“We Got Married ” ep 20 ( WGM ep 257) ~Jae Rim:”Nine tailed fox eats a kidney but you intoxicated my heart.”

After winning few awards So Eun and Jae Rim made 100 shaped buns and gave them for free to thank everyone for their winnings.

Episode 20

Home, at their newlywed house, So Eun tied Jae Rim’s hands so he won’t disturb her while she is cooking. So Eun wants to cook kimchi stew to make up for the kimchi stew she made a while ago, but didn’t turned up the way she wanted. Even with his hands tied up, Jae Rim comes to the kitchen. When So Eun put the rice in the rice cooker, he came to make sure that she put the right amount of water and t check that Jae Rim put his whole head inside the rice cooker. Then he goes to the kitchen and asks So Eun if she wants him to take the tofu and put salt. While he asks her, he arranges So Eun’s clothes. Annoyed, So Eun kicks him out of the kitchen and sent him to sit on the sofa.

Left alone in the kitchen So Eun doesn’t see the cutting board and Jae Rim tells her where the cutting board is, like a true housewife. Then, from the sofa, Jae Rim looks at every move So Eun makes while cutting the vegetable. He is just like a mother-in-law. He is making her nervous. It’s not that pleasant to cook while someone is watching every move you make. Because the sofa it’s too far away and he can’t see that well from there, Jae Rim comes closer to So Eun.

Bored Jae Rim checks the rice and realizes that the rice cooker wasn’t plugged in.

For the kimchi stew So Eun brought kimchi from home, made by her mother. With the excuse that he wants to taste the kimchi Jae Rim comes closer and begins cleaning up the table where So Eun was cooking.

The kimchi stew is ready and it looks good. Jae Rim tasted it and this time he liked it. This time So Eun’s kimchi stew was a success. After they eat as desert So Eun made pomegranate juice for her and Jae Rim.

Because they’ve won few awards at the MBC Entertainment Awards, So Eun and Jae Rim wants to give something in return. They will make fish shaped bun’s for 100 persons and they will give it for free somewhere next to MBC building.

So Eun and Jae Rim search for recipes and start cooking. Since the recipes are for smaller portions the math give them a little hard time, but in the end they made it.

Jae Rim:”Nine tailed fox eats a kidney but you intoxicated my heart.”

With their stall ready, So Eun and Jae Rim found a place where they will be able to give the shaped buns. At first the buns weren’t fully cooked, but Jae Rim kept eating them. He said that he had to get rid of the strange looking shaped buns. While So Eun keeps cooking, Jae Rim hands over the flyers so that people will come and get their buns. When he returned So Eun was a master at cooking shaped buns. There are two types of shaped buns that they made, there are the red beans once that Jae Rim wanted and there is the cream once that So Eun wanted. They made a bed about which of the shaped buns will be fasted sold out. At first Jae Rim’s red beans buns were leading, but So Eun’s cream buns were sold first so she won. Since So Eun won it’s time for Jae Rim’s punishment. He has to brag about So Eun in front of the people gathered around them.

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