“Ouroboros ” ep 2~ Tatsuya:”Ikuo, this is talk for my world.”

Mizuki meets Tatsuya. The two dragons resolved another case. They are one step closer to their enemies.

Episode 2

Tatsuya is giving compliments in this episode. The same as Ikuo, Tatsuya likes omelet rice. That dish must be something that their teacher used to make for them. A text came. Tatsuya asked someone to look into the murder case from 20 years ago, his teacher’s case. That man found something and he texted Tatsuya to schedule a meeting.

When Tatsuya arrived, the man he was supposed to meet was on the floor, he was shot. With his last strength that man told Tatsuya to take his finger. That man has a false finger and inside his false finger was a note for Tatsuya.

There is a new investigation for Ikuo and his colleagues. A hostess was murdered three years ago and the police is reinvestigating that case. Detective Chono Shinichi invited Ikuo and Mizuki to drink. They went to a hostess bar. In the middle of drink, detective Chono Shinich and his colleague left without paying their share of the bill. When Ikuo asked them about the money, Chono Shinichi just said to Ikuo to show his police badge and pick up the receipt, there is no need for him to pay. While he was leaving Chono said to his coworker that he tested Ikuo that night, that soon they will see Ikuo’s bad side.

It’s time to leave. The bill is huge. The cashier told Ikuo that he doesn’t have to pay, that he just have to pick up the receipt, because the hostess bar owner wants to be on good terms with the policemen. Still Ikuo paid for that huge bill.

From that bar Ikuo brought Mizuki to a restaurant to sober up. It’s the first time he saw Mizuki drink so much. Mizuki was impressed that Ikuo paid for the bar bill and didn’t do as Chono said, he didn’t just pick the receipt, but she still thinks about what Chono told her, that Ikuo has the eye of a criminal. She is confused about Ikuo.

The bar that the police went was Tatsuya’s bar. When Tatsuya came to the bar, the manager told him that the police came the night before and a strange policeman insisted to pay.

Tatsuya:” That kind of guy is probably hiding a terrible dark side.”

Tatsuya met with Aoi, one of the hostess Ikuo met the night he was at the club. Aoi has been working for Tatsuya for two years now to pay the debt she had. She’s meeting Tatsuya now because the debt has been paid and she wants to retire and make a family with the man she si dating.

Ikuo and Mizuki are called at a crime scene. Another hostess was killed. When he sees the body, Ikuo recognized the hostess, it’s Aoi. To find more about Aoi, Ikuo met with Tatsuya, who rented a public bath for the two of them so no one will interrupt them. When he met Aoi, two years ago after her parents were murdered, she told Tatsuya that she will work hard to repay the debt and then she will get her revenge. But when he met Aoi before she was killed something changed, Aoi was happy and she was getting ready to start her own family.

While they were getting ready to leave the bath house, Tatsuya told Ikuo about the note he found in the fake finger.

Tatsuya:”I left the good path a long, long time ago. There’s no meaning in getting revenge. It’s okay if I’m different. I don’t need another kind of happiness.”

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”, that is what Aoi told Tatsuya that her boyfriend said to her. It means that if she will treasure her partner, then her partner will treasure her too. The strange thing is that Ikuo heard the same sentence.

On the note form the fake finger was a name, Ryuu Shougen. Tatsuya met that man, gave him money and that man remembered that 20 years ago four men came to him. He is a doctor and one of the four men was hurt. He had been shot in the back.

That night Tatsuya meet again Ikuo. He told Ikuo what he found out from the back ally doctor. Also Tatsuya remembers that he heard two gunshots the night their teacher died.

The whole day Mizuki has been investigating Aoi’s death. She found out that Aoi met Tatsuya before she died so Mizuki went to see Tatsuya. But Tatsuya doesn’t want to talk to her, all that he can tell her is “no comment”.

Tatsuya:”I have no faith in the police. I hate them. Among them I guess there is an honest detective like you.”

Knowing something Tatsuya went to his bar. The manager is there. Tatsuya knows that the manager is Aoi’s killer. Also the manager is the one that killed the hostess three years ago, but no one could recognize him because he got plastic surgery. Sugai Naoki, the manager who killed Aoi, sensed a presence behind him. He looks back, it’s Ikuo.

The day Ikuo went with Mizuki to the crime scene, he could smell the man cologne from Aoi’s house. Soon he realized that it’s the same cologne that the manager is using. Since he suspected the manager, Ikuo checked the manager’s fingerprints. They were the same as Sugai Naoki, the man who killed a hostess three years ago.

Ikuo and Mizuki want to know why Naoki killed Aoi. He killed her because Aoi figured out who he was, but still accepted him, she believed his words, she believed that she will be happy with him. Naoki couldn’t trust her so he killed Aoi.

Tatsuya:”Ikuo, this is talk for my world.”

Ikuo leaves and Tatsuya threatened Naoki. The next day the police found Naoki dead. He committed suicide and he also left a note confessing his crimes.

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