“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 5~ ”While you were sleeping.”

Robin goes with Ha Na to a workshop. An accident occurred and Robin fainted. The one that woke up was Seo Jin and he had to pretend that he is Robin in front of Ha Na.

Ha Na confesses her feelings towards Robin.

Episode 5

Since Seo Jin tried to get rid of the person who is responsible for Robin’s existence, Robin signed a contract in Seo Jin’s name so the circus won’t be gone and as a bonus Jang Ha Na will stay in Seo Jin’s house for a while. If Seo Jin will try to terminate the contract again or try to get rid of Ha Na again, Robin will reveal his true identity. For the moment Seo Jin has no other option but to let Ha Na stay in his house, for the moment he will let Robin have his way.

Seo Jin is furious. He’s throwing everything. His secretary calms him down and Seo Jin decided to go back to the rules he and Robin had few years ago.

Seo Jin:”The days will belong to me and the nights will belong to you.”

Ha Na wants to talk to Seo Jin. She is looking for him around the house, but she can’t find him so she enters the meditation room. When she was about to find the secret room’s entrance Seo Jin caught her and dragged her out. He tells Ha Na the rules for living in his house. She will have to act like a ghost and don’t let anyone see or hear her. Also she will not get in the way or bother other people. After he said what he wanted to say, Seo Jin leaves, but since Ha Na didn’t say want she needed to see she follows him. On the contract there are some drawings and encouragement words and Ha Na wants to know if those things are from Seo Jin, because it doesn’t seem like he is capable of such things. When Seo Jin snatched the contract form Ha Na she loses her balance and is about to fall, but Seo Jin catches her.

Seo Jin:”I told you not to put yourself in danger. Don’t get yourself hurt and don’t get sick either.”

Seo Jin doesn’t care if Ha Na is in danger or sick when she isn’t next to him, but if anything happens to her in front of him then Robin will come out. So to prevent Robin form coming out Seo Jin has to protect Ha Na.

Ha Na doesn’t know how to interpret Seo Jin’s words and actions. One moment he lets her stay in his house, he signs a contract with her and gives her encouragement words, and tells her to not get hurt and then he throws her out of his house and acts like a jerk with her. She goes to her room and thinks about Robin, but even in her imagination Seo Jin appears to disturb her happiness with Robin.

So I ask myself who does Ha Na like? Does she really like Robin or she likes Seo Jin?

The night came and it’s time for Seo Jin to go to sleep and for Robin to wake up. When he opened his eyes Robin saw a present form Seo Jin, the key from his room. Seo Jin reactivated Robin’s phone so that Robin won’t use his. In the message Seo Jin asked Robin to get some sleep and to abide by his timeline.

The happy Robin goes outside and sees Ha Na leaving. He follows her to play a joke on her, but Ha Na, thinking that the attacker is following her hits Robin with her umbrella. Robin is hurt and bleeding so Ha Na takes him to her room and cures his wound. In Ha Na’s room, Robin sees her drawings and because Ha Na isn’t so good at drawing he remakes her sketches.

Since Robin doesn’t have a job he asks Ha Na if she doesn’t want to hire him as a sketch artist, but for that she has to talk with his agent. He’s agent daughter was in love with Robin. He was her first love. The moment Woo Jung sees Robin she hits him for not being in touch, for disappearing for five years and makes him promise that he will not disappear again.

Robin:”I’m going to disappear.”

Ha Na and Robin spend the night with Woo Jung and her father having fun, drinking and talking. Robin carried the drunk Ha Na back and promised her to take her to the workshop she will be attending soon.

Its morning and Seo Jin wakes up with his back hurting again. But something is different this morning, his stomach hurts and he smells of alcohol. Ha Na arrives too. She smells of alcohol too. Seo Jin is taking her to her appointment with doctor Yoon Tae Joo.

During her hypnotherapy, Tae Joo makes a safe place for Ha Na, an art gallery. He is with her, in her mind and tells her to concentrate and remember the attackers face. She is about to remember it, but she feels like the attacker is strangling her again. The hypnotherapy session is over and Tae Joo walks Ha Na to the elevator. On the hallway Ha Na sees a man, the CT technician. He’s the attacker, but Ha Na doesn’t remember the attacker’s face so she doesn’t know why she that man looks familiar to her.

Its night again and it’s the night that Robin has to take Ha Na to her workshop. On their way Robin sees a car following them and he makes sure to lose the follower. Also Robin tells Ha Na to announce Seo Jin when she will meet him that someone followed them. After they got rid of the follower a truck bumps into them now. It’s the attacker. He wants to kill Ha Na and Robin, but Robin manages to get rid of him too. Looking in the mirror to see if someone else is following them, Robin doesn’t pay attention on the road and they are involved in an accident.

Ha Na is unconscious and Robin carries her to the nearest hospital. After putting Ha Na on the bed, Robin faints. When Robin is stressed, he loses consciousness and Seo Jin wakes up, the same can happen to Seo Jin during his timeline. When he wakes up it’s not Robin anymore, its Seo Jin, he’s with Ha Na and the rest of the circus troupe. While Ha Na talks on the phone with the detective in charge of finding doctor Kang, Seo Jin sneaks out and calls his secretary to come and get him, but the secretary can’t come. The roads are blocked, it snowed too much. For one day Seo Jin will have to pretend that he is Robin. And the hardest thing Seo Jin has to do as Robin is to smile. He will stay with Ha Na and her troupe at the place they booked for the workshop, thinking that they stay at a pension. But when they arrived Seo Jin saw that there was no pension there, they were staying at the house of a person the circus troupe knows.

That pace it’s too much for someone like Seo Jin so he calls his secretary to come and get him no matter what because he can’t stay there. While he was on the phone Seo Jin sensed a presence behind him. Scared, he screams. Ha Na comes running. Seo Jin was scared of a goat. Then he screams again. A cute puppy was next to him. Laughing, Ha Na picked up the cute little dog.

Ha Na took Seo Jin to the bathroom, which is a small barrack far away from the house. Scared to be alone there, Seo Jin asked Ha Na to stay with him. While Seo Jin was doing his business, Ha Na sang a song for him from outside. When Seo Jin comes out she takes his hand and they go home. Even if he is angry, Seo Jin still does what Ha Na tells him to do.

Back to the house Ha Na officially introduced Robin as her team sketch artist, without knowing that the man in front of her isn’t Robin, but Seo Jin. She asked Robin to draw something so her friends will see his talent, but since he is the opposite from Robin, Seo Jin can’t draw. Seo Jin thinks that if he will drink, he will lose consciousness and Robin will come out, since they are totally different. Seo Jin drunk the whole night, but even after everyone fell asleep from all that alcohol, Seo Jin was still alright. Thanks to Robin he is a heavy drinker. Seo Jin goes outside, makes a fire and covered with a blanket he keeps drinking. Ha Na wakes up and goes to him. For the first time Seo Jin smiled. He wasn’t pretending, but he was really smiling when Ha Na put some dirt on her face to make him smile. She kept talking to him, she thanked him for being with her that day. She feels reassured with him by her side.

Ha Na is cold and she sneezes. Seo Jin covers her with his blanket and Ha Na confesses her feelings for Robin.

Ha Na:” I like you!”

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