“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 16~Do Hyun:”Oh Ri Jin, I don’t need you.”

Do Hyun let go of Ri Jin and she starts remembering her past. From here on the things gets complicated when Do Hyun finds out Ri Jin’s real name.

Episode 16

Excited, Ri Jin is getting ready for her trip with Do Hyun. In his room, Do Hyun is ready and faking his smile. They took a train. Ri Jin is happy, but Do Hyun keeps writing something in his notebook. In a moment when Do Hyun wasn’t paying attention, Ri Jin took his notebook and she saw that Do Hyun was writing their schedule for the day. Every activity they were supposed to do had allocated 30 minutes. The rest of their way, in the train, Do Hyun and Ri Jin kept playing so much that they were about to miss the station where they were supposed to get out.

When they got out of the train, Ri Jin told Do Hyun that she remembered something from her past. In her memory she was playing with a little boy and they made a promise with each other. It’s been a while since they left home so it’s time for Ri Jin and Do Hyun to eat. They have fun eating and Do Hyun keeps asking her questions. Until the moment he will say goodbye to her, do Hyun wants to know as much as possible about Ri Jin.

They play for a while, but when they’ve arrived at the beach, Do Hyun wants to tell Ri Jin the reason he brought her there. But Ri Jin also faked her smile the whole day. She knows why Do Hyun wanted to go on a trip with her. Do Hyun’s memory returned and she is that memory. He doesn’t want Ri Jin to remember the abuses she lived as a child so Do Hyun pushes her away using the excuse that his grandmother and his mother found out about his illness so he doesn’t need Ri Jin anymore.

Do Hyun:”Oh Ri Jin, I don’t need you.”

The day before, when they met at the hospital and Ri On asked him to let Ri Jin go, Do Hyun also had a request for Ri On. Do Hyun told Ri On what he remembered about his childhood. At his house there was a little girl, beside him. The little girl was hidden from the public. Only those in the house knew about her existence. The little girl was locked in the basement and punished every time he did please his father. Every night little Do Hyun went to play with the little girl, but the promise to meet her every day wasn’t easy because if his father knew about it then the little girl would have been hit. The reason why the little girl was hidden Do Hyun can’t remember yet, but he intends to investigate more and find out everything.

Because he couldn’t protect the little girl from his father’s abuses, Do Hyun sealed those memories and divided himself into various pieces. While he was sealing the memories appeared a mistake in his mind. He misunderstood the memory with the little girl being abused as his own memory, as if he was the abused child.

Now when he started to remember, Do Hyun wants the story to be told to the world. For that he asks Ri On to write a novel about it and make it a bestseller.

At the beach, after Do Hyun left, the one that appeared next to Ri Jin was Ri On. Do Hyun didn’t want to leave Ri Jin alone so he asked Ri On to come and take care of Ri Jin.

After letting Ri Jin go, Do Hyun returned home and tried to get drunk until Se Gi or Perry Park would come out, but either Se Gi or Perry didn’t come out to help Do Hyun.

While she was organizing her clothes back at her house, Ri Jin received a phone call from Do Hyun’s grandmother. Ri Jin went to see Do Hyun’s grandmother, but when the grandmother heard that Ri Jin isn’t Do Hyun’s doctor anymore the conversation ended and the grandmother send Ri Jin away. The maid came in the office with the picture of Do Hyun’s father. Before leaving the office, Ri Jin saw Do Hyun’s father picture and started to remember her past. She remembered playing the violin while Do Hyun was playing the piano. When Do Hyun made a mistake, Do Hyun’s father hit her, even if Do Hyun tried to protect her.

Before taking the frame to the office, the maid called secretary Ahn and told him that Ri Jin was called in by Do Hyun’s grandmother.

When Ri Jin was leaving, all the memories returned to her at once and she fell down. Do Hyun saw her and worried runs to her, but when he arrived next to her, Ri Jin covered her head asking for someone to help her. Do Hyun realized that Ri Jin started to remember the abuses from their childhood.

Ri Jin started to remember her past so she went to ask Ri On, but she gets upset with him and goes to her mother. The time came for Ri Jin to ask about her biological parents. Ri Jin’s mother was prepared for this moment, even if she always hope that it won’t come. When she saw her biological mother’s picture, Ri Jin remembered that the woman in the picture is Do Hyun’s mother form the family register. Also in her memory her biological mother was calling her “Do Hyun”.

After a fight with his father, Do Hyun’s father left home. Before he left he accepted to give his wife the divorce. They were forced to marry. Before she married Do Hyun’s father, Ri Jin’s mother was already in love with someone else. After signing the divorce papers, Ri Jin’s mother went to America were her lover was. When she returned, six years later, she returned with a little girl and she registered her daughter as Cha Joon Pyo’s daughter, Cha Do Hyun.

Few mouths after Ri Jin and her mother returned home, Do Hyun’s father came back with little Do Hyun, because Do Hyun needed to be registered since he was supposed to go to school soon.

Secretary Ahn brought Do Hyun his family register, he hoped that they will find something there about Ri Jin. Looking at the family register, Do Hyun found something strange. Not only that there was no other child beside him on the family register, but also he was registered in the summer, when his father brought him home in the winter. That night Do Hyun remembers Ri Jin’s real name. The Cha Do Hyun registered on the family register is actually Ri Jin.

Little girl:”My name is Cha Do Hyun!”

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