“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 19 ~ Taec Yeon:”My main occupation isn’t a chef.”

Roommate maid came and cooked all day for the roommate family.

Kang Joon, Jackson and Young Ji help Young Ji’s family at their business.

Episode 19

Jackson wakes up early in the morning. He goes to the kitchen careful to not wake up Gook Joo who drank too much and fall asleep on the sofa (and was too heavy to be carried to her room by the men as Lee Dong Wook said later). While he was comforting Cucumber, who I suppose was scared by Gook Joo’s snore, a text message came. A guest came to help Jackson prepare breakfast. Since it’s early in the morning, the guest doesn’t want to ring the bell and wake up everyone. Jackson goes out to open the door for his guest. Its 2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon!

Jackson and Taec Yeon come inside without making any noise. Because Gook Joo is sleeping on the sofa, Jackson encourages Taec Yeon to wake her up, they will wake her up anyway when they will start cooking breakfast so it’s better for them to wake her now and sent her to sleep in her room. The two boys go to the kitchen to see what they should make for breakfast. Gook Joo comes right after them, but they seem to want to be alone.

Jackson:”We kind of want to use out JYP power while we cook.”

Taec Yeon came wearing white socks, but I bet he left wearing black socks since the house was really dirty.

The cooking started. Taec Yeon and Jackson decided to make French toast. Gook Joo return. She is sticking around them. Shouldn’t she at least go to wash her teeth and face? She keeps overacting every time Taec Yeon cracks and egg and she keeps making weird noises. I understand that she is trying to be funny, but from my point of view she is just annoying! And seeing Jackson expression while Gook Joo was overreacting next to them at every move Taec Yeon was making, he kind agrees with me.

Jackson:”He just cracked the eggs open!”

While Gook Joo keeps talking, making strange noise and getting her hair closer to the food ( personally I think hair should be tied up in kitchen), Jackson and Taec Yeon keep talking to each other. They want her gone, but they can’t tell her to leave either. Since the French toast is almost ready, Gook Joo makes Taec Yeon cook more.

Taec Yeon:”My main occupation isn’t a chef.”

Because Taek wasn’t paying any attention to her, Gook Joo peels a mandarin and pushes it in Taek’s mouth. That’s so great! You didn’t wash your hands and did that! I must seem like a person obsessed with cleanliness here, but there are some things I’m really careful with… Is it me or when Gook Joo came closer to Taek with the mandarin and then she kept staying there he kind moved back a little, he would’ve moved back more, but he was cooking.

The French toast is ready and Taek wants to leave, but Gook Joo makes him prepare Kimchi stew, who supposedly is good for hangover. You should’ve said that you only know how to make French toast Taek! Politely, even if he doesn’t want to make more food for them, Taec Yeon accepts it. He came to Roommate house as a guest, but he ended up being the maid. For the kimchi stew the need kimchi, who is buried in their yard so Gook Joo takes Taek with her and makes him get the frozen kimchi. When they return with the frozen kimchi, Jackson tells Gook Joo that Taec Yeon isn’t usually cold, but he must find her uncomfortable since he is so cold towards her. Well they can’t tell her to leave them alone and go to her room since she is their senior, right? There is no eye contact between Gook Joo and Taek no matter how much she tried, until Taek asked the same question as Ryohei a long time ago and the Finish ambassador, until he asked about pork.

Breakfast is ready! It’s time to wake up the roommate family. First once to meet Taek when they open their eyes are Young Ji and Nana. The soon as she opened her eyes, Young Ji saw Taec Yeon standing next to her bed. Surprised she covered herself with the blanket while screaming. Behind Taec Yeon, Jackson is carrying a plate with food, don’t know why, he doesn’t know why, but he just did what Gook Joo told him to do.

Next up to be awakened are Joon and Ryohei. The way Joon was sleeping makes me think that he fell asleep while changing his clothes. The tired person to wake up is Sunny. As soon as she saw Taec Yeon, Sunny covered her swollen face and they start joking. Since they are close friends they have their own jokes. After Sunny it’s time to wake up the scary senior, Lee Dong Wook. Since he isn’t close to Dong Wook, Taec Yeon asks Jackson to help him.

The last sleeping person is Kang Joon. While Gook Joo and Jackson hide in the bathroom, Taec Yeon sings for Kang Joon. Taek managed to wake up Kang Joon, they made eye contact, but contrary the other people, Kang Joon isn’t surprised to see a stranger waking him up. Still sleeping, Kang Joon didn’t recognized Taec Yeon, he must be really tired. With help from Jackson, Kang Joon is awaken and surprised by Taec Yeon.

Everyone is down. Because Young Ji was coming late down, since she was putting makeup on, Jackson went to bring her down. In Jackson’s eye Young Ji looks the same with or without makeup.

Jackson:” Young Ji, I hear you like Taec Yeon.”

While eating breakfast, Young Ji is acting really shy in front of Taec Yeon and Taec Yeon finds cute the way Jackson and Young Ji keeps bickering always.

Tired after all that work, Taec Yeon sits on the sofa yawing. He is waiting to go home or at least to be treated like a guest, not a maid.

Joon:”Taec Yeon is yawing! You youngsters go over there and entertain him. “

Jackson sits beside Taec Yeon and tells him to stay and cook while he will go do some part time job at Young Ji’s parent’s coffee shop. Hearing that Joon also jokes around saying that he likes Taec Yeon’s cooking. He can’t do anything, but cook. Before leaving Taec Yeon cooks stir fried kimchi.

While everyone is getting ready to leave, Taec Yeon begins cooking…again, but this time Young Ji keeps him company and helps him cook. Soon Young Ji has to go and get ready to leave so Taec Yeon end up cooking again…alone. While waiting for Jackson and Young Ji, Kang Joon comes to the kitchen, but since it’s his first time meeting Taec Yeon, Kang Joon is shy and leaves soon.

Kang Joon:”He is supposed to be out guest, isn’t he?”

Kang Joon, Jackson and Young Ji left for Young Ji’s parent’s coffee shop. They will help with the work at the coffee shop. Since he worked, before debut, at a coffee shop Kang Joon already knows how to make coffee. He is in charge of making coffee and taking orders. For a while Jackson took orders too. A lot of fans from all three of them came that day at the coffee shop.

When it started to get darker outside, Young Ji and Jackson went outside, in front of the coffee shop to sell sweet potatoes.

Meanwhile at the house, after he finished cooking, Taec Yeon wakes up Sunny because he really needs to leave. Before leaving he helps her clean a little. Poor Cinderella!

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