“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 9~ Se Gi:”Why were you with Cha Do Hyun in his bedroom?”

In one night all of Do Hyun personalities, except Se Gi, come out.

After talking to Ri On again about his book “The child in the basement” Do Hyun feels sick and Se Gi comes out.

Episode 9

While Ri Jin was telling him that she wants to meet all of his personalities and help them become one cool person, Cha Do Hyun kissed her. The next morning Ri Jin is shy to face him. Thinking that the man that kissed her could have been one of Do Hyun’s other personalities she mustered the courage to come out of her room and even if the man that kissed her was Do Hyun he drink for the first time in a while so he could have forgotten what happened. The same time Do Hyun tries to exercise and meditate, but all he does is thinking about Ri Jin.


When they met that morning and he tells Ri Jin that he was the one that kissed her and he remembers everything, the shy Ri Jin wants to run away, but Do Hyun grabs her. She goes out and he follows her.

Well…of course when you want to run away and hide from someone you should scream out laud so that person could hear where you are!!!

They play around running after each other then they go to eat breakfast. While he is looking at Ri Jin eating, Do Hyun asks Se Gi to not take his time and body when he is with Ri Jin.

Do Hyun:”Please don’t steal this love from me.”

After breakfast it’s time for Do Hyun’s therapy. Ri Jin is uncomfortable around Do Hyun so she tells him that what he feels for her is positive transference, which is an excessively positive feelings that a patient feels towards his therapist. So Do Hyun must not confound those feelings with love for her.


Ri Jin leaves the room to get some coffee, but when she returned Do Hyun wasn’t there. All that she found was a drawing of a teddy bear and the words “I’m Nana”. She goes around to find Nana. When she entered her room, Ri Jin saw Do Hyun wearing her pajamas and thinks that it’s Nana, but it wasn’t Nana, it was Yo Na. She starts fighting again with Yo Na and Yo Na throws at her the teddy bear Se Gi gave her when he took her to the hotel. Until Yo Na appeared, Nana played with that teddy bear. Suddenly Yo Na sees Ri Jin’s family photo and falls in love with Ri On. Because Ri Jin didn’t want to give her Ri On’s phone number, Yo Na snatched Ri Jin phone and run out. Ri Jin runs after Yo Na and grabs Yo Na by the pajama’s bunny ears. Yo Na loses balance and falls.

In the middle of the night Do Hyun wakes up. He was lying in bed with an IV. He goes to the living room where Ri Jin was sewing the teddy bear from Se Gi. Do Hyun sees his living room a mess and asks Ri Jin what happened. So Ri Jin told him that Nana appeared, then Yo Na appeared. After Yo Na fell on the stairs, Ri Jin took the unconscious Yo Na to bed.

After putting Yo Na to bed Ri Jin went to her room to sleep, but when she was about to fell asleep she heard noise and went out. In the kitchen Perry Park was making bombs. Perry is happy to see that Ri Jin is alive. To stop Perry from making bombs Ri Jin plays with him, they drink and dance for three hours. When Perry finally fell asleep Ri Jin took him to bed and went back to her room. She closes her eyes, she is tired, but she wakes up. Ri Jin heard music and went out again. This time the one that appeared was Yo Seob. Before going to bed Yo Seob thanked Ri Jin for saving his live. From Yo Seob’s point of view wasn’t good that he couldn’t commit suicide, but the other personalities are happy and that it enough for him.

That night all of Do Hyun’s other personalities showed up, all except for Se Gi. Since Se Gi is the only one that didn’t appear Do Hyun is worried.

Do Hyun:” Is it the clam before the storm?”

At the office Do Hyun met Ki Joon and Chae Yeon in the elevator. Ki Joon asked Do Hyun where Do Hyun hid Ri Jin because he couldn’t find her at the hospital when he went to investigate Do Hyun. But Do Hyun hided Ri Jin well. He brought her with him at the office. Since Ri Jin has to be with him always, Do Hyun made Ri Jin his secretary.

Do Hyun:”There is no where safer than the company. It’s the darkest place and if I want to see her I can see her whenever I want.”

When they arrived into Do Hyun’s office, his mother was there. She found out that Do Hyun’s grandmother won’t come to the office that day so she came to see her son. While she was waiting on the hallway for Do Hyun to finish talking with his mother, Ri Jin saw Do Hyun’s grandmother coming. Hearing that Do Hyun’s mother is at the office, the grandmother went into Do Hyun’s office. Ri Jin remembered that Do Hyun told her to get him away from his grandmother no matter what she does if Do Hyun will show symptoms of changing personalities in front of his grandmother so Ri Jin followed Do Hyun’s mother and lied that he has another appointment for which he is already late. From outside Ri Jin heard what the grandmother was saying to Do Hyun and his mother. Do Hyun’s family isn’t a loving family like her own.

While Ri Jin went to meet doctor Seok Ho Pil, secretary Ahn took Do Hyun to meet with Omega writer. Omega writer hid his identity always, but now he wants to show his identity, his face, to Do Hyun.

Do Hyun entered the restaurant alone and went to the room where Omega was waiting for him. The moment their eyes met Do Hyun is surprised. Omega writer is no other then Ri Jin’s brother, Oh Ri On. Now Do Hyun is curious from when did Ri On knew who he was, why did Ri On call him Perry if he knew his real name and if Ri On approached him knowing that he is the hair of Seung Jin Group. Ri On just said that he pretended not to know because he thought that Do Hyun was a rich guy that wanted to live like the other people.

For the first time since he became a writer, Ri On lets a company make his books into movies and he chose Do Hyun for that, but he has three conditions. The first condition is to let Ri On do the scenario and the arrangement since it’s his story. The second condition is for Do Hyun to present Ri On as a replacement writer for Omega. Ri On doesn’t want to show anyone else that he is Omega writer. And the tired condition is for Do Hyun to let him meet Ri Jin.

Do Hyun: “We seem to have a strange fate with each other.”

Meantime doctor Seok Ho Pil is surprised that Ri Jin was able to see so many of Do Hyun’s personalities in one night, it took him years to meet all of them. Also doctor Seok Ho Pil is worried about the same thing Do Hyun is, why didn’t Se Gi come out like the others personalities. He asks Ri Jin what Do Hyun asked her before if she met Do Hyun or Se Gi in the past. If she met Do Hyun in the past then she could be Do Hyun’s cure, she could heal Do Hyun of his multiple personalities disorder, because of her he could remember the past he forgot.

Do Hyun calls Ri Jin and tells her to come and meet him. When Ri Jin arrived at the meeting place she saw Ri On instead of Do Hyun. Ri On wants to take her home, but she refuses, she wants to help Do Hyun for those three months he will be in Korea.


On his way back home, Ri On feels sorry that he created a coincidence meeting with Do Hyun, where Do Hyun and Ri Jin at the airport. He is sorry that he received Do Hyun in the house and introduced him to his family, he is sorry for always encouraging Ri Jin and he is sorry for letting Ri Jin leave his side.

When she arrived home, Ri Jin hears noises coming form Do Hyun’s room and goes in. Do Hyun is sick. He is dreaming of being in a basement as child, playing with another child with his toys. When the other child wants to leave, little Do Hyun grabbed his hand and asked that child to play with him. Seeing Do Hyun so sick Ri Jin wants to go and get the medicine, but the unconscious Do Hyun grabbed her hand.

Do Hyun:”Play with me.”

They fell asleep and when Ri Jin woke up Do Hyun was watching her. Soon she realizes that in front of her it wasn’t Cha Do Hyun, but Shin Se Gi.

Se Gi:”Why were you with Cha Do Hyun in his bedroom?”

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