“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 12~ Do Hyun:”I am only Cha Do Hyun!”

Do Hyun begins to remembers pieces from his lost memory and decided to get his memory back and fight the pain until he won’t need Se Gi’s existence.

Why is little Ri Jin wearing the same clothes as the child who was with Do Hyun in the basement? At a closer look the child who is with Do Hyun in the basement has short hair….

Episode 12

Do Hyun is seeing little Do Hyun practicing the piano. He made a mistake and his father took him to the basement. Another child was there. Little Do Hyun is scared and he apologizes, but his father doesn’t listen. So that his father won’t do anything to the other child, little Do Hyun hugged his friend.

When he wakes up, Do Hyun doesn’t understand what that memory was, than he looks up. His father was there, in a bed, kept alive by medical equipment. Suddenly Do Hyun hears Se Gi’s voice. Se Gi told him to never come back if he doesn’t want to punish the people who made him a monster. If Do Hyun doesn’t become stronger, Se Gi will take over his live and body.

Some men came inside. They took Do Hyun to his grandmother. She is angry that Do Hyun played with her son’s live. But Do Hyun, not knowing what Se Gi did, apologizes to his grandmother. Looking at Do Hyun apologizing and asking her if there was another child beside him at their house when he was little, Do Hyun grandmother realizes that the Do Hyun that s now in front of her isn’t the same person that threatened her earlier.

Meantime at her house, Ri Jin found Ri On’s information about Do Hyun and his family. He lies to Ri Jin that these information are just simple novel material because his next novel is about rich people and mystery.

Arrived home, Do Hyun looks everywhere for Ri Jin, but she isn’t there. He is worried that he might have hurt Ri Jin. Soon secretary Ahn arrived and explained Do Hyun that Ri Jin is just visiting her family. Then Do Hyun thinking that Se Gi must have hurt Chae Yeon calls her and tells her to forget all that he told her the last days. Se Gi proposed Chae Yeon to date each other behind their partner’s, Ki Joon and Ri Jin, back.

Ri On is taking Ri Jin back to Do Hyun’s house. On their way Ri On tells Ri Jin that he and their parents will help her, so if she feels like she can’t take care of Do Hyun alone anymore she should bring Do Hyun to visit their house.

Ri On:”We’ll be his friends and family instead of you.”

Then Ri On asked about Se Gi. From the moment he saw Se Gi, Ri On noticed that Se Gi gaze was different from Do Hyun’s. But it’s not Se Gi the one that Ri On should fear. After all Yo Na marked Ri On, she likes Ri On.


Since Do Hyun told her to forget that he said to date secretly, Chae Yeon came to Do Hyun’s house. Do Hyun was outside, he just send secretary Ahn away and when Chae Yeon saw him she jumped into his arms. Ri Jin and Ri on arrived. When Ri Jin sees Chae Yeon and Do Hyun she thinks that Se Gi is messing with Do Hyun’s live again. As if she goes to war, Ri Jin jumps between Chae Yeon and Do Hyun, she grabbed Do Hyun’s ear and apologized to Chae Yeon for Do Hyun’s drank behavior.

Inside the house, when they are alone and she realized that Do Hyun returned, Ri Jin releases her stress from the past days crying.

In the morning Ri Jin reports to Do Hyun everything that Se Gi, all the thinks she knows. What she doesn’t know is what happened between Se Gi in Chae Yeon when he was at Chae Yeon’s house, but Se Gi told Ri Jin to imagine what happened that night with the trust she has in him. Ri Jin trusts Se Gi so she is sure that nothing happened between Se Gi and Chae Yeon.

Do Hyun:”Your trust in Se Gi is deeper than I thought.”


Do Hyun is jealous of Se Gi, more exactly on the trust Ri Jin has in Se Gi, but what he is more curious now is the wheel of look. Since the night before Do Hyun saw the wheel of luck and he is curious what is that doing there and why 99,99% from that wheel has Se Gi’s face on and the remaining 0,01% his face on. Ri Jin tells him what happened on she spin that wheel and he was chosen. Hearing the result made Do Hyun really happy. But that didn’t last long because Ri Jin has to invalidate the result to make Se Gi listen to her.

It’s time for Do Hyun to go to work. Once again he returns to his usual clothes, but Ri Jin doesn’t allow him to go dressed as he usually does. The people from the company will be really confused if Do Hyun changes his style and attitude every couple of days. The only thing Do Hyun doesn’t accept is putting his hair up as Se Gi.

Arrived at the office, Do Hyun is surprised to see that all the women are fascinated by him. When he smirks and waives at them, all of those women are incredibly happy. In front of the elevator, Do Hyun and Ri Jin met Ki Joo’s secretary, he was imitating Se Gi style.

Later Ri Jin and Do Hyun met the idol Se Gi convinced to renew his contract while casting him for a movie. The idol was impressed by the confidence Se Gi had in him and decided to start his acting career from small parts so he rejected the movie he was so stubbornly wanted to be on.

At the meeting all the directors applaud Do Hyun for his outstanding contribution. Do Hyun is surprised by Se Gi’s work while pretending to be Do Hyun. But secretary Ahn knows why Se Gi’s confidence comes from, it’s comes form Do Hyun. Se Gi knows that no matter what he does, Do Hyun will always appear and clean his mess.

Do Hyun:”Se Gi might be more useful than me.”

Secretary Ahn recovered the surveillance camera from Do Hyun’s grandmother’s office from the day Se Gi went to see her. While looking at those videos Do Hyun begins to thinks that Se Gi isn’t acting that way with his grandmother just to create problems for Do Hyun. Then secretary Ahn plays the recording from the device he placed into Se Gi’s pocket. On that recording Do Hyun heard Se Gi talking about the other child, the child that should’ve been save instead of him. Do Hyun’s memory wasn’t wrong, there was another child with him in the basement when he was a little boy, both children were abused. When Ri Jin comes home Do Hyun asks her why she didn’t tell him what Se Gi said after meeting his mother, that his mother was the witness to his abuse. Now Do Hyun has to find out more, has to find out the whole truth and become stronger so he won’t need Se Gi’s existence.

Do Hyun:” Your memories will soon be my memories. The pain that you endured will soon be my own pain. You will soon be me. I will soon be you.”

Now that he remembers that there was another child, Do Hyun decided to look for that child. His grandmother calls him to the main house so send him to America because she found out about Do Hyun having multiple personalities. While talking to secretary Ahn, the moment Do Hyun mentioned his father, he fell. The moment Do Hyun mentioned his father his legs didn’t listen to him, he is scared, but doesn’t know why.

Do Hyun took a decision! He will not return to America. He will stay in Korea and recover his lost memory and he will fight that pain from the memory he lost until he and his other personalities will become one person.

Ri Jin came to Do Hyun to the main house. The maid asked her to get some wine form the basement. Down there Ri Jin remembers her younger self drawing on the wall.

Do Hyun:”I am only Cha Do Hyun!”

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