“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 9~”What I need right now is the courage to directly face my pain.”

Seo Jin goes to sleep, but in the morning Seo Jin didn’t woke up. The one that woke up was Robin. The whole day Robin pretended to be Seo Jin.

Episode 9

Tae Joo is waiting for Ha Na. No one knows that Yoon Tae Joo is the real Lee Soo Hyun and also that he is the one that kidnapped doctor Kang. Ha Na arrived, but she brought a friend with her. Tae Joo is flustered too see Ha Na’s friend. The friend she come with its Robin. Since Tae Joo’s father was Seo Jin’s father driver, then Tae Joo know that Seo Jin doesn’t have any twin brother.

Tae Joo:”I was under the impression that Mr. Goo Seo Jin was an only son.”

Robin:”Well…not many people know about me.”

Robin participates at Ha Na’s hypnosis therapy. She is on the hospital roof. Behind her the door closes. She tries to open the door, but it’s locked. Suddenly there is someone behind her. As Tae Joo tells her, Ha Na tries to turn around and see the face of the person behind her, but the person behind her strangles her. She can’t see that man’s face, but the man that strangles her is doctor Yoon Tae Joo. Scared, crying and trembling Ha Na returned. Tae Joo is surprised by the care Robin shows towards Ha Na.

Ha Na went to the bathroom to wash her face and calm down a little. When she returned Tae Joo wants to get close to her, but Robin doesn’t let him. Does Robin know something? Did he realize who Tae Joo is?

When they left Robin hugged Ha Na to comfort her. While leaving Robin looked back strangely like he knows something.

After Ha Na and Robin left, Ryu Seung Yeon, Seo Jin’s cousin, came to Tae Joo and Tae Joo hypnotized him to find out for sure if Goo Seo Jin has or not a twin brother.

Robin and Ha Na went to her office form the circus. He has to draw some sketches for the circus coming event. While he was drawing, Ha Na asked Robin why he tried to kill himself when they were little. For almost a year, Ha Na watched every night a boy coming to the bridge with his head lowered and every night he was trying to kill himself. Ha Na thinks that the boy who tried to commit suicide was Robin, but it was actually Seo Jin.

Robin:”So you had worried for and watched over Seo Jin for that long period of time?”

Robin takes the drawing he made about that night and shows Ha Na the drawings with him and the drawings with Seo Jin.

Ha Na:”Then director Goo is the one that I saved and you’re the one that saved me?”

When Ha Na’s friends came inside, Robin told them about his relationship with Ha Na.

Robin:”We’re dating!”

Later that night Robin went to see Woo Jung’s father. He wants Robin to start drawing from his next comic book, but also he wants Robin to tell Ha Na his real identity. Even if he wants to, Robin can’t tell Ha Na the truth, because he himself doesn’t know the reason he was born. Robin was born from the same reason that made Seo Jin trying to kill himself, but Robin doesn’t know that reason, yet.

In the morning Seo Jin wakes up. Secretary Kwon tells Seo Jin that the police started to suspect doctor Kang as the person who hypnotized the man who is arrested that believes to be Lee Soo Hyun. Since he heard that ,Seo Jin also begins to suspect doctor Kang. On his way out Seo Jin’s eyes met Ha Na. He doesn’t say anything and just leaves. Ha Na follows him and says that he shouldn’t suspect doctor Kang because she saw doctor Kang lying on the floor unconscious and bleeding. Still Seo Jin doesn’t trust anyone.

Seo Jin went to talk to Tae Joo who turns him more against doctor Kang. In the car, on his way home, Seo Jin keeps hearing Ha Na’s voice telling him to trust her, that doctor Kang didn’t betray him. That day Seo Jin refused to go to his office. He went home and looked into books about mental hacking and books or papers about mental hacking that doctor Kang wrote.

When she arrived home, Ha Na saw Seo Jin searching around in many books. He doesn’t pay attention and cuts his finger with the paper. She brings him and band aid and helps him put it. Once again she tells him to trust in doctor Kang, but Seo Jin doesn’t trust in any one, since not even his own father helped him when he was kidnapped. Seeing him like that Ha Na tells him about those nights she used to watch over him while he was trying to kill himself. Around that time she was injured and because of that she was afraid to practice her rope swings. She managed to overcome her fears when she started to trust herself.

Ha Na:”If you feel you can’t trust anyone, then try trusting in yourself.”

Seo Jin fell asleep on the floor surrounded by books. That night Robin woke up, but he didn’t spend the night dating Ha Na as usual, he started to work for his next comic book. In the morning secretary Kwon comes in a hurry to pick up Seo Jin for an important meeting, but when he arrived he was surprised to find Robin instead of Seo Jin. Seo Jin and Robin have a deal, Seo Jin’s time is during the day and Robin’s time during the night. For the first time Robin woke up in the morning instead of Seo Jin.

To prevent everyone from finding out about Seo Jin’s mental condition, Robin pretended to be Seo Jin. He dressed as Seo Jin, wear Seo Jin’s clothes and glasses and memorized the name of the board directors and the presentation Seo Jin was supposed to have. Robin presented instead of Seo Jin and answered the board directors questions instead of Seo Jin. Everything went well, but Seo Jin’s father realized that in front of him wasn’t Seo Jin, but Robin.

Robin:”Seo Jin’s hiding behind me right now.”

Later Robin follows Ha Na at the circus. Woo Jung saw him dressed as Seo Jin and believed that he is Seo Jin so she called Ha Na out saying that director Goo Seo Jin is looking for her. Ha Na comes out and sees Robin talking on the phone. Tae Joo called Seo Jin and told him to go inside the Ghost House if he doesn’t want doctor Kang to die. Robin did as Tae Joo said and entered the Ghost House. Ha Na saw Seo Jin entering the ghost house, the place Seo Jin was kidnapped from.


Thought: I kept thinking about Robin’s name, why did Seo Jin named his other personality Robin? Then it hit me! The English word “LOVE” in Korean is “러브” (Romanized is ROB) and the Korean word for person is “인” (Romanized is IN) so does that mean that Seo Jin named his other personality “Loved person” or “Loving person”?

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