“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 15~Ri On:” Cha Do Hyun, please let go of Ri Jin.”

Do Hyun remembered his forgotten past. Ri Jin starts to remember her life before the adoption.

Episode 15

The kidnapers retreated leaving Do Hyun lying on the ground wounded. While he was hit by the kidnappers, Do Hyun was also fighting with Se Gi, who wanted to come out and fight instead of Do Hyun. But Do Hyun’s isn’t afraid anymore, he wants to fight alone, it’s his fight. Because he didn’t hid behind Se Gi, Do Hyun remembered the past he couldn’t remember. He remembered that the child that was abused by his father was a little girl and that the little girl is Oh Ri Jin.

Locked inside the house, Ri Jin comes to her senses and has a déjà vu again. She remembers being locked someone as a child. She was scared and trying to get out. The door opens and Do Hyun comes in, covered in blood. He apologizes for being late and loses consciousness.

Ri On and secretary Ahn arrived at the villa where Ri Jin was taken. From outside they hear Ri Jin calling Do Hyun’s name and run inside, where they found Do Hyun unconscious o the floor. An ambulance was called and Do Hyun is sent to the hospital. While the doctors take care of Do Hyun, Ri On is worried for Ri Jin. He wants her to be checked up and to go home and rest, but Ri Jin doesn’t want to move. She isn’t worried about herself, she is more worried about Do Hyun. Upset Ri On leaves and asks a friend of his to investigate on whose name was that villa.

Ri Jin doesn’t move from Do Hyun’s side. Doctor Seok Ho Pil took her to his office for a consultation. She tells doctor Seok Ho Pil that she wants to get treated to try and remember the past she lost. She believes that she is in the memory that Do Hyun doesn’t remember, that they’ve met while they were children. From the hallway Do Hyun heard what Ri Jin said.

Back to Do Hyun’s room, Ri Jin can’t see him there. Worried she runs to the roof. Do Hyun was there sitting on the edge. She runs over and pulls Do Hyun’s back. Ri Jin thinks that Yo Seob came out and he wants to commit suicide again. But it wasn’t Yo Seob, it was Cha Do Hyun.

Do Hyun:”I am not going to die, Oh Ri Jin! I have things to do. I have someone I have to protect.”

Relieved Ri Jin cries in Do Hyun’s arms. While returning to his room, Do Hyun asked Ri Jin to not try and remember her past. He doesn’t want Ri Jin to remember what his father did to her and suffer again the pain she felt while she was little.

Ri On came to bring something to Ri Jin at the hospital, but they missed each other. She already left to get some clothes for Do Hyun from his house. On his way to Do Hyun’s room, Ri On found out who the owner of the villa where Ri Jin was takes was.

In his room Do Hyun found out form secretary Ahn that the one who ordered Ri Jin’s kidnapper was his mother. When Ri On and Do Hyun met on the hospital hallway, Ri On grabbed Do Hyun’s collar and screamed at him for hurting Ri Jin. While Ri On was screaming at him, Do Hyun remembered what Ri On said to Se Gi on their first meeting. Later Ri On tells Do Hyun how he got a twin sister when he was seven years old and how he found out about Ri Jin’s connection with Do Hyun’s family.

Ri On:” Cha Do Hyun, please let go of Ri Jin.”

For letting Ri Jin go, Do Hyun asked Ri On to let him spend a day with Ri Jin. Since the day they’ve met, Do Hyun was the one that received and he wants to give something in return to Ri Jin, he wants to see her smiling before letting her go.

Meantime at Do Hyun’s house, after she collected Do Hyun’s clothes, Ri Jin found a box with the toys Se Gi gave her a while ago. While playing with those toys, Ri Jin begins to remember the time she was locked in the basement playing with little Do Hyun.

Do Hyun’s father disappeared from home for six years and after six years he returned with little Do Hyun holding his hand. When he arrived home, Do Hyun’s father saw his wife holding a little girl, the same age as Do Hyun. Before Do Hyun’s father left home, his wife left him. Returning home she lied that the little girl was Do Hyun’s father’s daughter.

Now when he remembered everything Do Hyun called his mother and asked her why she kidnapped Ri Jin. He even told his mother about his illness, that he has multiple personality disorder. Even after she heard what her actions and Do Hyun’s father’s actions did to Do Hyun, the only thing she could think of was how to hide Do Hyun’s illness from everyone so Do Hyun could inherit Seung Jin Group.

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