“Healer ” ep 19 ~ Jeong Hoo :”Now I know what I’m supposed to fight against.”

The Elder blackmailed Jeong Hoo and made Jeong Hoo confess a murder that he didn’t commit.

While fighting against the Elder, Jeong Hoo’s hacker Min Ja is found by the Elder’s men.

Episode 19

Tracking Moon Ho’s phone, Jeong Hoo arrived at Someday News office. He goes inside and hears a phone ringing. He answers and sees a camera filming him. The man that called him asks him if he is Seo Jeong Hoo and undercover uses the name Park Bong Soo, code name Healer. The man is giving Jeong Hoo a mission and to be sure that Jeong Hoo does that mission he shows Jeong Hoo that they have Moon Ho, who is unconscious. Jeong Hoo looks around Someday, but he can’t find anything. Suddenly Jeong Hoo remembers that someone called few days ago and in the background he could hear Russian. Mission one is complete. Now there is mission two. The man sent a text to Jeong Hoo and told him to read the message while looking at the camera. Jeong Hoo refuses so the man shows him that Oh Tae Won is with Young Shin and he threatens Young Shin with poison. To be able to protect Young Shin, Jeong Hoo read the message he received. It was a message in which using his real name, Seo Jeong Hoo, he confessed that he killed a man.

After Jeong Hoo confessed a murder that he never committed, the man that called him switched the channel and the Elder appeared on screen. The same time Moon Ho came to his senses and was brought to have dinner with Moon Shik and others like him.

Min Ja sent Dae Young and the other guys to safe Young Shin, but when they arrived Young Shin was already alone.

Jeong Hoo comes in a hurry. Young Shin is fine, but he tells her that he will not be able to live as a normal person for a while. They will not meet for a while. The Elder blackmailed him and has the video with him confessing a murder. For a while, until he finds that tape, Jeong Hoo will be on the run. He will change his phone, he asked Young Shin to not call him or go to his house.

Jeong Hoo disappeared. He is busy looking for the really murderer without the Elder noticing. He follows the man that blackmailed him, his name is Ahn Sang Hyun. Jeong Hoo follows him and took the card from the car camera that Ahn Sang Hyun drives. Also Jeong Hoo took the fingerprints from Ahn Sang Hyun’s men in order to find the real killer.

Young Shin is working hard. She pretends to be happy, but she is worried about Jeong Hoo. She couldn’t get in touch with him and she won’t until Jeong Hoo finds the real killer. She asks Moon Ho to continue to broadcasting Oh Gil Han and Seo Joon Seok’s story. The new title for Someday News new broadcasting will be how the Elder got his money and they will start with what Oh Gil Han and Seo Joon Seok found and got them killed.

Myung Hee heard Moon Ho arguing with Moon Shik and she heard Moon Ho saying that Ji Ahn is alive. Hurt that she cried more than 20 years the death of her daughter who is alive, Myung Hee decided to leave Moon Shik. In the morning she prepared breakfast as she always does, then she thanks Moon Shik for taking care of her for all those years, but she can’t stay by his side anymore since he lied to her.

The first place Moon Ho took Myung Hee was Someday News. There Myung Hee gave an interview, ate snakes with everyone and had a great time with Young Shin. Myung Hee was curious about Young Shin’s boyfriend and she wanted to meet him, but Young Shin told her that her boyfriend isn’t around, he is fighting the Elder.

Jeong Hoo on the other hand is still collecting fingerprints. What Jeong Hoo doesn’t know is that Ahn Sang Hyun put a trap for Jeong Hoo. They don’t want just Jeong Ho, they also want Jeong Hoo’s hacker partner, Jo Min Ja.

That night Someday News had another live broadcasting and they included in it Choi Myung Hee’s interview. They started form Oh Gil Han and Seo Joon Seok’s investigation that brought their deaths and finished with Elders face and real name.

Min Ja needs help so she called Yoon Dong Won. She told him about Ahn Sang Hyun and gave him the fingerprints that Healer collected. All that Dong Won has to do now is compare the fingerprints with the once from the murder weapon. If the police would’ve done a better job, on Min Ja’s last mission as detective, then they could’ve saved at least 4 lives now, one of them being Ki Young Jae’s.

When Min Ja connected the cards form the cars the Healer took, Ahn Sang Hyun begin tracking her down.

The thing Jeong Hoo wants the most now is to find the video with him confessing a murder and destroy it for good.

Jeong Hoo sees Ahn Sang Hyun and his men leaving in a hurry. What Jeong Hoo doesn’t know is that those men tacked down Min Ja’s place and they go after her. Healer goes in and realizes that Ahn Sang Hyun and his men went after Min Ja. Since Healer told her that she was found, Min Ja deletes everything that can incriminate her, she takes her hard disks and leaves. On the building’s hallway she met Ahn Sang Hyun and his men, but they didn’t think that an old lady could be a hacker. When Min Ja dropped a hard disk, one of Ahn Sang Hyun’s men went after her. That man is about to catch her, but Jeong Hoo came in time and saved her.

Now Healer realized who he is fighting against.

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