“Ouroboros ” ep 3~ Ikuo:”The one who shot this man was…Yuiko-sensei.”

The two dragons found one of the four men that they saw at the orphanage the night Yuiko died.

Ikuo remembers something about the night Yuiko died!

Episode 3

This week is the week Tatsuya blames everyone. He doesn’t even trust his right hand. When the men that are always close to him bring him tea, Tatsuya make them taste it first. Tatsuya wanted to be sure that he won’t be poisoned.

The same time at the police station a new case arrived. Three homeless men were killed in the park where they were staying. Mizuki and Ikuo go to talk to the other homeless. They got from the other homeless more information about the killed men then the other team that came before them. The homeless were pleased to cooperate with Mizuki and Ikuo because they didn’t address them as “Homeless 1” and “Homeless 2”, they called them on their name.

Before leaving the park, Ikuo received a phone call from his boss. Their chief wanted Ikuo and Mizuki to pretend that they are a couple and to watch over the park. While they were talking on a bench, sitting in an uncomfortable position, embraced, Ikuo heard a voice. He runs over and sees a young man trying to kill a homeless man with a pipe. The young man is arrested. Still Ikuo and Mizuki think that the young man isn’t the real killer.

Because he can’t believe that someone could remember a person who he met 20 years ago, Tatsuya returned to the back ally doctor. And he was right. The doctor saw various times the four men that killed Tatsuya and Ikuo’s teacher. The first time they’ve came was 20 years ago, after Yuiko’s death. One of the four men was shot in the back and the doctor healed him. The second time was ten years ago, but only three of the four men come to see the doctor. They wanted everything that the doctor had about them from the first time they came. The fourth man that didn’t come with them ten years ago was the one that was shot when Yuiko died. He went into hiding, while leaving as a homeless. After Tatsuya’s first visit to the back ally doctor another man came asking the same questions as Tatsuya.

Meantime, Ikuo went to the park to visit the homeless man that he saved the night before. That man runs away from his name and his past. When Ikuo wanted to look as his injury, because the night before the homeless man was injured, the homeless man got scared and with the excuse that it’s his turn to bring supply he left. Worried Ikuo follows him. Suddenly the homeless man stops. Another man is in front of him. That man has a picture with a man’s injured back. He attacks the homeless man, but Ikuo protects the homeless man. Ikuo and the attacker fight. During the fight he homeless man run away.

While walking around the park, Mizuki hears a gunshot and runs towards the place from where the gunshot was coming. During the fight between Ikuo and the homeless men killer there was a shot. When Mizuki arrived the attacker shot her. Ikuo tried to protect her, but still she is injured. Mizuki didn’t come alone, there are other policemen with her. The attacker was a policeman. But that police team didn’t came with Mizuki, they had a secret mission.

At night, when they met, Ikuo tells Tatsuya what happened with the homeless man and Tatsuya made the connection between Ikuo’s story and what the doctor said. The man who came and ask information from the doctor about the man who was shot when Yuiko died must be the man that now is killing the homeless. And the homeless that Ikuo saved must be one of the four men involved in Yuiko’s death.

The young man who was arrested for killing the homeless men killed only the tired homeless. He wanted to take revenge on his father who treated him as failure and copied the first two killings. Even if they didn’t resolve the first two killings, the higher ups want to stop he investigation. The teams that were investigating the killings tried to make Washio, the man that wants to stop the investigation, to change his mind.

When Washio gets close to Ikuo then Ikuo instantly remembers the policeman with a golden watch that told him and Tatsuya to forget what happened when Yuiko died or their tiny little lives will end.

Ikuo received a phone call from Tatsuya, took his gun and left. Detective Chuno saw him and followed him. He is suspecting that Ikuo is hiding something. Knowing that he is followed, Ikuo entered in a restaurant, pretending that he wants to eat dinner and left on the back door.

Tatsuya found the homeless man. He was hiding. The homeless men killer isn’t Tatsuya’s friend, but Tatsuya is looking for the homeless man for a different reason. While Tatsuya was with the homeless man, Kujo, the killer, came. He shot them. Shot, Tatsuya pushed the homeless man. Being hurt, Tatsuya still finds the power to get the homeless man away. At some point Tatsuya left on a different direction than the homeless man so he could distract the killer. Kujo found Tatsuya. He won’t hesitate to kill Tatsuya since Tatsuya is a yakuza. While he was a police man a yakuza gang killed Kujo’s wife and put his young son into a coma.

Tatsuya:”I led you here on purpose.”

Tatsuya let Kujo follow him on purpose. When Kujo was about to shot him, Tatsuya bend down and behind Tatsuya it was Ikuo holding his gun towards Kujo. Ikuo shot Kujo, then Tatsuya and Ikuo went after the homeless man.

Tatsuya:”The two dragons have arrived.”

When Ikuo mentioned the murder form 20 years ago, the homeless man knew he was talking about Yuiko. Before the homeless man got the chance to tell Tatsuya and Ikuo something Kujo came. Ikuo didn’t kill him earlier. The homeless man runs away and the two dragons fight Kujo. They don’t want to kill Kujo, but still Kujo is shot. A sniper shot and killed Kujo.

While running away the homeless man met a policeman. He tells the policeman that a man with a gun is attacking two detectives and requested help from that policeman, but the policeman took out his gun and shot the homeless man.

Ikuo and Tatsuya found the homeless man’s body lying on the street. While Tatsuya checked to see if the homeless man had a scar on his back, Ikuo remembered something about the night Yuiko died. That night Ikuo saw Yuiko getting a gun and running outside. Before going out, Yuiko called the police. In Ikuo’s memory Yuiko was the one that shot the homeless man.

Ikuo:”The one who shot this man was…Yuiko-sensei.”

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