“Healer ” ep 17 ~ Young Shin:” Jeong Hoo, have you killed anyone?”

Young Shin met her mother.

Together with Young Shin, Jeong Hoo found his father’s testimony tape.

Moon Ho talked in a live broadcasting about Seo Joon Seok’s story and what the Elder did to him.

Episode 17

Young Shin was with Moon Ho when Myung Hee called to say that Jeong Hoo is in danger. They both run towards the place where Jeong Hoo is. When she arrived there, Young Shin saw Jeong Hoo with the body of a death man. Jeong Hoo left without saying anything, but the shocked Young Shin keeps thinking that there must have been other people there with Jeong Hoo and the death man, but she didn’t see them.

Because Young Shin is in shock, Moon Ho takes her home, where Young Shin tells her father that she found her biological parents, that her mother is alive, but she is very sick, and her father died when she was little.

Jeong Hoo on the other hand is upset that Young Shin saw him there. She already avoided him because she believed that Jeong Hoo’s father killed her father, what will she think now that she saw Jeong Hoo with that dead body. Since Jeong Hoo thinks that Young Shin might doubt his innocence in this murder, Min Ja advices him to call her. When Jeong Hoo called, Young Shin answered late and he already terminated the phone call. But Young Shin didn’t call him back and Jeong Hoo didn’t call the second time.

Before he died the former policeman whispered Jeong Hoo something, some numbers “391”. It’s related to his father, at that address Jeong Hoo can find his father’s testimony that the once that killed the former policeman want so badly. Since there are people who what his father’s testimony so badly that they can kill for it then it means that there is something important there so Jeong Hoo won’t give up until he find it.

On the street Jeong Hoo noticed that there are two men following him by food and a car that is also following him. While thinking what do to about those men, Jeong Hoo finds out from Min Ja that Oh Tae Won, Kim Moon Shik’s secretary who was arrested for poisoning Ki Young Jae together with the man that gave Young Jae the poison, was released and he is going to Moon Shik’s house. The same time Young Shin goes to Moon Shik’s house to interview her mother, Choi Myung Hee.

Young Shin asks Myung Hee about what happened the time Oh Gil Han and Seo Joon Seok died. For the first time someone asks her about that day so Myung Hee is open about it. All she wants in return is for the story to be broadcasted, but she warns Young Shin that it could be dangerous since the killers are still alive. The night Oh Gil Han and Seo Joon Seok died, Moon Shik called Myung Hee to tell her to run away with her daughter because the people Gil Han and Joon Seok were investigating are coming. That night Myung Hee woke up Ji Ahn and run away with the little girl in her arms. While running Myung Hee met the gangsters. She was able to run away from them and she hid Ji Ahn in some garbage while she kept running away so the gangsters will not find Ji Ahn. The memories made Myung Hee sick so the story has to end there for now.

Little Ji Ahn was hidden in the garbage, under a blanket and her mother told her to keep quiet so maybe that is why Young Shin didn’t talk for a long time when she was little and that is why when she is scared she hides under a blanket or in cramped place.

Oh Tae Won saw Young Shin with Myung Hee and called the Elder. While he was on the phone, Oh Tae Won sensed a presence behind him. It’s Jeong Hoo. He came to make the human kind a favor and kill Oh Tae Won, but Min Ja stopped him.

Suddenly Jeong Hoo sees an envelope on Moon Shik’s desk. He opens the envelope and sees that inside there were the papers of were Ki Young Jae urn is. Seeing that Jeong Hoo realized that the place where the urns are have numbers, just like houses. Jeong Hoo remembers that his father was also incinerated so the “391” must be the number his father’s urn has.

Leaving Myung Hee’s place, Young Shin met Jeong Hoo. He was waiting for her while hiding behind a tree. When he saw her , he came out in front of her. While crying Young Shin told him what happened with her mother that day, what her mother told her. She is happy to know that her biological parents didn’t abandon her because they didn’t want her, but she was lost.

Young Shin:” Jeong Hoo, have you killed anyone?”

Looking at Jeong Hoo, Young Shin asks him straight if he killed that man the other day and Jeong Hoo tells her what happened then. They leave together and little by little they come closer to each other again.

Jeong Hoo was right. The number “391” was the place his father’s urn is. Young Shin goes with him to where Joon Seok’s urn is. The men that were following Jeong Hoo are still after them. They took the bus and they talk on the phone with Min Ja and Moon Ho. The followers are still after them in a car. Jeong Hoo and Young Shin got off the bus and while Young Shin pretends to fix her clothes and hair, Jeong Hoo placed thumbtacks next to all four wheels. After placing the thumbtacks, Jeong Hoo tells Young Shin to run and he takes pictures with the men in that car then he runs after Young Shin too. A car appears in front of Young Shin. She sees Dae Young driving that car and gets in, but Dae Young doesn’t talk to her and just get off the car. Jeong Hoo comes running, gets in the car and drives away.

The followers are still after Jeong Hoo and Young Shin. They arrived where Seo Joon Seok’s urn is. They say their greetings to Joon Seok and Jeong Hoo looks around the urn. He found a tape and took it. It’s the tape with Seo Joon Seok’s testimony. Jeong Hoo and Young Shin leave, but the followers surrounded them. From her hiding place Min Ja called the police. While Young Shin runs towards the policeman, Jeong Hoo pretending to have the tape runs the other direction. The followers caught Jeong Hoo. They hit him and he didn’t respond, he just whined that they hit him hard and he is bleeding.

Jeong Hoo:”Let me meet the Elder.”

Jeong Hoo is taken to the Elder. He photographs everything from the Elder’s house and his yard. The same time at the Someday broadcasting Moon Ho is having a live broadcasting. He tells the story of the policeman who was killed because he knew Seo Joon Seok’s story and he had Seo Joon Seok’s testimony tape. Then Moon Ho introduces Seo Joon Seok’s story to the once that were watching his broadcasting. Moon Hoo told live the story of reporter Seo Joon Seok who was murdered in the police station, just like his friend Ki Young Jae because he knew too much. Also Moon Ho told live that Seo Joon Seok’s killers made Joon Seok a murderer who killed his friend and then made his death look like a suicide out of guilt.

The Elder come into the room were Jeong Hoo was waiting. While he was entering, Min Ja forwarded the images from Jeong Hoo’s glasses to Moon Ho’s broadcasting. The Elder’s face was live on Someday News blive broadcasting.

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