“Ho-Goo’s Love ” ep 1~ ep 2 ~Do Hee:”Please take this from my body.”

Ho Goo’s love is a romantic comedy about Kang Ho Goo and his first love Do Do Hee. Ho Goo has never dated before and he doesn’t know who to date. Do Do Hee is a member of the national swimming team. She is eager for a gold medal, but always wins the silver medal. Do Hee and Ho Goo were colleagues in high school and Do Hee was Ho Goo’s first love.


Uee as Do Do Hee

Choi Woo Shik as Kang Ho Goo

Im Seul Ong as Byun Kang Chul

Lee Soo Kyung as Kang Ho Kyung

Episode 1

Do Hee is competing for the Asian Games, but wines the silver medal. Because she always wins the silver medal, Do Hee gets upset and leaves.

Ho Goo is walking with a girl around the park. They are on a picnic and Ho Goo believes that he and that girl are dating, but that girl was only using him. She was always texting him and disturbing him from studying for his exam, she was calling him when she was getting drunk, but in the end she left with her boyfriend.

On his way home, Ho Goo takes pictures of the couple on the street. Suddenly his eyes met Do Hee’s eyes, his first love from high school. He stops her while they were crossing the street, but when the light changed to red, Ho Goo run to the sidewalks.

Few days later, Ho Goo is working at his father’s comic book’s shop. A girl come is , she is looking around. That girl is Do Hee, but Ho Goo doesn’t recognize her. He passes the girl and runs after a guy who stole one of his comic books. Returned to the store, Ho Goo found his father there. The girl borrowed some books and left. Looking on the computer, Ho Goo sees that the girl who borrowed books was Do Hee.

Ho Goo received an invitation to his high school reunion. Thinking that it could be chance to meet Do Hee there, Ho Goo decided to go. His friends helped him dress, but fortunately Ho Goo’s sister, Ho Kyung me them when they were leaving and helped Ho Goo change his clothes. When he arrived at the high school reunion meeting place, Ho Goo was embarrassed he was wearing the same shirt as the waiters. Later when everyone left, Ho Goo returned to pick his bag, who he had forgotten. At the table there was a girl. Do Hee arrived at their high school reunion. Not knowing who to talk to her, Ho Goo pretend that he is a waiter, but Do Hee remembers him.

Do Hee and Ho Goo went for a walk on Han Gang. They’ve spend some time together. Do Hee has some problems, but she doesn’t talk about them. When he has a problem, Ho Goo folds a paper and put it in the juice carton. While Ho Goo went to the toilet, Do Hee did the same thing. She put her problem into the juice carton, but her problem doesn’t go away that easily. Do Hee is pregnant.

It’s time to go home. Ho Goo accompanies Do Hee to the bus stop. While crossing the street Do Hee said that she wants to go see the sea. For the first time in his life, Ho Goo didn’t pay attention to the street light and run after Do Hee.

Do Hee:”I want to see the sea.”

Ho Goo:”Let’s go see the sea.”

Episode 2

Ho Goo brought the tickets and he and Do Hee got in the bus and went to see the sea. In the bus Ho Goo saw a woman with a child sitting in a dangerous position and changed his place with her. arrived in Yeosu the woman with the baby stops to thank Ho Goo form changing sits with her and when she dropped the wallet, Ho Goo helps her get her wallet, who strangely looks like his.

Both Do Hee and Ho Goo took a taxi to take them to the beach. Do Hee is excited to be back to her hometown. Suddenly Ho Goo looks for his wallet, but he can’t find it. They need to pay the taxi driver so Do Hee wants to get her wallet, but her wallet and missing too. The lady with the baby stole both Do Hee and Ho Goo’s wallets. Since they don’t have money the taxi driver let them in the middle of the road.

On their way to see the sea Do Hee and Ho Goo saw a high school couple and they remembered their high school days. Then Do Hee took Ho Goo to one of her favorite place. There once again they saw the high school couple. They were drinking and smoking. Do Hee goes to them and scold them for drinking and smoking at such a young age. After fighting with the teenagers, Do Hee and Ho Goo run away with the young couple cigarette and alcohol bottle.

On the beach, Do Hee drinks two bottle caps and got drunk. She’s running all over the beach. She wants to swim, but Ho Goo stops her.

While Do Hee was crying, Ho Goo took an eyelash from her check and told her to make a wish, but the eyelash flew away before she got to make a wish.

Do Hee:”Please take this from my body.”

Do Hee cries for a while is Ho Goo’s arms, like a child. The innocent Ho Goo believes that the thing Do Hee wants to get rid off is her constipation. After Do Hee finished crying, Ho Goo wipes her tears away. That night Ho Goo and Do Hee kissed.

The next morning, Do Hee asked her coach to sent her money for the train ticket. She brought Ho Goo’s ticked and after saying her goodbye, Do Hee gave Ho Goo her medal. She will have to remain there for a while. Do Hee lies to Ho Goo that she has to get a surgery for hemorrhoids and she will disappear for a while. They’ve arranged to meet on Christmas day. At the train station, after sending Ho Goo away, Do Hee met the woman who stole their wallets. For the next few months Ho Goo hasn’t heard anything from Do Hee.

One day Ho Goo is in the train. He is looking at Do Hee’s medal. A pregnant woman is in front of him. Ho Goo gets up from his chair and lets the pregnant woman have his seat. When their eyes met, Ho Goo realized that the pregnant woman was Do Hee.

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