“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 14~ Do Hyun:”I will only believe the memories I remember.”

Do Hyun spend the holiday with Ri Jin and her family. He has a new friend now, Oh Ri On.

Do Hyun remembers the other child and realizes who the other child is.

Ri Jin is kidnapped!

Episode 14

Ri On comes out looking for Do Hyun and hears Do Hyun confessing to Ri Jin. When he hears Do Hyun asking about his mother’s picture, the mother on the family register, Ri On approaches them and confesses Do Hyun that he collected information about Do Hyun’s family. He was interested about Do Hyun’s father, Do Hyun’s mother, from the family register and Do Hyun’s biological mother. Leaving Ri Jin behind, Do Hyun follows Ri On everywhere asking about what Ri On found about his family.

Ri Jin and Ri On’s father found Ri On and Do Hyun talking instead of working and pulling their ears and hitting them, as a father would hit his sons, put them to work. Do Hyun and Ri On peeled the onions, caught the ducks, chopped the wood. Every time Ri On’s father came to check on the he ended up hitting them for talking instead of working.

Do Hyun spend the night with Ri On’s family. Its Do Hyun’s first time spending the holidays with a family. Everyone there made him feel part of the family. He eats, drinks and takes picture with Ri Jin, Ri On and their parents. Ri Jin’s father even gave Do Hyun money.

Later, Ri Jin and her father are drunk. Ri Jin’s father keeps insisting for Do Hyun to drink what he offers him. Afraid that one of his personalities will come out if he gets drunk, Do Hyun keeps refusing to drink.

Ri Jin:”Stop bothering my man everyone.”

The drunk Ri Jin got up from her chair and told her family to leave her man alone. Then Ri Jin drink Do Hyun’s alcohol and passed out. While pulling Ri Jin from one another, Ri On and Do Hyun keeps fighting over who should carry Ri Jin to her room. With the pretext that he is Ri Jin’s brother, Ri On wins the fight and carries Ri Jin to her room. Do Hyun follows him and helps covering Ri Jin with the blanket.

That night Do Hyun slept in Ri On’s room. He is happy that he found a new friend in Ri On’s person.

During the night Ri Jin wakes up and remembering what she said while she was drunk, she is embarrassed. Ri On wakes up too and finds Ri Jin talking to their dog. While eating sweet potatoes, Ri Jin tells Ri On about her last dream, in which she was playing with a boy her age, she tripped and fell, than she saw a shadow coming at her. Ri On interprets Ri Jin’s dream his way, lying to her that he was the boy and shadow was the balloon from the store next to their old house.

Do Hyun woke up too and when he saw that Ri On wasn’t in bed when to look for him. He sees Ri Jin and Ri On having fun and just stays away looking at them. Ri Jin’s mother sees him and takes him to the living room when she gave him some late night snacks. Then she shows Do Hyun pictures with Ri On and Ri Jin from when they were children. When he sees the pictures, Do Hyun has a headache.

Smelling their mother’s soup Ri Jin and Ri On come inside. Embarrassed to face Do Hyun, Ri Jin hides behind Ri On.

After talking on the phone Do Hyun noticed that Ri Jin is hiding from him. He calls her out and drags her to the basement. Do Hyun took the basement’s key. There he confesses his feelings for Ri Jin and she accepts them. There is no need for her to feel embarrassed that she called Do Hyun “my man” in front of her family.

The dream came back. Do Hyun is in the basement, playing with another child. The other child is a girl, she has a teddy bear called “Na Na” as in Do Hyun’s personality that no one can see. The little girl drew her teddy bear on the floor and wrote below it “I’m Na Na”. So Do Hyun’s personality “Na Na” was his way of remembering the little girl. Suddenly the door opens and a shadow comes in. It’s Do Hyun’s father. Every time he doesn’t like what Do Hyun does, he come to the basement and hits the little girl.

Since its holiday, Ki Joon’s family, including Chae Yeon came to pay a visit to Do Hyun’s grandmother. Ki Joon and his parents actually came to make sure that Do Hyun was really kicked out.

Do Hyun’s mother goes to the basement to get some wine. There she found Do Hyun, who now remembered that the abused child wasn’t him, but the girl that was playing with him in his memory. He asks his mother about that little girl, but once again his mother lies saying that there was no other child there beside him and that his father was a gentle person. Now Do Hyun doesn’t trust his mother anymore, he started remembering what he forgot. Angry with his mother who witnessed everything and made him a witness and an assailant, Do Hyun threatens his mother with finding that child.

Do Hyun:”I will only believe the memories I remember.”

Leaving the basement Do Hyun goes to his grandmother and asks her if she was also aware of what his father was doing to the little girl when he was little.

At her house Ri Jin tells doctor Seok Ho Pil about her experience at Do Hyun’s grandmother’s basement. She saw her little self drawing on walls there. Doctor Seok Ho Pil proposed her to go with Do Hyun for therapy, maybe she was there with him when they were little.

After doctor Seok Ho Pil left a car stops next to Ri Jin. Some men come out and dragged her inside. Ri On saw Ri Jin being kidnapped and followed the kidnappers car, but lost them on the way. The kidnappers are send by Do Hyun’s mother who found out that Oh Ri Jin is the child that Do Hyun’s father used to beat up.

When he lost Ri Jin’s kidnappers, Ri On called Do Hyun. Finding out that Ri Jin was kidnapped Do Hyun, who put a tracking device on Ri Jin, goes to the place where Ri Jin is being held captive. The kidnappers tried to stop Do Hyun, but he fights them.

Suddenly Do Hyun’s has a headache, Se Gi wants to come out and fight instead of Do Hyun, but Do Hyun doesn’t let him, it’s his fight.

Se Gi:”Move aside, you can’t handle it.”

Do Hyun:”No, this is my fight! I will do it!”

While fighting with Se Gi, one of the kidnappers his Do Hyun in the back of his head and Do Hyun remembers his lost memory. He realizes that the little girl from his memory is Oh Ri Jin.

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