“We Got Married ” ep 22 ( WGM ep 259) ~ Jae Rim:” You two seemed pretty close.”

So Eun meets Jae Rim and explains her scandal.

Episode 22

Solim part in this episode was cut off because of So Eun’s scandal. They only appear for few minutes at the end of this episode where she tries to explain Jae Rim her side of the story. Frankly I don’t really believe that story, but to be honest we all know that “We Got Married “ is a scripted show, so her personal life is her own business. It’s just that she should’ve been more careful.

The night of the scandal, So Eun and Jae Rim met. The atmosphere is awkward between them. By the way Jae Rim avoids So Eun’s, during their conversation, he must be really upset. While she explains her story, So Eun keeps looking for Jae Rim’s look, but his eyes are in other parts. He is looking down or searching on his phone. She is embarrassed and feels bad for that situation, but she doesn’t know from where to start her explanation.

To make the atmosphere better, Jae Rim asks about So Eun’s mother’s condition and he kind forces himself to look at her. He makes jocks about the scandal that advertised a certain type of cars. Also Jae Rim tells So Eun that she should feel burdened about who he feels after that scandal. He doesn’t want her to apologize to him.

Jae Rim:”I’m not open minded. I get jealous!”

Even after saying that he wants to become an open minded person, Jae Rim takes out his anger making it seem like a jock.

Jae Rim:” You two seemed pretty close. What do you like about him? B-car is better than a Harley Davidson, right? Let’s eat a meal with that guy sometime… I’ll buy.”

Jae Rim:”I guess you’re bored with me.”

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