“Healer ” ep 20 ~ Final Episode!

Healer final episode!

The Elder was stopped and everyone continues with their lives.

In the beginning episodes, Young Shin was dreaming of someone who was beating her. What happened with that story? In her dream where the men that attacked Myung Hee after Gil Han died, the night she lost little Ji Ahn or Young Shin had another bad experience? Also when Young Shin was found she had some broken bones, but when Moon Shik lost her she was perfectly fine, just a little scared…so what happened?

Episode 20

At his house, Jeong Hoo tells his story in front of a camera. He reveals that he is Healer and that he intended to do that job until he could afford to buy a deserted island, but his plans changed when he met a girl that made him want to live like any other normal person with a wife and children. Jeong Hoo also talks about those men who keep harassing the once he loves.

Jong Soo took Young Shin home and left. When she entered the coffee shop, Young Shin found her father and the coffee shop worker tied up. Some strange thugs come towards her. One of them caught Young Shin, but Jeong Hoo appeared in time and fought those thugs. While he was fighting those thugs, Jeong Hoo introduced himself to Young Shin’s father.

Jeong Hoo:”Hello! My name is Seo Jeong Hoo!”

The fight is over and the thugs are unconscious. Jeong Hoo ties up the thugs and sends the coffee shop worker to call the police, but he also tells the coffee shop worker to not mention him or the fact that he was there. Before the police came Jeong Hoo with Young Shin’s help told Young Shin’s father everything, including that their father’s were reporters and were killed because they knew too much.

Jeong Hoo wants to take Young Shin with him to a safer place, but her father refuses to send his daughter away with a man whose name keeps changing.

In the morning Moon Ho says goodbye to Myung He, whose been living with him since she left Moon Shik, and left for work. In the parking lot he received a phone call. It’s was a high school girl that said she has information about the Elder. Moon Ho looks around and sees the high school girl in a car. He approaches that car and opens the door. The girl had something written on her palm, “Help Me” after showing the message to Moon Ho the girl fainted. Moon Ho got inside the car to see if the girl is alright. But he noticed that someone was photographing him. it the pictures it seems like Moon Ho was having an affair with a minor. After the pictures were taking the photographer and the high school girl both run away. That was a trap and Moon Ho fell right in it.

Moon Ho runs after the photographer, but when he caught up with the photographer Dae Young already stopped him. Dae Young beat up that man and took the camera. Then she dragged that man away. Next to Moon Ho is Min Ja. She scolded Moon Ho because he wasn’t cautious. A scandal like that could mean the end for someone that leaves out of his image. The she advised Moon Ho to not go to the Someday office.

At Someday office Jeong Hoo was searching around for the recording that the Elder wants. Then he told his goodbyes to everyone there.

From the time being the Moon Ho and Min Ja will work from Young Shin’s father’s coffee shop. Young Shin is waiting for Jeong Hoo, but he can’t come for now. He is waiting for good news.

Yoon Dong Won went to check the fingerprints that Min Ja gave him, but the pipe that was used to kill the former police officer was already clean so the fingerprints aren’t of any help for Jeong Hoo. The good news didn’t come, but a bad news arrived fast. The Elder send the video with Jeong Hoo confessing that he killed the former police officer to the police.

Young Shin heard the video and she told Jeong Hoo that they have to stop the Elder and clean his name and if they won’t be able to stop the Elder they should just run away together. But Jeong Hoo doesn’t want to convert Young Shin into a fugitive so he thinks about a plan to stop the Elder.

Jeong Hoo goes to Moon Shik. He intercepted something that the Elder wants and Moon Shik is the one that can take him to the Elder. When he entered to Moon Shik’s office, Moon Shik was drunk and acting like a crazy person. While drinking Moon Shik was talking to Oh Gil Han. When he acts like that Moon Shik doesn’t know who he really is, during those moments Moon Shik thinks that he is Oh Gil Han. The remorse that he sold his friends and participated in their death to lead an abundant life must have weighted on Moon Shik’s consciousness.

Because Moon Shik can’t help him, Jeong Hoo asked Oh Tae Won to bring him to the Elder. When he met the Elder, Jeong Hoo placed a recording gadget under the bar. The Elder thinks that Jeong Hoo works for him so Jeong Hoo gave the Elder the recording that he wanted. In exchange Jeong Hoo wants the Elder to get him off the wanted list.

The same time Jeong Hoo is with the Elder, Moon Ho and Young Shin were watching the video Jeong Hoo gave the Elder.

Jeong Hoo took Young Shin for a drive. While they were enjoying the little time spent together, Moon Ho and Min Ja were waiting for the person from Russia to call. And that woman called, she is in China now and soon will arrive in Korea.

Until he can clear his name Jeong Hoo pretends to work for the Elder. He is always were the Elder’s hacker, Ahn Sang Hyun is.

The woman from Russia is arriving in Korea. They won’t be able to get her out of the airport with all the Elder’s men around there so Moon Ho has an idea, they will do a live broadcasting at the airport. But they need help so Min Ja meets detective Yoo Dong Won and asks for his help. In return she will give him the addresses of seven hackers he’s been looking for.

The researcher arrived in Korea. Jeong Hoo is with the Elder’s men. Also Min Ja, Moon Ho, Young Shin and detective Yoon Dong Won with his team are there.

Since Moon Ho trust Jeong Hoo, the Elder’s hacker Ahn Sang Hyun sent Jeong Hoo to stay close to Moon Ho. It was his idea, but now Moon Ho is scared that something could go wrong. For the first time in more than 20 years, Jeong Hoo called Moon Ho “uncle”.

The woman researcher arrived. Moon Ho pretends to talk to her on the phone. Young Shin installed the camera in one of the woman’s restrooms in the airport and calls the researcher woman, Kim Jae Yoon and tells her how to act when she will see Moon Ho.

Kim Jae Yoon is out. She sees Moon Ho. He is coming towards her, but he is grabbing another woman and calls her Kim Jae Yoon. He drags that woman away. Moon Ho and that woman are surrounded by the Elder’s men. Meantime, the real Kim Jae Yoo went inside the bathroom where Young Shin was waiting for her. She handed over the evidence she had against the Elder to Young Shin and she even accepted the live interview.

The plan goes on and Jeong Hoo, dressed as Healer, comes in. He secretly gave Young Shin what he recorder and drags Kim Jae Won out. The researcher is scared. Jeong Hoo took her to the Elder’s men. Young Shin keeps filming. From the office, the Someday workers are transmitting everything live.

The Elder’s men saw Young Shin filming and they want to stop her, but Jeong Hoo didn’t let them. Detective Yoon and his team arrived too. In the commotion Kim Jae Yoon wants to run away, but she is going towards the killer that the Elder sent. Jeong Hoo knows that. He grabs a pistol and he directs it towards Kim Jae Yoon and the killer. Continuing with the plan, detective Yoon Dong Won shots Jeong Hoo in the heart.

Shot, Jeong Hoo fells down. Young Shin is shocked, she fells down too. Detective Yoon and Moon Ho run to Jeong Hoo.

At the news they’ve announced that a man died in a gunshot at the airport. The Elder and his men were arrested. Healer’s plan worked.

Few days later, everything returned to normal. Moon Ho did what he needed to do before accepting Min Jae’s feeling so now he went to her.

Young Shin and Jeong Hoo are a team now, one is the reporter and the other one is the photographer, just like their father’s where.

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