“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 10~ Se Gi:”Is this the first time you’ve sees a handsome man yawn?”

Se Gi took over Do Hyun’s live.

Ri On realizes that Do Hyun didn’t have the happy live he thought Do Hyun had and goes to get Ri Jin home.

Episode 10

Do Hyun dreams about being locked in a basement. There are toys everywhere and there is another child with him. In Do Hyun’s dream the other child wants to leave, but he grabs that child’s hand and asks the child to stay and play with him. The moment little Do Hyun grabbed the other child’s hand the unconscious Do Hyun grabbed Ri Jin’s hand. He pulled her hand and didn’t let her go. They fell asleep and when Ri Jin woke up Do Hyun was watching her. He’s angry! It’s not Do Hyun, it Shin Se Gi!

Se Gi is furious. He thinks that Ri Jin is helping Do Hyun to get rid of him. Ri Jin tries to calm down Se Gi by telling him that she just wants to be the communication bridge between Do Hyun and Se Gi. But Do Hyun and Se Gi can’t understand each other, for that to happen one of them has to disappear. With tears in his eyes Se Gi asks Ri Jin to chose between him and Do Hyun.

Se Gi:” Is it okay with you if I disappear? Would you like me to disappear?”

Ri Jin avoids giving Se Gi an answer, but he understood what she wants to say. He can see that Ri Jin already made her choice. He’s tears fell on his cheeks when Se Gi realizes that Ri Jin is in love with Do Hyun.

Se Gi:”You’ve completely fallen for Cha Do Hyun?”

But does Ri Jin think that Do Hyun brought her to his house with an innocent mind. Se Gi shows Ri Jin the video in which Se Gi threatened Do Hyun with hurting Chae Yeon if Do Hyun gets closer to Ri Jin. In Se Gi’s eyes Do Hyun brought Ri Jin to his house as hostage in order to protect his own woman, Chae Yeon, and to threaten Se Gi so now Do Hyun needs to receive his punishment.

Se Gi:”Since he ruined my world, Cha Do Hyun’s world needs to be ruined too.”

In order to stop Se Gi from leaving and create problems for Do Hyun, Ri Jin hugs him, but Se Gi didn’t fell for it and pushed Ri Jin away.

Se Gi:” If you’re not going to have me don’t touch me.”

Se Gi locks Ri Jin in the house and leaves.

Ki Joon and Chae Yeon are celebrating their engagement. He brought her the engagement ring. After Ki Joon leaves, Chae Yeon received a phone call form Do Hyun. He is at the door. Se Gi pretending to be Do Hyun came to Chae Yeon’s house.

With secretary Ahn’s help Ri Jin got out of the house and went to get Se Gi. She found him while he was leaving Chae Yeon’s house. Even when he is upset with Ri Jin, Se Gi seems to listen to her really well. She tells him to get into her car and he did so without saying anything. She told him to sit on the passenger’s sit because he had drink wine so he sits on the passenger’s sit. She tells him to wear the seatbelt and he puts the seatbelt on. Se Gi listens really well! Every time he is gone, Se Gi keeps thinking what is happening between Do Hyun and Ri Jin, but he always chose to trust Ri Jin. Now, when Ri Jin moved in with Do Hyun, she lost Se Gi’s trust.

Home Se Gi tells Ri Jin that Do Hyun will not come back because the door of his lost memory has been opened. When she heard Se Gi saying that, Ri Jin realized that Se Gi remembers what Do Hyun can’t remember. And Se Gi has no choice but to remember that pain because that was the reason he was born. Because of that memory he can’t remember Do Hyun’s mind created Se Gi. Ri Jin sees that as her chance so she asks Se Gi if she is present in the memory Do Hyun can’t remember, but Se Gi doesn’t want to answer her until she will chose him over Do Hyun.

In the morning Se Gi went to the office. He is taking over Do Hyun’s life. When the women form the company saw Se Gi they fall in love with him. In everyone’s eyes Do Hyun looks like he just come out of a fashion magazine, but what they don’t know is that the man in front of them is Shin Se Gi.

Se Gi attends Do Hyun’s meetings. Secretary Ahn and Ri Jin can’t stop him, Do Hyun’s attendance for that meeting is mandatory. The only thing they can do is for secretary Ahn to stay close to Se Gi during the meeting.

Se Gi:”Is this the first time you’ve sees a handsome man yawn?”

At the meeting Se Gi doesn’t pay attention. He just writes and draws on a piece of paper.

Se Gi:”Oh Ri Jin you’re a star in my heart.”

When Ki Joon calls Do Hyun and asks him if he found Omega writer, secretary Ah nets closer to Se Gi and takes away the piece of paper on which Se Gi was drawing. Ki Joon is surprised that Do Hyun got Omega’s accord for making a movie after one of his books, especially when Ki Joon gave that task to Do Hyun because he was sure that Do Hyun won’t be able to meet Omega since Omega refuses to show himself to anyone and didn’t agree to make his book into movies. Now Ki Joon tries to take the contract Omega signed and give it to another team, but he can’t, Omega signed the contract with the condition that Cha Do Hyun will handle the production.

After the meeting Se Gi looks everywhere for Ri Jin, but she isn’t there. When secretary Ahn tells him that Ri Jin went to meet with Do Hyun’s mother, Se Gi got furious.

Do Hyun’s mother gave Ri Jin a bag as bribe to be on Do Hyun’s side and they talk about Do Hyun and how is he doing. Wanting to know what made Do Hyun become a multiple personalities patient, Ri Jin asks Do Hyun’s mother what happened during the year that Do Hyun can’t remember and if he had a close friend during that time. Suddenly Se Gi comes in furious and takes Ri Jin away. Se Gi forbade Do Hyun’s mother to meet Ri Jin ever again.

In the car Se Gi was steel angry and he told Ri Jin that Do Hyun’s mother witnessed all the abuses he suffered as child, but she never helped him.

Ri On thinks about Do Hyun. In the airplane he met Se Gi, Perry Park and Do Hyun, but he didn’t realize that Do Hyun is sick, eh just believed that it’s a cover, that Do Hyun wants to live like normal people. Then Ri On remembered that Ri Jin told him about a rich man that she met and that man is different every time she meets him, like he is a different person. Ri On also remembers that Do Hyun was sick every time Ri On talked about his book “The child in the basement”. Then it hit Ri On! Cha Do Hyun has a mental disease, he is suffering from multiple personalities disorder.

Arrived home Ri Jin asks Se Gi why didn’t he say anything if he remembers what Do Hyun can’t and Se Gi’s answer was that he shut his mouth because Do Hyun can’t handle the pain. But Ri Jin is sure that Do Hyun can handle that pain. Still Se Gi doesn’t want to talk. If he talks, if Do Hyun get’s his memory back and handles his pain then Se Gi and the other personalities will be gone, because they were created to handle Do Hyun’s pain. Again Ri Jin asked Se Gi if she is in that memory that only Se Gi can remember, but again Se Gi didn’t answer her.

Someone is at the door. Ri Jin opens and the person that appears in front of her is Ri On. He can’t let Ri Jin be in danger so Ri On came to pick her and take her home. To be able to take her home, Ri On threatens Ri Jin with telling everyone at Do Hyun’s company that he has D.I.D.

Se Gi comes out. He tries to stop Ri On form taking Ri Jin away, but Ri On doesn’t back down.

Se Gi:”If you continue to claim rights as her brother while having eyes of a man, I’ll take your eyeballs out.”

When they arrived at the house doctor Seok Ho Pil was there. Before entering the house Ri On told Ri Jin to not mention Seung Jin group or Do Hyun’s name when she tells her parents that she lied to them about going to America.

That night Ri On looks at the pictures and newspapers cuts he collected during years with Do Hyun. That day Ri On realized that Do Hyun didn’t live the happy life he was thinking.

Ri On:”So you didn’t only live happily up until now seeing that your heart has broken into pieces.”

Outside Ri Jin talks to doctor Seok Ho Pil about what Se Gi said. They are worried about Do Hyun not being able t return. But there are two possibilities one is that Do Hyun will be completely overpowered by Se Gi and the other possibility is that Do Hyun will return a stronger person.

At the house Se Gi looks in the mirror and talks to Do Hyun. He asks Do Hyun what decision did he took. If Do Hyun can handle the pain that he should come out and make the once that hurt him pay but if he can’t handle the pain Do Hyun should just stay put and let Se Gi handle everything. That night Se Gi went to Do Hyun’s grandmother and told her to hand over to him Seung Jin Group. Then Se Gi went to Do Hyun’s father, who is kept alive by medical equipment. Do Hyun’s father became a vegetable after saving Do Hyun.


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