“Healer ” ep 18 ~ “Media exists to diagnose the pain of this society and cure it.”

Seo Joon Seok’s story is broadcasted live and his name is cleared.

Jeong Hoo decided to live like any normal person so he goes to Young Shin’s father to get permission to date Young Shin.

Something happens and Moon Ho is kidnapped.

Episode 18

Dae Young came to search Seo Joon Seok’s urn and found the tape. She took the real testimony tape and placed another one there for Jeong Hoo and Young Shin to find. With that testimony tape, Dae Young went to Moon Ho.

From Seo Joon Seok’s testimony, Moon Ho found out that Seo Joon Seok wasn’t a murder suspect to begin with. Joon Seok went to the police to report a murder case, Oh Gil Han’s murder case. He even took the evidence to the police, the pictures he took the day Oh Gil Han was killed. Seo Joon Seok’s testimony was a witness testimony, not a murder suspect testimony.

Seo Joon Seok, Oh Gil Han, Kim Moon Shik and Choi Myung Hee were following a case about slush found for their reportage. The people that they were following call themselves farmers.

Joon Seok:” They finance political funds and go on some political play that suit to their taste. They make the laws they want and reap the benefits from it.”

With the cassette that Dae Young brought is enough for Moon Ho to make the live broadcasting, but still Young Shin and Jeong Hoo keep going with the original plan. So they went to take a fake tape from Seo Joon Seok’s urn knowing that the Elder’s men were after them. The Elder’s men caught Jeong Hoo and took him to the Elder, as Jeong Hoo wanted. During the live broadcasting, Jeong Hoo was able to film the Elder’s face, which was transmitted live. One of the Elder’s men saw the live broadcasting and tried to cover the Elder’s face, but it was too late. The Elder’s bodyguards caught Jeong Hoo, took his glasses and his wallet. The live transmission suddenly stopped.

If Jeong Hoo is Healer then the Elder will give him time to talk, but if Jeong Hoo isn’t Healer, he will die. While looking into the Elder’s face, Jeong Hoo said that he had to film his face to show everyone the face of the murderer that kills the people that don’t do what he wants.

Elder:”Child, who are you?”

Jeong Hoo:”Among the people someone like you killed, there’s a person named Seo Joon Seok. I’m that person’s son, Seo Jeong Hoo. Grandfather, from now on when you kill people it will be good if you would think about their son or daughter.”

In front of the Eder’s house, Young Shin is worried. She is with two policemen, but they can’t enter until they won’t receive orders from their superiors. Because the police is in front of the house and Young Shin is transmitting live from there, the Elder’s bodyguards let Jeong Hoo go. The Elder invited Jeong Hoo to drink with him and lighted an incense stick.

Jeong Hoo:”I don’t drink with someone who killed my father.”

While talking with the Elder, Jeong Hoo starts to feel sick. He realizes that is from the incense stick and breaks the stick but he can’t touch the Elder and fells down.

Young Shin rushed inside the Elder’s house and found Jeong Hoo sleepy. The Elder drugged him, but he will be alright. All that Jeong Hoo wants now is for Young Shin to tell him what was his father saying on that tape.

Seo Joon Seok, Oh Gil Han and their driver for that day Kim Moon Shin went to gather some evidence for their reportage. They thought that they only need pictures and they will come back fast. While Moon Shik was waiting for them in the car, Gil Han and Joon Seok went to take picture of the men they were following. They saw those men exchanging paint cans with money. They find it strange. There are a lot of money hidden inside apple boxes. Gil Han wants to take one of those paint cans for investigation. Something happened and those men saw Gil Han. He told Joon Seok that he will lure those men away so he, Joon Seok, should take one of those paint cans. Joon Seok took the paint can, put it in the car and went back to help Gil Han. When he found the men that run after Gil Han, Joon Seok saw Gil Han lying on the ground, unconscious and full of blood. Joon Seok photographed the dead Gil Han and his killers. Moon Shik came and took Joon Seok away.

Few days later, after he found out what was the paint from those paint cans, Joon Seok went to the police with the evidence. During his testimony, some men came into the interrogation room, stopped the testimony, took Joon Seok’s evidences and made Seo Joon Seok a murder suspect.

The same time Joon Seok was testifying as a murder witness, Moon Shik, after a small conversation with the Elder, testified that Seo Joon Seok killed Oh Gil Han after fighting over the money they saw.

Now that he knows that his father didn’t kill Young Shin’s father, Jeong Hoo wants to stop being Healer. He wants to have a normal life with Young Shin by his side.

While she was in her mother’s house, Young Shin took away a cake. She had it all day with her and when she arrived home she wants to eat it with her father. Young Shin tells her father about her biological mother and they eat together the cake. Young Shin’s father wants to see Jeong Hoo. He can’t understand why Young Shin was attracted to such a weak guy. He always hoped that Young Shin will pick a strong guy so she could hide in his arms. Young Shin’s father still doesn’t know much about Jeong Hoo.

When she went to her room, Young Shin found Jeong Hoo there. He came up towards the window and goes straight to hug Young Shin, but she pushes him away. Since he wants to be like the normal people, Young Shin is telling him to come using the door, after he met her father

Jeong Hoo:”Let’s talk after we go to bed.”

After Young Shin explained him who think should be, Jeong Hoo went downstairs to meet Young Shin’s father and get his permission. Jeong Hoo is nervous and scared to meet Young Shin’s father and when their eyes met, Jeong Hoo wants to run away and return another day, but it’s too late for that. Young Shin’s father and the coffee worker took the scared Jeong Hoo to the office for a small conversation about his relationship with Young Shin, how far their relationship went and how dared Jeong Hoo kiss Young Shin in front of her father before marriage.

The next day Jeong Hoo came back to work at Someday News as Park Bong Soo. Except the moment he goes on the field with Young Shin all Jeong Hoo does is sleep.

Myung Hee liked Young Shin a lot, even if she doesn’t know that Young Shin is her daughter, so she asked Moon Ho to make excuses for Young Shin to go and see her. On their meeting Young Shin tells her mother about her life and the man she likes and Myung Hee helps fix Young Shin’s makeup. During that time Moon Ho is getting ready for a new live broadcasting, but Jong Soo come in a hurry. Moon Shik is having a live interview and Moon Shik’s interview isn’t scripted. No one knows what Moon Shik will say.

The night before, Oh Tae Won, Kim Moon Shik’s secretary, stole Moon Ho’s cassettes about the illegal broadcasting that Moon Shik, Joon Seok, Gil Han, Myung Hee and Young Jae did. During the live interview Moon Shik presented the photo with him and his friends and the cassettes that were stolen from Moon Ho and told the story of his friends in a way that will benefit him.

Seeing Moon Shik’s interview, Myung Hee is crying angry, but Young Shin is with her and she is calming Myung Hee down. At Someday News, Moon Ho is angry too, but Jeong Hoo helps him clams down.

“Media exists to diagnose the pain of this society and cure it.”

Jeong Hoo and Young Shin are going to Moon Ho’s house. In the parking lot, Moon Ho wants to get out of his car, but he is attacked and drugged. Kim Moon Ho is kidnapped. While they were going the kidnappers, who were driving Moon Ho’s car, met Jeong Hoo. When he saw Moon Ho’s car, Jeong Hoo seemed suspicious, but when he saw the camera that Moon Ho used that day to photograph the employees thrown in the parking lot, Jeong Hoo knew that Moon Ho was kidnapped so he calls Min Ja.

While Jeong Hoo goes to rescue Moon Ho, Young Shin decided to go and wait in Moon Ho’s house, but at the elevator Oh Tae Won was waiting for her.

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  1. skittles88 says:

    Hi, I nominated you for the sisterhood award! https://laughingsquidd.wordpress.com/2015/02/05/the-sisterhood-award/ cant wait to watch this show, love your recaps!

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