“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 13~ Yo Na:” It’s Ahn Yo Na’s world now.”

Ri On met Yo Na!

Episode 13

Do Hyun come out of his grandmother’s office and he looks for Ri Jin. He goes to the basement after her, but she was acting strange. She fainted in Do Hyun’s arms. In the basement Ri Jin remembered her little self drawing on those walls. Do Hyun brought Ri Jin home and called doctor Seok Ho Pil to see her. That night Ri Jin had a nightmare. In her dream she was playing with a little boy and suddenly someone came and she became scared. The unconscious Ri Jin lifts her hand towards Do Hyun and she said the same words Se Gi told her when they met.

Ri Jin:” Play with me.”

In the morning Do Hyun wakes up and doesn’t see Ri Jin. Worried he looks for her everywhere. Ri Jin was already fine. She woke up and because she was hungry she went to the kitchen.

That night, while Ri Jin was having a nightmare, Ri On woke up from his sleep scared.

Ri On:”Oh Ri Jin, are you …perhaps having a nightmare right now?”

Both Ri Jin and Do Hyun went out for breakfast. He keeps thinking about Ri Jin’s nightmare and what Ri On told him. Leaving the restaurant Ri Jin realized that she forgot her phone. While Ri Jin went to pick her phone, Do Hyun entered to a place for tarot cards. He doesn’t really like what the tarot lady said so he leaves in a hurry. While going to meet Do Hyun, Ri Jin entered to the same tarot lady. She was told that she has a lot of men around her. Well…Do Hyun has a lot of men with himself… Ri Jin left the tarot lady also because she wasn’t pleased by what she heard.

Returned home, Do Hyun doesn’t like that Ri Jin always tells him to call her when he needs her so they decided to go on a date.

Do Hyun:”Is there no possibility for me to be considered as a man?”

Ri Jin comes down from her room excited, but Do Hyun excuses himself and postponed the date. While Do Hyun was changing his clothes, Chae Yeon called him and threatened him that if he will not go to her she will call of her engagement with Ki Joon, she will tell his grandmother what Se Gi told her and she will create a huge scandal.

Left home alone, Ri Jin thinks about what the tarot lady said while she drinks. Then she calls Ri On to came and pick her up. She needs Ri On to interpret her nightmare.

Coming home Do Hyun didn’t find Ri Jin, he just found the note Ri Jin left him.

Home Ri Jin was telling Ri On about her problems. She asked Ri On what the first love means for a man. Then she asks Ri On to cover her eyes, like he did in high school, if she will ever do a mistake as she did then.

Ri On:”Do you like him?”

Because Do Hyun has more problems than her, Ri Jin can’t open up in front of him and tell him about her struggles. While he was comforting Ri Jin, Ri On saw Do Hyun listening to everything Ri Jin said. So that Ri Jin won’t see Do Hyun, Ri On covered Ri Jin’s head with his blanket and started joking around.

Leaving Do Hyun remembers all the moments Ri Jin spend with him and who she suffered because of him.

Do Hyun was fired and his mother returned to Korea angry. He meets her mother and asks her about the other child that was with him in their house, but his mother lies to him and leaves flustered. After his mother left, Do Hyun’s started to have a headache. Another personality is about to come out, but a phone call interrupted Do Hyun’s change. At the phone was Ri On.

Ri On called Do Hyun to tell him that Ri Jin isn’t the type of doctor that will develop personal feelings towards a patient. Even if Ri On used those words, Do Hyun understood what Ri On wanted to say. Do Hyun’s headache returned.

While Ri On was picking their order, Do Hyun’s personality changed. The color in his eyes is pink and that means one thing….Ahn Yo Na is back!

Yo Na:” Oh my, I come out! He only brings me out when he’s having a difficult time! It’s Ahn Yo Na’s world now.”

When Yo Na saw Ri On she jumped into Ri On’s arms and hugged him. She tries to kiss Ri On, but he manages to push her away. Scared Ri On calls Ri Jin for help.

Ri On:”Is the personality you were talking about by any chance…Yo Na?”

While waiting for Ri Jin to come, Ri On brought the cake Yo Na wanted, but now Yo Na wants to be fed. Ri On tried to feed Yo Na, but the other people in the restaurant were staring and he was too embarrassed to feed another man.

Yo Na wants to play so she runs away. Ri Jin arrived too. Now both Ri On and Ri Jin follow Yo Na. Suddenly Yo Na stops.

Yo Na:”From now on I’ll catch you.”

Ri Jin caught up with Yo Na and Ri On. Yo Na is trying to kiss Ri On again and Ri Jin interferes. A fight starts between the three of them. During the fight Yo Na and Ri On kissed.

Do Hyun wakes up in Ri On’s room. He sees Ri On bend over him and both of them start screaming.

Ri On:”I’ll take my time and explain what happened in detail.”

Ri On gave Do Hyun some of his clothes to change. Wearing Ri On’s clothes, Do Hyun came out where Ri Jin tells him everything that happened, including that Ri On found out that Do Hyun has multiple personalities when Ri On met Se Gi and realized the differences between Do Hyun and Se Gi.

Do Hyun:”Only for the remaining two months can’t I be a man to you?”

Do Hyun gets closer to Ri Jin to kiss her, but suddenly he saw a picture on the floor. It’s the picture that Ri On tried to burn, a picture with Do Hyun’s mother, from the family register.

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