends the night watching adult movies. But when she sees that Ri On was watching at picture with him and Ri Jin she understands that she misunderstood Ri On.


The same time, Ri Jin enters the kitchen and hears Do Hyun and secretary Ahn talking about writer Omega and the rumors they’ve heard about that author. Because she was drinking coffee when the two men were talking about her brother, the surprised Ri Jin spit the coffee form her mouth on Do Hyun.

Secretary Ahn can’t accompany Do Hyun to the place where writer Omega was suppose to appear so Ri Jin has to go with him, as the contract said. In exchange Ri Jin has a condition, everyday Do Hyun has to give her an hour to console him, for an hour everyday Ri Jin won’t be doctor and patient, but they will be friends.

There is a recitation of Omega’s books. Do Hyun went there to look for Omega writer and Ri Jin accompanied him. She is all covered up because she is afraid that Ri On could be around there. Suddenly, after Ri Jin took off the scarf from her face, Ri On came in the coffee shop where the recitation was. Ri Jin was supposed to be in America so Ri On can’t see her there. Do Hyun tried to cover her up before Ri On could see her, but Ri On noticed Do Hyun.

6 7

While Ri Jin escaped, Do Hyun distracted Ri On. They sit and talk. Ri On tells Do Hyun about one of Omega’s books “The child in the basement”. That story is actually the story about Ri On and Ri Jin, who are scared of basements. While listening to Ri On talking about “The child in the basement” plot, Do Hyun’s memory of him being locked in a basement came and he started to feel sick. Ri On went to bring water for the sick Do Hyun, who was barely able to sit on the chair. Because Do Hyun was sick, Ri Jin came in to help him.

Ri Jin:” I’m here.”

Ri On returned with a glass of water. He is worried about Do Hyun, but when he returned Do Hyun wasn’t there. He goes out and sees Ri Jin helping Do Hyun get in his car.

In the car on their way home, Do Hyun fell unconscious. Worried Ri Jin calls his name, but when he woke up it wasn’t Cha Do Hyun, it was… Ahn Yo Na.

Yo Na, 17 years old, is Yo Seob’s twin sister. She is an unpredictable troublemaker. Doctor Seok Ho Pil named Yo Na the manager of suffering. Every time Do Hyun is under extreme suffering, but he is in a situation where he has to move along quietly, Yo Na appears and takes over Do Hyun’s stress, because she is simple and holds no grudges. For Do Hyun, Yo Na is one of the most dangerous personalities.

While Ri Jin is still in shock, Yo NA sees some idols and gets out from the car runs to them. The idols are being interviewed and there are a lot of fans there. Suddenly a strange man, wearing a hair pin, calls them while coming towards them. The interviewer called Yo No on stage, but before she got there, Ri Jin stopped her. Both Yo Na and Ri Jin begin fighting in front of all those people. When she got away and run from Ri Jin, Yo Na hit herself and fell unconscious.

Because her car was towed and she couldn’t take Do Hyun to the hospital, Ri Jin took him to the train station and waited for him to wake up.

Do Hyun:”Do you want to go out for a drink?”

Do Hyun and Ri Jin went out for drinks. Even if she didn’t ask, Do Hyun felt like telling Ri Jin what is going on between him and Chae Yeon. She was Do Hyun’s first love and she was treating him well. But Do Hyun gave up on her when he realized that Chae Yeon was treating him well because he was Ki Joon younger cousin. Now Do Hyun realized that maybe he didn’t like Chae Yeon as much as he thought, he just loved the time went he was able to love. Do Hyun liked Chae Yeon before his other personalities appear so he was free to love and be himself. Maybe that was what he liked about Chae Yeon, that she reminded him about those times.

Do Hyun:” January 29,2015. 10 Pm, first consultation starting time.”

Hearing Do Hyun say the day and time made Ri Jin think that Se G appeared again. Because she taught out Se Gi, Do Hyun became jealous.

Ri Jin:” You were being all jealous of yourself.”

What made Ri Jin stay by Do Hyun’s side, is it because she can see Se Gi anytime like that? No! Ri Jin stayed because of Yo Seob. Usually people ask for help when they need it, but Yo Seob didn’t. Yo Seob asked her to kill him. For Ri Jin the message “Kill Me” is a cry for help.

Ri Jin:”Someone told me that the time that a person helps someone is not decided by the person who is giving the help, but the person who is receiving the help.”

Ri Jin isn’t scared of Do Hyun or all his personalities, she just wants to comfort them and be close to them. Even is Do Hyun is healed that doesn’t mean that they will die. If Do Hyun is healed the rest of his personalities will still life inside him.

Ri Jin:”With the name Cha Do Hyun, you guys will become a cooler person.”

After hearing Ri Jin talking like that, Do Hyun put his arms around her and kissed her. He even told her that he isn’t kissing her as Se Gi, but as Cha Do Hyun.

But is it really Do Hyun kissing Ri Jin because he feels like doing it, is he starting to fall in love with Ri Jin? Or is Do Hyun just provoking Shin Se Gi and playing with Ri Jin?

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