“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 18 ~ Jackson:” Should I give it a try then?”

Jackson visits GOD’s old dormitory with Joon, Sunny and Danny Ahn.

The next morning Ok Taec Yeon wakes Gook Joo up.

Episode 18

This episode was kind boring for my taste! In the beginning the guest that come to the Roommate house was the daughter of comedian Nam Hee Suk and her friends. Nice way to become popular in school and to brag to your friends! The excuse they used for the girl and her friends to come was that they need to interview Se Ho for a school project. And of course they couldn’t find any other moment for that “interview” that during Roommate, where there are idols, actors and all kinds of celebrities. I can understand that Nam Hee Suk is the CEO of Se Ho’s agency, but can the PD’s keep a little professionalism if they want ratings?

Jackson and Sunny went with Joon at G.O.D’s first dormitory. Joon hasn’t been there since 2001. They took a picture that Joon posted on Instagram and invited the fans to come and meet them. On their way they called Danny to come too. Since the day they pick was during the week and GOD’s fans should be working, Joon didn’t expect people to come. The place changed so much. When the GOD members were staying there the road wasn’t paved and there weren’t any buildings, their small house was surrounded by rice field. When they arrived Danny was already there talking to the few fans that could come early.

Is it me or Joon and Danny seem like the father and uncle who show little kid Jackson where they started.

Joon and Danny invite Jackson and Sunny to their house, who was a basement house, that still smells of mold. They even show Jackson and Sunny their neighbors, the graveyard. Surprised that so many fans came even when they were supposed to work, Joon introduces Jackson to them.

Joon:” Jackson, you need to pick someone among these ladies because even if they don’t work, they have money.”

Immediately Jackson introduces himself to the GOD’s fans. Because it’s early and cold, Joon asked the fans to enter the restaurant that is now where their house was until they look around.

Danny :” It’s not my restaurant, but please go in.”

GOD members were so poor during that times that they lived in that basement that they were daily pretending to be sick patients so they could wash up in the hospital that was close to their house. Also there is a temple near the old dormitory so Buddha’s birthday, they would stand in line at the temple to eat noodles, even Joon who is a Christian. Hard to imagine JYP like that!

When they returned from visiting the GOD’s old bathroom, the hospital, in front of the basement house were a lot more fans than they were an hour ago. The fans even brought 2 cakes to celebrate GOD’s 16th anniversary.

Thankful that so many fans came even if they had to run away from work, Joon invited everyone that came to dinner and he paid for everyone. Because the restaurant is far Joon and Danny drove the fans themselves. That’s great fan service! It must be great for all those people who went that day to go on a drive with the celebrity they like and to be treated to dinner by that celebrity.

Later Jackson, Joon, Danny and Sunny returned to the restaurant where the GOD old dormitory was and have dinner. They remember their beginnings. After GOD came on TV for the first time, Tae Woo cried a lot and apologized to his member and JYP because he thought that the band will be ruined because of his small, almost invisible, eyes.

JYP:” Do I cut these eyes open or what?”

Fortunately there was no need for Tae Woo to get plastic surgery for bigger eyes, he just had to always wear glasses on.

When JYP gave something to practice, each member would go to a different room and do what JYP told him to do. Then after an hour JYP will call them out too see the results. One time Kye Sang was so nervous that no matter who much effort he put into practicing it didn’t go his way. Because Kye Sang couldn’t overcome his anxiety he fainted right in front of JYP. Since that day JYP will always say “You did good!” to Kye Sang. Since the day Kye Sang fainted, JYP never scolded him. Hearing that story Jackson thought of faking and fainting in front of JYP to not be scolded anymore, but it’s too late for that, JYP already knows him.

Jackson:” Should I give it a try then?”

The next day, early in the morning, someone entered the house. His shadow is moving around. He gets close to the sofa, where Gook Joo is sleeping and wakes her up. The moment she opens her eyes, Gook Joo, shocked, hides her face. The man who woke her up and is wandering around the house is 2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon.

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