“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 15 ~ ep16 ~ep17

Shoo comes to visit the Roommate house together with her twins, Ra Hee and Ra Yul.

Episode 15

Because is episode 15 of Roommate Jackson appeared for only a few seconds I decided to post both episode 15 and episode 16 the same time. That is why I didn’t post episode 15 until now.

The first part of episode 15 is with Lee Gook Joo’s guests. Gook Joo invited SBS comedian Hong Yoon Hwa and KBS comedian Kim Min Kyung. The three comedian’s and Young Ji spend the day having fun and eating.

When the night came, Gook Joo and Young Ji decided to dance to consume all the calories they’ve accumulated while eating with the guests. Jackson is dancing with them. The three dancers decided on the song and they’ve even chosen costumes. And that was all of Jackson’s appearance in episode 15.

The next part of Roommate episode 15 is with Joon and Ryohei visiting Young Wol in KangWon-do.

Episode 16

Another guest is coming in episode 16, it’s Shoo and her twin girls, Ra Hee and Ra Yul. As soon as she comes everyone is the Roommate house wants to play with the cute girls, but because they are in an unfamiliar place and a lot of strangers are surrounding them, Ra Hee and Ra Yul starts crying. Shoo took the twins in Nana’s and Gook Joo’s room, but because they doesn’t stop crying Joon asks the men, Se Ho, Ryohei and Jackson, to get out. He thinks that they girls are scared of them. While Shoo tries hard to calm her twins down, Se Ho makes the mistake to come in wearing a Spiderman mask and a blanked. After seeing Se Ho like that Ra Hee and Ra Yul became even more agitated.

Ra Hee and Ra Yul calmed down and everyone wants to introduce themselves to the girls, but at soon at Ryohei said his name, Ra Yul begins crying. It’s Jackson’s time to introduce himself and because he doesn’t discriminate children and adults he introduces himself with his move, his tumbling move. Ra Hee and Ra Yul seemed shocked, but they accepted to shake hands with him.

Since now they are friends, Jackson keeps insisting around Ra Hee and Ra Yul to give him a kiss. Ra Yul was annoyed by his request, but Ra He kissed him several times.

After playing it’s time to eat strawberries. Shoo is shocked when Jackson fed her strawberries.

Jackson, Shoo and Nana went to the store to buy food. Suddenly a man passes by and Jackson feels the need to protect Shoo, like the true gentleman. While Shoo checks how much costs every product, Jackson offers to buy everything that day. Making fun of Jackson Shoo asks him if it’s okay for her to buy the expensive meat for the roommate house, a total of ten people. He offered so he can’t take back his words now.

While they were buying what they needed, Jackson made sure that Shoo doesn’t get dirt on her jacket. With everything in their cart, Shoo, Nana and Jackson went to the cash register. As he promised Jackson hands over his card and signs, but there is a problem…there aren’t enough money on his card. In the end Shoo pays for everything. Embarrassed, on their way home, Jackson invites Shoo to come over again after he gets paid so he will be able to treat her with something delicious.

Episode 17

While the roommate members are preparing dinner and Shoo wants to clean up while taking care of Ra Hee and Ra Yul a special gust arrived. Se Ho goes towards the door. Ra Hee and Ra Yull follow him. The door opens and the special guest comes in. The special guest is Shoo’s husband, basketball player Im Hyo-Sung. Everyone come out to greed the new guest and Shoo’s bodyguard Jackson gives Im Hyo Sung a hug.

There are guests in the house so Se Ho, Sunny and Jackson keep them company. Until dinner is ready, Im Hyo Sung opens up and tells everyone how he met Shoo and how hard was for him to convince her to date him.

Dinner is ready and everyone goes to the kitchen to eat. While eating everyone is focused on Ra Hee and Ra Yul, who where starved that day…poor little once….

After dinner Se Ho proposes a basketball game between Im Hyo Sung and Jackson. If Jackson will win then Im Hyo Sung and Shoo will have to wash the dishes and if Im Hyo Sung will win the roommate members will watch for one day the twins and their older brother so their parents could have a day for themselves. After playing for a while, the winner was Im Hyo Sung.

The next day…SURPRISE! PARK MIN WOO is back!!! What happened to him? He missed a lot of episodes…

Young Ji and Nana brought their dogs to play with Cucumber. For the rest of the day everyone play with Rubber, Nana’s dog, Fruit and Leon, Young Ji’s dogs and Cucumber, the roommate house dog.

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