“We Got Married ” ep 21 ( WGM ep 258) ~Jae Rim :”If I hadn’t lowered my head what would’ve happened?”

So Eun and Jae Rim return to their high school lives.

Jae Rim received a present from So Eun.

PS: There were some news about So Eun dating actor Son Ho Joon, does that mean that soon Solim couple won’t be on We Got Married?

Episode 21

Despise being just four years apart So Eun felt the generation gap while she was in Turkey with Jae Rim. To overcome that gab generation these episode mission is for the couple to dress and act as if they were still in high school. When they talk about who each other’s school life was, once again they feel the age gab.

On their way to bowling, the high school couple saw a punch machine and they play there for a while.

At the bowling place they are surprised to see that they both know each other’s shoe size. They are ready to play, but before playing each of them write a punishment or a wish on a piece of paper. Either of them is confident in wining.

So Eun:” Why are you fighting so cutely?”

Both So Eun and Jae Rim pick their balls, powder their hands and uses tape, in So Eun’s case, then they start playing. The one that is starting is So Eun. She can’t strike more the 5 balls, but Jae Rim is a better at playing then her. She changes her ball, but still she hits only 5 balls. It’s time to act cute! While acting cute, So Eun requested a 50 points advantage, but Jae Rim declined. Since he declined it makes me think that he wrote a wish on the paper.

Since So Eun kept hitting five balls, Jae Rim gave in and let her have 30 points from him. After Jae Rim gave his 30 points o So Eun, he kept making mistakes and didn’t hit a single ball. Seeing Jae Rim missing so much, So Eun returned him 10 points out of the 30 she took. They keep playing, but So Eun won. He gave away 20 point and lost to So Eun. To win Jae Rim only needed 3 more points. As a punishment for losing Jae Rim has to write his name with his butt.

Just what in the world is with Korean people and writing their names with their butts??????

The game finished. The punishment is over. Now it’s time to eat. While eating, they change the roles and Jae Rim becomes the junior leaving So Eun be the senior. They have fun eating and talking about gadgets from when they were in high school. Unfortunately while talking about the gadgets they remember the age gab, who isn’t that long, but looking at them it seems like almost 20 years age gab.

Jae Rim:” I like you! You’re my woman.”

So Eun feels bad that Jae Rim always loses in games, or he lets her win, so she asks him to close his eyes. Last time Jae Rim trusted So Eun and closed his eyes he ended up having a pretty manicure. Still Jae Rim trusted once more So Eun and closed his eyes. Scared that So Eun will hit him, Jae Rim lowers his head. So Eun gets up from her chair and kisses Jae Rim on the back of his head. Being shocked, shy and embarrassed Jae Rim can’t lift his head.

When he lifted his head, Jae Rim’s face was red. Shy either of them can look at each other.

Jae Rim :”If I hadn’t lowered my head what would’ve happened?”

On their way out, Jae Rim back hugs So Eun and returns the kiss.

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