“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 10 ~ Seo Jin:” Help me, Robin!”

“One body with two personalities…Would that be one person or two people?”

Ha Na followed Seo Jin to the warehouse where he was kidnapped as child. Seo Jin had to chose between protecting himself or protecting Ha Na.

Seo Jin trusts in Robin and asks for his help.

Episode 10

Ha Na sees Seo Jin entering the Ghost House. She doesn’t know that the man she see entering is Robin pretending to be Seo Jin. She remembers that secretary Kwon told her that Seo Jin was kidnapped in the Ghost House and since then he never step food into that place. Worried she calls secretary Kwon and tells him everything.

Robin does everything Lee Soo Hyun tells him to do on the phone. He goes into the Ghost House and when he comes out from there Robin takes the car Lee Soo Hyun left for him and drives away. Ha Na sees him and while talking with secretary Kwon on the phone follows Robin in a taxi. The place where Robin went is a warehouse, the same warehouse where Soo Hyun and Seo Jin were held when they were kidnapped.

As Soo Hyun told him to, Robin entered the warehouse and inside Soo Hyun came from behind and tranquilized Robin. Soo Hyun covered Robin’s mouth with a napkin with tranquilizer. No matter how much Robin fought he couldn’t get away. Soo Hyun tied the sleeping Robin in the same place where they were tied up as children. The room is the same as it used to be.

When he wakes up, it’s not Robin anymore, it’s Seo Jin! He is socked. He doesn’t know how he got there. From his car Soo Hyun watches Seo Jin and talks to him. Next to Seo Jin it’s his phone. Soo Hyun wants Seo Jin to remember the he escaped from there. That day Soo Hyun helped Seo Jin escape by lifting him on his shoulders, but when Seo Jin was supposed to lift up Soo Hyun their kidnapped returned. Seo Jin got scared, let go of Soo Hyun and left.

Seo Jin tries to get out, but he can’t. Suddenly the door opens. He looks up and sees Ha Na running towards him. She unties him and tells him that the police will arrive soon. While Ha Na was untying Seo Jin, Soo Hyun locked them both inside that place and released a gas there. Na Ha helps Seo Jin get up from the chair he was sitting tied up and they both get closer to the window. Close to the window, Seo Jin gets scared and pulls back.

Seo Jin and Ha Na are locked in the same room Seo Jin was held captive when he was kidnapped as child. The gas keeps coming from everywhere. Seo Jin searched and found a mask. There is only one mask and they are two. He tries to put the mask on himself, but he remembers the day he left Soo Hyun there with their kidnapper. Then he remembers all the times Ha Na asked for his help, including the day doctor Kang was attacked, and he didn’t help her. Seo Jin also remembers all the times he was sick and Ha Na was there, taking care of him. He made his mind! Seo Jin runs towards Ha Na and puts the mask on her. From his car Soo Hyun is surprised. The same person who abandoned him and let him with their kidnapper in order to survive is now putting someone else first.

Seo Jin can’t breathe, but he remembers that Robin said that they should help each other. In the end Seo Jin decided to put his trust in Robin and asked Robin for help to get out of there.

Robin:”<<Help Me!>>That’s all you need to say. I’ll be waiting.”

Seo Jin:” Help me, Robin!”

After asking for Robin’s help, Seo Jin loses consciousness. Thinking that Seo Jin fainted because of the gas, Ha Na takes off the mask and wants to put it on Seo Jin, but Seo Jin woke up as if nothing happened. It wasn’t Seo Jin anymore, Robin came to help him. Robin looks around , he runs to the window, jumps and brakes the window.

The police arrived also. Soo Hyun stops the gas and leaves.

Seo Jin and Ha Na are safe. The doctor saw them and they are alright. Ha Na wakes up. Her friends are with her. Tae Joo comes to see her too. While she tells Tae Joo why she followed Seo Jin to that warehouse, Ha Na remembers that she saw and talked to Robin. She goes to Seo Jin’s room. She is sure that she saw Robin, but the police said that at that place there was just her and Seo Jin.

Ha Na asks Seo Jin what happened, if Robin was there. He doesn’t say anything. Suddenly Ha Na sees that Seo Jin has a wounded hand, the same hand Robin used to break the window, the hand that was bleeding when Robin hugged her.

Ha Na:”Who are you?”

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