“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 11 ~ Seo Jin:”Come back. I’ll be waiting!”

“Don’t try to blame the pain on anyone… Blaming others won’t erase the pain.”

Seo Jin tells Ha Na about his illness and confesses his feelings in his own way… Robin is becoming stronger and he could become the main identity.

Episode 11

Seo Jin wakes up. He thinks about the moments he and Ha Na were locked in the warehouse and he is surprised by his own actions. Seo Jin is the type of person who saves himself, but in that warehouse he put Ha Na first and saved her.

Seo Jin:” I saved her!”

When she woke up, Ha Na remembered that Robin was in that warehouse too, but the police said that he wasn’t there. She goes to Seo Jin and asks him what happened, if Robin was there or not. Suddenly Ha Na sees that Seo Jin’s hand was injured, but the one with an injured hand should be Robin. Seo Jin looks at Ha Na and tells her that he feels tired and he will sleep for a while.

Seo Jin:”Until I wake up again can you stay by my side? “

Seo Jin fell asleep and when he woke up again it wasn’t Seo Jin anymore, it was Robin. Ha Na doesn’t understand what is going on. Robin explains Ha Na that he and Seo Jin have D.I.D, the have different memories, different feelings, different personality, they only share the same body.

Later Seo Jin woke up again. He tells Ha Na his version, that Robin was created after he went through a bad experience. But since he met Ha Na he changed, he saved her.

Seo Jin:”Robin is me and I’m Robin. We are the same person. “

In the morning, Seo Jin went to the secret room to see the message that Robin left for him. Robin wasn’t ready to reveal his identity yet. Then Seo Jin went to see how Ha Na is feeling. She is still shocked. She doesn’t want to believe that Seo Jin and Robin are the same person. She doesn’t have feelings for Seo Jin, she has feelings for Robin. But Seo Jin knows that she has feelings for him, or why would she have followed him to that warehouse when she could’ve lost her life there.

Seo Jin:”I don’t care if you say that it was out of sympathy because sympathy is the closest emotion to love. Then that’s where we’ll start, because I’ve already begun.”

That day Seo Jin went to give his statement to the police. After talking with detective Na, Seo Jin wanted to see the arrested man who thinks he is Lee Soo Hyun. At the warehouse Seo Jin remembered something about the day he was kidnapped during childhood and he whispered what he remembered to that man’s ear. If that man is the real Lee Soo Hyun that he should have the same memory as Seo Jin. What Seo Jin remembered about that day is that there was another culprit except the kidnapper.

Seo Jin needs Tae Joo’s help. He doesn’t know that Tae Joo is Soo Hyun so Seo Jin only sees Tae Joo as a doctor. He tells Tae Joo about his illness and about new symptoms that started to appear on him. For years Seo Jin and Robin had a pattern, Seo Jin’s time is during day and Robin’s time during night. But for the first time, Seo Jin disappeared during day time and Robin had to pretend to be Seo Jin. That’s the new symptom that Seo Jin is experiencing. That new symptom could mean that the main identity, which is Seo Jin, is starting to cease to exist. Since Robin fell in love with Ha Na, he wishes to be with her so he is starting to want to become the main existence.

The night came and Robin woke up. He goes to see Ha Na, but she isn’t there. Shocked form what she found out, Ha Na needed some time alone to think about everything. Then Robin goes to the secret room to see the message Seo Jin left for him.

Seo Jin:”I’ve realized it now! Robin, you are…me!

The moment Robin heard Seo Jin saying that he, Robin, will soon disappear, Robin begin to remember Seo Jin’s day from when he was kidnapped as child. Worried, Robin keeps looking for Ha Na everywhere. He even goes to see Tae Joo, who he doesn’t trust at all. Tae Joo told Robin that he knows about Seo Jin’s illness and Seo Jin’s new symptom. Robin wants to leave, but he turns back and tells Tae Joo about him remembering something that he never experienced, that he remembered Seo Jin’s memory. Robin is worried. He thinks that his new memory means that he will disappear soon. But Robin is wrong! He remembering Seo Jin’s memory means that he is invading the main identity’s space. Robin is becoming the main existence. While Robin was shocked by the news he just found out, Tae Joo, who played with a little ball in front of Robin the whole time, is starting the music. Without realizing Robin was hypnotized.

Robin found out where Ha Na is and went to her. He kissed her and talked to her the whole night. The morning came and Seo Jin woke up in Robin’s car. He wants to leave, but he has something to say to Ha Na. First he asked her if when her father told her to trust herself her fears disappear suddenly, but Ha Na’s fears didn’t go away suddenly. She repeated her father’s words and kept practicing until her fears went away.

Seo Jin:”I’ve changed because of you. You’ve made me change. Come back. I’ll be waiting!”

From far away Tae Joo was watching Seo Jin and Ha Na. He also received a video in which Seo Jin was asking him to meet and talk about the past the each of them remembers.

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