“We Got Married ” ep 19 ( WGM ep 256) ~ Jae Rim:”Those people don’t seem to try to guess it.”

Last days in Turkey end with some couple wrestling.

Returned to Korea the three couples meet.

Episode 19

While enjoying the sunset in Turkey, Jae Rim and So Eun talk about what happened to them in 2014. Jae Rim needs to be complimented, to be told that he’s done well, that he was good to So Eun, but she is too shy to tell that while looking at him.

Jae Rim:”As long as your mine.”

Back to the hotel room So Eun offers to apply skin lotion, cream and plenty of love on Jae Rim. Later the two of them start fighting over a cup of ramen. Because So Eun doesn’t want to give him some ramen, Jae Rim takes the electric pot. So Eun follows him around the room and gets her electric pot. Then the child Song Jae Rim removes the electric pot from the plug. While the ramen is getting ready, Jae Rim shows his S-line, imitates different persons and does all sorts of things to get some ramen, but So Eun still remembers that he made fun of her when she packed the ramen before they left for Turkey.

The ramen is ready and So Eun teases Jae Rim. Greedy like a pregnant woman, Jae Rim spit in the ramen cup and got the ramen cup from So Eun. While she was making another one for her, Jae Rim finished him cup.

Jae Rim:” Looking at you eating makes me full.”

Of course! You’re feeling full because you watch her eating not because you’ve just finished your cup!!!

After diner, Solim couple decided to massage each other, but soon after they’ve started the massage turned into a wrestling match. Exhausted after their wrestling match, So Eun and Jae Rim take a break, but after the break Jae Rim teaches So Eun more about wrestling. Then, even if there isn’t that much age deference between them, the thinks Jae Rim knew while he was a child, So Eun didn’t heard about.

Later So Eun and Jae Rim massage each other’s hands until they are red. The next day, So Eun and Jae Rim say goodbye to Turkey and return to Korea. At their house, in Korea, So Eun tied Jae Rim’s hands so he will not disturb her while she cooks. So Eun will make Kimchi stew for Jae Rim.

Personal thought: Kim So Eun if your stylist will ever give you a shirt like that either cut the sleeves or get a new stylist!!! Please!!!

                             Wow!!! Song Jae Rim is really flexible!

Couple meeting

The day of the MBC Entertainment Awards the three couple met. The meeting is at Jong Hyun and Yura’s house, on the MBC building roof. While waiting for their guests, Jong Hyun and Yura practiced peeling apples, which Jong Hyun did a good job while Yura was a disaster, but with a little practice she will do just fine. When they arrived Jin Young and Nam Goong Min were just like in their house, they even wanted to lie on the bed. After Jae Rim and So Eun arrived, the three couple sit at the table. So Eun and Jae Rim were eating peeled fruits, Jong Hyun and Yura were still peeling fruits and Jin Young was scolding Min that he wasn’t present at the rehearsal.

The mission card arrived. The three couple have to play some games and the last place couple will have to do a penalty mission. The mission for the last place couple is a kiss. As soon as they saw the penalty mission So Eun, Jae Rim, Jin Young and Min realized that they could do that naturally so they’ve decided to push the Jong Hyun and Yura couple to do it.

For the first game, the couple, with their eyes closed, has to guess the couple items that they touch with their cheeks.

Jae Rim:”Those people don’t seem to try to guess it.”

For the second game the couples play mime. One person explains the word while the other guesses it. Jin Young and Min did a good job, but when Jong Hyun and Yura’s turn came, Min pretended to be really slow at turning the words pages. They really want Jong Hyun and Yura to be last place and kiss.

Jong Hyun:”Please turn the page quiky.”

With “help” from the other two couples Jong Hyun and Yura guessed 7 words.

Jong Hyun:” I’m sorry for almost sincerely scolding Goong Min hyung…I was a bit annoyed…I’m sorry hyung.”

Since Jong Hyun and Yura lost they have to do the penalty mission on the red carpet.

Personal thought: Yura has a nice body, too bad that she doesn’t know who to “wear” it! She is walking or sitting hunched.

Personal request: Yura stop laughing in public! Your noisy laughter isn’t pretty or lady like, it’s just annoying and you are a beautiful girl.

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