“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 4~ ”Life is sometimes full of things you can’t control.”

Seo Jin protects Ha Na.

Seo Jin and Ha Na fight and Ha Na is forced to leave the theme park, but something happened and Ha Na ended up living in Seo Jin’s house.

Episode 4

Looking at the video message that Robin left for him, Seo Jin found out the trigger that brought Robin back, that trigger is Jang Ha Na. Because of Ha Na , Robin came to life when Seo Jin was young and because of Ha Na, Robin appeared again after five years. Now that Robin is back there is no way for Seo Jin to stop him. The only way to get rid of Robin is to find doctor Kang and get the treatment she was speaking about the day she disappeared. Before doctor Kang is found, Seo Jin asked his secretary to send Ha Na away, to send her back in America.

The same time that Seo Jin wants to send Ha Na away his father wants to send him away. For his father, Seo Jin is the only son, but he is also the only weakness so he can’t let anyone find out about Seo Jin’s illness. But Seo Jin doesn’t want to leave. To be able to stay and take care of his life, while looking for doctor Kang, Seo Jin threatens his father with exposing his illness. If his father insists on sending him away, Seo Jin will make public his condition as a multiple personality patient.

To be sure that he will not meet Ha Na again, Seo Jin terminated the contract with Ha Na’s circus. While going to an event, Seo Jin sees Ha Na coming towards him and avoids her.

Seo Jin opened an aquarium at his amusement park. The even he was going to while avoiding Ha Na was the opening of that aquarium. To be able to talk to Seo Jin, Ha Na took a costume from the mascot. Wearing the mascot costume Ha Na was able to enter the event and in front of all those reporters she threatened Seo Jin that if he will not talk to her, she will talk to the reporters about the abusive termination of her circus contract.

They are able to talk, but she doesn’t even know what makes Seo Jin angry at her, why he is pushing her away. While they fight, Seo Jin sees that Ha Na wears his necklace and he pulls the necklace from the neck.

Seo Jin:”What’s Robin’s is mine. He doesn’t own anything. Don’t even bring up his name again.”

Seo Jin wants to leave, but Ha Na stops him while talking about Robin. She said that at the hospital while he pushed her away and run for his life, Robin was there and saved her. Because she talked about Robin even after he told her not to, Seo Jin became aggressive towards Ha Na. While he was aggressive with Ha Na, Seo Jin couldn’t breathe. He fell on his knees and tried to get the gadget that calms him down, but the gadget fell. He’s feeling worse. He can’t breathe. Then he feels Ha Na’s hands on his ears. She was telling him to close his eyes. Thanks to Ha Na, Seo Jin calmed down even without his gadgets. But when he recovers, Seo Jin pushes Ha Na away and leaves.

After fighting with Seo Jin, Ha Na went to see doctor Yoon Tae Joo. She wants him to hypnotize her because she may have seen doctor Kang’s attacker the night Robin save her from the falling globe. When she arrived at Tae Joo’s office, Ha Na passed by the patient that was before her at Tae Joo’s office, but she didn’t look at him and she couldn’t see that the man passing by her was hers and doctor Kang’s attacker. During hypnotherapy Ha Na remembers that Seo Jin called her name when the globe was falling. She realized that Seo Jin was there too.

When Ha Na left, she barely missed Seo Jin. He heard from the detective in charge of finding doctor Kang that all of doctor Kang’s records are in Tae Joo’s office. Unfortunately Tae Joo can’t help Seo Jin find his medical record. All of doctor Kang’s records are coded. Getting up ti leave, Seo Jin saw Ha Na’s scarf.

On the way, Seo Jin’s secretary saw that a motorcycle was coming towards Ha Na. She is in danger. Ha Na sees the motorcycle coming towards her, but she can’t move. Someone is pulling her back. She looks at the person who saved her. It’s Goo Seo Jin.

Seo Jin:”Stop being in danger.”

He hands over the scarf and leaves. But Ha Na stops him. She has a favor to ask him. If he wants her gone so badly she will leave, without compensatory money, but in return the members of the circus have to remain working at the amusement park, it doesn’t matter on what positions. After she received Seo Jin’s promise that he will not fire the circus troupe, Ha Na turns around and leaves. It’s snowing, but the snow doesn’t touch her, there is something above her. Seo Jin holds an umbrella above her.

The attacker arrived home. He is sending a message to someone saying that Goo Seo Jin stopped him again from killing Jang Ha Na.

Ha Na is at the circus stage. She drinks and cries. She is saying her goodbyes to her father’s circus. Someone calls her. It’s Robin. Seeing that he is crying, Robin tries everything until he makes her smile again. They play on the trampoline and Robin asks her is she is curious about him, about why no one knows about his existence when he is Seo Jin’s twin brother. He wants to tell her later, but Ha Na said that later is not going to be because she has to return to America. Seo Jin sent her away.

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In the morning Seo Jin wakes up and his body hurts badly. Next to his bed there was a note “Sorry”. The word “sorry” scares Seo Jin. Robin never apologizes so that “sorry” means that Robin did something bad. He goes to the secret room to see Robin’s message. On the surveillance camera Seo Jin sees Ha Na coming to his house and runs out. Robin renewed the contract with the circus and in that contract it says that Ha Na has to life in Seo Jin’s house to be safe.

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