“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 7~ ” How much of a battlefield was your childhood?”

Seo Jin opens up towards Ha Na.

Ha Na and Robin kiss. Finding out who doctor Kang’s attacker is, Seo Jin remembers the day he was kidnapped. He can’t breathe and to calm down he hugs Ha Na.

Episode 7

Its morning and Seo Jin goes to the secret room to check if there is any message from Robin. And there is! Robin found out that Ha Na confessed her feeling for her and was rejected. Also Robin knows that Seo Jin deleted the texts that Ha Na sent. Angry, Robin wants an apology. He is not angry because Ha Na dumped him, Robin is angry because Ha Na was hurt when she was rejected. But Seo Jin didn’t think at that. He didn’t think that Ha Na was more hurt than Robin, he just wanted to get revenge on Robin because Robin moved Ha Na into his house without consulting him.

Robin:”You get joy out of hurting other people.”

Later, when Seo Jin goes to work he sees Ha Na’s face. She is sad. Pretending that he doesn’t know anything, Seo Jin asks what happened to her, if she got rejected. Then he tells her that Robin isn’t a good person, that Robin has zero conscience and zero sensitivity.

In the car, on the way to work, Seo Jin keeps looking at Ha Na. In his head, he keeps hearing Robin’s words. He wants to do something to make Ha Na feel better, but he doesn’t know what. Later, he asks his secretary what a woman who was rejected needs to get better. While secretary Kwon was talking to him, Seo Jin saw that the circus troupe is getting ready for a show on Valentine’s Day. Seo Jin goes to his office and looks on the proposal that he received from the circus. He sees in the proposal that the troupe doesn’t have good costume, he thinks about what Ha Na said about the responsibility she has to take care of the circus troupe. Seo Jin decided that the Valentine’s Day event will be a good reason to help Ha Na and to make her feel better.

Secretary Kwon came to the circus troupe with instructions from Seo Jin. The circus event will be held in the atrium. He already told the art team to prepare the circus troupe’s stage props. They just have to start rehearsing. Also Seo Jin will come and watch their rehearsal every day.

Ha Na doesn’t understand why Seo Jin is helping her that much. She follows secretary Kwon and talks to him. Seo Jin’s father heard the conversation and he is furious. Team leader Sung just told him that Robin is dating Ha Na and now he hears that Seo Jin is also helping her and he even goes to see her rehearsal every day. Why Seo Jin would went to see the same woman everyday if he has no feelings for her, is Goo Myung Han thinking.

Seo Jin’ father can’t let Seo Jin and Robin fell for the same woman so he goes to Seo Jin and orders him to fire the circus troupe. But Seo Jin refused. Wonderland and the circus are his business. He was chosen CEO by the shareholders not by his father, so he has to answer to the shareholders if something goes wrong, not his father.

Woo Jung and Eun Chang heard Seo Jin fighting with his father to defend the circus. They run to Ha Na, but they don’t get the chance to tell her what they’ve heard because Seo Jin arrived. He brought an orchestra to help the circus on their event. Then Seo Jin goes to his father’s office. After fighting again with his father in the office, Seo Jin went to his office. There secretary Kwon asks him if he really doesn’t have any feelings for Ha Na, but Seo Jin isn’t aware of his own feelings, he thinks that he wants to help Ha Na out of gratitude for helping the police catching doctor Kang’s attacker.

The circus troupe finished their rehearsal. Before going out to drink, Woo Jong and Eun Chang told Ha Na what Seo Jin said to his father in order to protect the circus. They all think that Seo Jin is helping them because he likes Ha Na.

Meantime Seo Jin is walking around Wonderland with his team talking about Valentine’s Day promotions. He starts thinking about Ha Na and all the moments he spent with her. Suddenly Seo Jin stops, he realized something.

The circus troupe went for drinks. They are happy and having fun. From outside Seo Jin is watching them, remembering the night he spent with them while pretending to be Robin. But he turns around and leaves. He doesn’t want to get his hopes up until he finds doctor Kang and he recovers from his illness.

When she arrived home, Ha Na thanks Seo Jin for all the help he gave her team that day, but she wants to know his reason for changing his attitude towards the circus. Seo Jin just answers her that it’s her compensation for helping find doctor Kang’s attacker. Since helping find the attacker and her job at the circus are two different thinks, Ha Na asked Seo Jin to stop helping her. More than having her pride hurt, Ha Na has to think about her team. If by any chance Seo Jin will stop helping them and things will return as they were few days ago, her team will be hurt and she doesn’t want that. For her work, Ha Na just wants Seo Jin’s respect. But Seo Jin opens up a little towards Ha Na and tells her that he helped her because the proposal she send him was impressive.

Detective Na asked Yoon Tae Joo to come and look at the attacker’s house. The attacker refuses to talk to the police. In the attacker’s house Tae Joo found a notebook. On that notebook the attacker wrote “Pain is born of memories. Remember the pain…”. Inside that notebook there was also a picture with a small boy at Wonderland.

Since it’s night it’s Robin’s time. He went to see Woo Jong and her father. From Woo Jong, Robin found out that Seo Jin kept helping Ha Na. Woo Jong also said that she thinks that Seo Jin likes Ha Na and also Ha Na doesn’t seem to be bothered by Seo Jin’s feelings. But Robin doesn’t believe that Seo Jin and Ha Na like each other, he believes that Seo Jin is just trying to make him unhappy.

Later that night, Robin followed Ha Na to the convenience store. He missed her, but he didn’t know how to face her.

Ha Na saw Robin following her. They leave together from the store. He apologizes again and asks for another chance. The both of them didn’t realize that they were crossing the road on red light. A policeman came and requested their names and ID cards. Robin refused to say a word. He doesn’t have an ID card because he doesn’t really exist and because Ha Na is with him, he can’t even say Seo Jin’s name and give Seo Jin’s ID card to the policeman. Because Robin refused to talk, he and Ha Na were taken to the police station. There also Robin refused to talk, but luckily secretary Kwon arrived. He sent Ha Na home first and got Robin out of trouble.

Leaving the police station secretary Kwon sited on a bench to talk to Robin. Ha Na hears Robin talking with secretary Kwon. He was admitting that he has feelings for Ha Na, but he also said that Seo Jin deleted his texts. Robin can’t tell Ha Na that Seo Jin deleted his text out of fear that Ha Na will confront Seo Jin, that she will leave Seo Jin’s house and she will refuse to help Seo Jin, but Ha Na now knows, she heard Robin talking with secretary Kwon.

When they are alone, Robin using two dolls explains Ha Na what he feels like. When Ha Na took the doll that represented her and asked Robin when she can ask the questions that he can’t give her an answer now, Robin kissed her.

In the morning Seo Jin is happy, he is in a good mood again. He goes to the meditation room and takes care of the plant Ha Na gave him as present for letting her stay in his house. Secretary Kwon rushed in, doctor Kang’s attacker is giving his statement. When he met Ha Na, she scolded him for deleting Robin’s texts.

Ha Na:” You really shouldn’t live your life like that.”

At the police station, Ha Na, Seo Jin and Tae Joo watch the attacker giving his statement. The attacker keeps asking if “that bastard” came. Suddenly, while looking at the mirror straight into Seo Jin’s eyes, the attacker knew Seo Jin was there, even if he can’t see Seo Jin.

The attacker talks about his memory, they were the only thing he had, all that he could do is remembering. While looking at Seo Jin, the attacker begins singing Wonderlands theme song. He talks about a Christmas Day from his childhood. That day the attacker, Lee Soo Hyun and Seo Jin went to the hunted house. At that time Soo Hyun was Seo Jin’s best friend. They were scared in the hunted house. Suddenly someone grabbed them and got them out of there. Both Seo Jin and Soo Hyun were kidnapped. The kidnapper called Seo Jin’s father for ransom, but Seo Jin’s father didn’t paid the ransom.

Even without his father’s help, little Seo Jin managed to run away from his kidnaper. Soo Hyun on the other hand couldn’t. To get out from the place where the kidnaper was holding them, Seo Jin got on Soo Hyun’s shoulders. Then bend down on the window, Seo Jin tried to pull Soo Hyun’s out too, but the kidnaper returned. Because Soo Hyun was kidnapped, his father died.

Remembering that story Seo Jin can’t breathe again. Ha Na tries to help him, by covering his ears again as she did in the aquarium, but Seo Jin pushed her away and run out. Worried Ha Na follows him. She found Seo Jin on the staircase. He couldn’t breathe. She got closer and asked if he is alright. Seo Jin’s didn’t answer, he just hugged her with strength.

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