“Ouroboros ” ep 1~ Tatsuya:”Ouroboros, the two dragons.”

Ouroboros is an ancient symbol in which a snake is eating its own tail that means infinity. The drama Ouroboros is the story of two man, Ikuo and Tatsuya, who grew up in the same orphanage. Their favorite teacher, Yuiko, is murdered and a policeman covers up the incident. Ikuo and Tatsuya promised each other that they will revenge they teacher someday, no matter who many years will take them. Twenty years later, Ikuo who investigates cases with elite detective, Mizuki and Tatsuya has become one of the top members of a yakuza gang.



Ikuta Toma as Ryuzaki Ikuo

Oguri Shun as Danno Tatsuya

Ueno Juri as Hibino Mizuki

Yoshida Yo as Tachibana Tomiko

Muro Tsuyoshi as Fukamachi Takeshi

Seino Nana as Tamura Konatasu

Takeda Kumiko (武田久美子) as Abiko Kirino

Mitsuishi Ken as Hibino Kunihiko

Takito Kenichi as Chono Shinichi

Yoshida Kotaro as Mishima Kaoru

Nakamura Hashinosuke III as Kitagawa Kanichiro

Hirosue Ryoko as Kashiwaba Yuiko

Episode 1

Ikuo and Mizuki went to a crime scene. A man committed suicide in a parking lot. Ikuo doesn’t believe that the man committed suicide because that man ate something strong before dying. Also Ikuo saw a picture of that man’s family in that man’s wallet.

The next day Mizuki and Ikuo went to investigate another case. Something was stolen from a car in the same parking lot where the man from the other day died. Before investigating Ikuo asked Mizuki to visit the suicide man’s family. That man had a wife and a daughter. The wife told them that her husband seemed worried about something lately. Ikuo still doesn’t believe that the man committed suicide. When Ikuo and Mizuki left, the suicide man’s daughter followed them. She told them that her father didn’t kill himself because soon will be her birthday and her father promised her a present. When little girl said that if the police won’t find her father’s killer she will and she will kill that murderer, Ikuo remembered his and Tatsuya’s promise.

Later, while looking at the surveillance camera from the parking lot, Ikuo and Mizuki saw that the car thief witnessed the suicide man’s death.

The suicide man worked for a fake company of a yakuza. He was an honest man, but the police thing that he was dragged into something bad without his will. That yakuza is Tatsuya’s rival.

Tatsuya:” I’m a pacifist, intellectual yakuza.”

While running after the car thief, Ikuo suddenly jumps over a man that was riding his bike. Ikuo has good nose and good eyes. The man on the bike was a serial rapist so Ikuo thought it was more important in that moment to catch the rapist than the thief.

Ikuo is having diner, omelet rice as he always has. He gets a phone call. It’s Mizuki. The wife and daughter of the suicide man were found in a lake, trying to commit suicide the police think. The doctor’s where able to save the little girl’s life, but for her mother was too late.

Shocked by the news Ikuo leaves the hospital thinking about his past, his promise with Tatsuya, the day they found their dead teacher and about the man that covered up the teacher’s death. He can’t let things like that so Ikuo calls Tatsuya for help. Tatsuya caught Takigawa’s men and found out what happened.

Takigawa is Tatsuya’s rival, the yakuza that the suicide man was working for. Nishida, the suicide man saw something that he shouldn’t have seen and Takigawa killed him making Nishida’s dead look like a suicide. Then Takigawa thought that Nishida told his family what he saw and Takigawa decided to kill Nishida’s wife and daughter too. Tatsuya threatened Takigawa’s men and told them what to do next without mentioning his name.

Tatsuya:” I’m an ally of justice.”

With help from Takigawa’s men, Tatsuya caught Takigawa in his trap. Takigawa was shot.

While coming back to the police station Ikuo sees a black car stopping next to him. From that car Takigawa’s men were thrown out.

Gangsters:”Arrest us! We’re the ones that killed that guy Nishida’s family!”

Tatsuya brought something and went to meet Ikuo. Before Tatsuya got to give the bag to Ikuo Mizuki came and they had to go separate ways. Ikuo and Tatsuya are pretending that they don’t know each other.

With Mizuki, Ikuo went to see Yukina, Nishida’s little girl. Yukina already knew that the police caught her parent’s murderers, a friends of her father came by the hospital and told her. Looking around Ikuo sees the bag that Tatsuya had earlier and realized that the man that came to see Yukina was Tatsuya.

Suddenly Sawatari, the car thief called Ikuo. The night Nishida died, Sawatari saw two men with Nishida. Before Sawatari got the chance to say more, the phone call got interrupted. Sawatari was murdered too.

A detective from another police station came by. He is investigating Sawatari as Takigawa’s murder. The detective said that Sawatari was selling drugs to Takigawa, but Ikuo didn’t believe him. He was suspicious of that detective. Ikuo could smell that the detective is lying.

After Sawatari’s dead, Tatsuya called Ikuo. That night Ikuo met with the detective. He found out that the detective was the one that used to sell drugs to Takigawa and killed Sawatari. The two men that killed the innocent Nishida that were seen by Sawatari were the yakuza Takigawa and the detective that framed Sawatari for drug dealing and murder. He is a corrupt detective and threatens Ikuo. He is about to kill Ikuo, but a motorcyclist suddenly appeared. The corrupt detective ruined a precious family and they won’t forgive him. Scared, the corrupt detective asked Ikuo and Tatsuya who are they.

Tatsuya:”Ouroboros, the two dragons.”

Ikuo and Tatsuya asked the corrupt detective who was the corrupt policeman that covered up their teacher’s murder twenty years ago. At first the detective pretended that he doesn’t know, that the case was too old for him to remember, but in the end he told them what they wanted to know. Tatsuya and Ikuo’s teacher’s murder was covered up by an elite group called Kintokei-gumi. The elite group wear gold watches that were presents for graduating from the top schools in the country. They are politicians, bureaucrats, presidents of banks, important people in politics, bureaucracy and finance and a small hand of policemen. Now a policeman holds the top position in the group. Since they got their answer Ikuo and Tatsuya killed the corrupt detective.

Ikuo waited his coworkers, the policemen, at the crime scene. He lied to Mizuki that he just wanted to meet the corrupt detective to talk about Sawatari, but during the interview there was a gunshot and the detective died. Ikuo excuses himself for not feeling well and leaves. Mizuki feels sorry for Ikuo, but another detective told her to not be because Ikuo’s eyes are the eyes of a killer.

Shinichi Chono:” They’re the eyes of a criminal.”

When Ikuo met Tatsuya they decided that their fight will begin soon. Tatsuya will take control over all the yakuza in the region and help Ikuo get promoted. They need to move up both in the yakuza and the police to have the necessary power to win against the kintokei-gumi group.

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