“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 8~ ” If the misfortune doesn’t come by itself, then we’ll not face the misfortune alone.”

After his meeting with Soo Hyun, Seo Jin was sick and Ha Na took care of him.

Seung Yoon wanted to talk to Soo Hyun, but he realized that the arrested man isn’t the real Lee Soo Hyun. The real Lee Soo Hyun is close and he has doctor Kang sequestrated.

PS: Can someone tell me what’s the point of Hye Ri’s character? They just wanted to feel up with an idol????

Episode 8

The shock that the attacker is his old friends who he was kidnapped with made Seo Jin unable to breathe. He runs out on the staircase. Worried, Ha Na followed him. It’s the second time she sees Seo Jin in that condition, but this time she heard that he was kidnapped when he was little. She finds him on the staircase, unable to breath and gets closer to him. When Ha Na asked if he was alright, Seo Jin without answering hugged her strongly. After few seconds, when he was feeling a little better Seo Jin pushed her away and left. He went to the restroom. He is still shocked that his childhood friend is alive.

Coming to his senses Seo Jin went to give his statement regarding Lee Soo Hyun’s testimony. On his way he meets Ha Na and apologizes for scaring her earlier. Lee Soo Hyun was Seo Jin’s family chauffeur’s son. At that time Seo Jin were friends. When the two children were kidnapped Seo Jin’s father refused to cooperate with the kidnapper so to save his son Lee Soo Hyun’s father stole money from Seo Jin’s father and on his way to meet the kidnapper he died in a car accident. Seo Jin managed to get away from his kidnapper, but he doesn’t remember who, or at least he says so.

After leaving the police station, Seo Jin went to his father’s office. His father is worried about him. With the attacker being Lee Soo Hyun, Seo Jin realized that he was the attacker’s target, that doctor Kang was kidnapped now because she possessed what Seo Jin needs the most at that moment. Seo Jin’s swears to find doctor Kang and returns to work as if nothing happened.

On the other hand Ha Na can’t concentrate at her work. She is worried about Seo Jin.

Arriving home, Ha Na meet secretary Kwon who was leaving and he asked her to watch over Seo Jin and if something happened to call him. She entered and went to see if Seo Jin was alright. But he wasn’t. Ha Na knocked at Seo Jin’s door, but there was no answer. She entered and found him covered with a blanket. He had high fever and cold sweats. Ha Na wants to call secretary Kwon, but Seo Jin doesn’t let her so she takes care of him that night. She goes to the kitchen for some fever reducing medicine. After Seo Jin took the medicine, Ha Na takes the blanket away from him, because she called a doctor who told her that Seo Jin shouldn’t be covered if he sweats, than she cleans his sweats away.

Even if Ha Na is taking care of him and cleaning him, Seo Jin just tells her to get out. She puts a hot-pack in his hands and went to prepare some tea and juice for the sick patient. When she returned Seo Jin keeps insisting that she should get out of his room. Ha Na hits him lightly and tries to make him understand that she should relax a little and let her take care of him. But Seo Jin has his reason for pushing Ha Na away and he gets up from his bed and makes Ha Na leave. It’s Ha Na’s fault that Robin returned after five years, it’s her fault that Seo Jin dared to hope for something she thinks he shouldn’t.

Seo Jin:”Don’t give me false hope.”

After their first lovers fight, Ha Na leaves tearing up.

Later, that night Ha Na met Robin. She tells him what happened with Seo Jin that day, how shocked Seo Jin was to find out that the attacker was his old friend Lee Soo Hyun and how sick his was when he arrived home. Ha Na and Robin keep talking about Seo Jin, who doesn’t know how to be comforted and he doesn’t know how to receive comfort from others.

In high school Seo Jin was bullied so one day Robin, pretending to be Seo Jin, went t school instead of Seo Jin to make some friends for Seo Jin. The next day when Seo Jin went to school he had a fan club, but because of Seo Jin’s personality the fan club disbanded soon.


Ha Na is curious why Seo Jin is blaming her and Robin, when he should blame his father for not paying the ransom when he was kidnapped. Robin explains to her that Seo Jin can’t blame his father because his father is like a brick wall. Because he can’t blame his father, Seo Jin blames Robin instead. Also Seo Jin blames Ha Na since this time Robin doesn’t want to go away, as he did five years ago, because he wants to stay be Ha Na’s side.

Robin:”I’m sorry for not being able to tell you everything right now. But…if you’re still able to accept me even after knowing everything about me and if you still won’t abandon me…then I’ll never…be the one to leave you first.”

In the morning, when he woke up, Seo Jin saw a note from Robin telling to check the emails. Robin left a message for Seo Jin and next to the monitor there was a bottle of alcohol. Robin wanted to have a drink with Seo Jin while they talk.

Robin:”The reason why I was created was just your way of trying to survive. I only exist because of you.”

Seung Yoon, Seo Jin’s cousin, came to the police station to talk to Soo Hyun, but Soo Hyun doesn’t remember him. While trying to make Soo Hyun remember him, Seung Yoon noticed that the attacker doesn’t have the scar that Lee Soo Hyun should have. Since Seung Yoon told them that the attacker isn’t the real Lee Soo Hyun, detective Na and his team when to the attacker’s house and there they’ve found the name of an orphanage. From the orphanage detective Na found out that Seung Yoon was right, the man that they arrested isn’t Lee Soo Hyun.

When Seo Jin arrived at the police station, Seung Yoon was there with detective Na and Tae Joo. Seo Jin is surprised to find out that the arrested man isn’t the real Lee Soo Hyun. Since the police make a polygraph test to that man and the result was that he was telling the truth, Tae Joo tells the police that maybe someone hypnotized him and placed into his mind Lee Soo Hyun’s memory. Tae Joo made everyone believe that the only psychiatrist in Korea who can do that is doctor Kang. But Tae Joo keeps asking Soe Jin how he escaped from his kidnappers.

Ha Na calls Tae Joo, she wants to continue her therapy and try to remember who the man that attacked her and doctor Kang is. Before Ha Na arrived Tae Joo enters to a secret room in his office. He is holding someone hostage in that secret room. The hostage is none other than doctor Kang. Doctor Yoo Tae Joo is the one that kidnapped doctor Kang and attacked Ha Na. Yoo Tae Joo is the real Lee Soo Hyun. He wants to wants to get revenge on Seo Jin because Seo Jin was the only one that escaped the kidnappers. Doctor Kang tries to tell Tae Joo something, but she can’t, her mouth is covered.

Someone is at the door. Ha Na arrived! Tae Joo opens the door, but Ha Na is not alone as Tae Joo wanted. Robin came with Ha Na.

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