“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 11~ Se Gi:” Even if it’s just the two of us, it feels like three of us are dating.”

Do Hyun returns.

Ri Jin returns to Se Gi’s side. She calmed him down and convinced him to pretend to be Do Hyun at the office.

At her house, Ri Jin found the information Ri On had on Do Hyun.

Episode 11

At her house Ri Jin talks to doctor Seok Ho Pil. She asks him if Do Hyun was abused during childhood, because Se Gi called Do Hyun’s mother a partner of his abuser. The only think doctor Seok Ho Pil knows is what Do Hyun remembers of his childhood, that he was trapped in a basement when he was a child and that he hold immense fear to an unknown person. Because Se Gi remembers what Do Hyun can’t remember from his childhood, Ri Jin and doctor Seok Ho Pil begin to suspect that Se Gi was created to take all the painful memories from Do Hyun’s childhood. Then that means that Se Gi could know the reason why Do Hyun had no reason but to separate his personality into pieces.

Later that night Se Gi called Ri Jin. He is in front of her house, he came to take her to his house. Something is wrong with Se Gi, he is not his usual self. He asks Ri Jin if she wants him to steal Seung Jin Group and give it to her or if she wants him to steal Seung Jin Group and destroy it. In return Ri Jin has to let him live and let him stay by her side.

Se Gi:”I’m fine being Cha Do Hyun’s false image, so just let me stay by your side.”

He wants to take Ri Jin with him to Do Hyun’s house, but Ri On who was burning all the information he had on Do Hyun, came. The moment he saw Ri On, Se Gi remembered that Ri On told him that he has no right to be close to Ri Jin because he is the son of Seung Jin Group. Crying, Se Gi let go of Ri Jin’s hand and lets her go inside with Ri On.

Ri On knows something and that is why he doesn’t want Ri Jin close to Do Hyun. He asks Ri Jin to not ask anything and just trust him the way he trusts her.

Later that night, Ri Jin said her goodbye to Ri On. She can’t let Do Hyun alone, she has to help him. While she was leaving, Ri On came after her. He decided to let her go and help Do Hyun. He will drive her to Do Hyun’s house.

When she entered Do Hyun’s house, Ri Jin found Se Gi sitting in the living room with his head down. He was afraid to sleep, he was afraid that if he will sleep he will disappear.

Ri Jin is no longer confused between Se Gi and Do Hyun. She thinks that Do Hyun is Se Gi and that Se Gi is Do Hyun. They look alike a lot. Out of Do Hyun’s other personalities, Se Gi is the one that resemble Do Hyun the most. Because Se Gi remembers Do Hyun’s past he is a wounded piece that fell out of Do Hyun, he is the one who needs the most care, who needs the most to be hugged.

Se Gi:”A man doesn’t borrow a woman’s shoulder.”

Ri Jin managed to calm down Se Gi and he fell asleep smiling. The next morning, when he wakes up, Se Gi is in a good mood.

It’s time for Ri Jin to make her chose, is it Do Hyun or is it Se Gi. Since she can’t or won’t make a decision, Se Gi prepared a wheel of luck. If she can’t make her decision then god will chose for her. To be sure that he will be chosen, Se Gi made Do Hyun’s part of the wheel just a few millimeters. Still when Ri Jin spins the wheel, Cha Do Hyun was chosen. Se Gi can’t believe his eye. How can that be? Ri Jin says that the result is invalid and asks Se Gi to appeal his charms to her, something that he has and Do Hyun doesn’t. She will ask Do Hyun the same thing. Until she will make her decision she convinced Se Gi to not interfere with Do Hyun’s world. She convinced him to act like Do Hyun when he is on Do Hyun’s territory, like the working place.

To leave for the company, Se Gi dressed as Se Gi so Ri Jin made him change his clothes. Since he doesn’t know who to tie his necktie, Ri Jin helps him.

Arrived at the office, Se Gi takes off the necktie, the necktie suffocate him. After fighting with Ri Jin in a childish way about him wearing or not the necktie, Se Gi goes to Ki Joon’s office.

Se Gi:”I won’t get angry. I won’t use violence. I won’t ruin his reputation.”

One of the members from an idol group under Seung Jin Group wants to go to another agency. He will change his mind if the people from Seung Jin will let him be in a movie. Because it’s hard to convince the idol to renew his contract with Seung Jin Group, Ki Joon wants Do Hyun to take care of that problem. And with a little luck Do Hyun will fail, that is what Ki Joon expects.

Se Gi:”You just keep coming up with ways to torture me for no reason. Know that your neck id still on the line.”

Then Se Gi goes to meet the idol. It’s the same idol Yo Na met few days ago. And the idol remembers Do Hyun’s face, also Ri Jin’s face.

Se Gi:”Are you possibly pointing that finger at me?”

The idol refuses to renew his contract and leaves. Se Gi follows him and while grabbing the idol’s hand Se Gi imagines what he will do to the idol if he weren’t forced to pretend to be Do Hyun. The idol gives an audition. He has zero talent as actor, but still Se Gi promises him that he will be in the money he wants, just so the idol will renew his contract.

Se Gi worked too much from his point of view so he grabs Ri Jin’s hand and goes on a date. They play. They take funny pictures with each other. Their date makes both Se Gi and Ri Jin happy. While they look at the pictures, Se Gi realized that he doesn’t like Ri Jin’s makeup so their next top is to buy make up. He wanted to buy all the products that the shop worker recommended for Ri Jin, but Ri Jin saying that she wants to give the products as present brought them for herself.

Before returning to the office, Ri Jin asked Se Gi to share some on his pain, from the memory Do Hyun can’t remember, with Do Hyun. That way both of them will be happier. Because Do Hyun’s name keeps coming out of Ri Jin’s mouth, Se Gi returns to work, his mood was ruined.

Se Gi:” Even if it’s just the two of us, it feels like three of us are dating.”

Well to be more precise there are seven people on a date, Ri Jin is alone, but with Se Gi there is Do Hyun, Perry, Yo Seob, Yo Na, Nana.

At office parking lot, secretary Ahn is waiting for Se Gi. His grandmother called Do Hyun to the main house.

While Se Gi went to the main house, Ri Jin went home. The makeup products she brought are a present for her mother. Looking for Ri On, Ri Jin found in his room all the documents Ri On had about Do Hyun and his family.

Meanwhile at the grandmother’s house, Se Gi thinks that she asked him to come to give him Seung Jin Group since Se Gi took his father from the hospital and hided him. But the grandmother refused, she doesn’t want to give Seung Jin to Do Hyun. She has chosen the company over her son, is what Se Gi thinks. She tries to appeal to Se Gi saying that his father is in that condition because he saved Do Hyun. But Se Gi remembers what his father did to him.

Se Gi:”The other child should have been saved instead. Instead of me, the other child should have been saved. That’s what’s humane!”

When Se Gi left, the grandmother sent people to follow him. On his way back, Se Gi shares some on the memory with Do Hyun. Cha Do Hyun is in the basement again. He sees himself as little child. He was playing with another child. Suddenly the door opens and his father entered the basement. Little Do Hyun is scared, but still he jumps and protects the other child. When he wakes up, Do Hyun is next to his father. Shocked to see that his father is still alive, Do Hyun fells over the chair covering his face and while crying he was telling his father “ I was wrong!”

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