“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 12 ~ Robin:”I want to live!”

“Another day to love and to love again…Those days kept me here.”

Seo Jin decided to fight for his own life and for Ha Na. Robin feels stressed thinking that he will disappear and the tired personality comes out again after five years.

Episode 12

Tae Joo wanted Seo Jin to remember the day they were kidnapped as children and Seo Jin remembered it, but he also remembered what Tae Joo also forgotten. Now Seo Jin wants to meet Soo Hyun and talk about that day, to share what they both remember.

Seo Jin is returning to Seoul, but he needs Ha Na to drive him. She is uncomfortable with him in the car so Seo Jin proposed that they should eat, since he is hungry. After they’ve eaten, Seo Jin walks behind Ha Na remembering the night he spent with Ha Na and her friends, while he was pretending to be Robin. That night was the night Ha Na confessed her feelings for him, for Robin or for him, Seo Jin decided to think that Ha Na confessed her feelings for him, Goo Seo Jin.

Back to work, Seo Jin found out that director Ryu Seung Yeon called for a meeting. Director Ryu found out about Seo Jin’s illness and wants to use it to remove Seo Jin form his position. But before director Ryu got a chance to talk, Seo Jin proposed director Ryu as the new CEO of Wonderland and requested for a six months vacation. During that time Seo Jin will fight for his live and claim what is his.

Seo Jin:”If love is what makes a person change, then it means that I’m in love with her.”

Seo Jin went to Tae Joo. When Seo Jin arrived Tae Joo wanted to know what Seo Jin remembered that he wants to tell Soo Hyun, but Seo Jin will tell that to Lee Soo Hyun first. Then Tae Joo talked about Robin. If a instable personality like Robin could feel attacked or made feel like a fake then Robin could create another personality.

The same time Ha Na met secretary Kwon and asked him what happened five years ago. At that moment, five years ago, Robin and Seo Jin liked the same woman, as they are now. When she found out the truth, that Robin and Seo Jin aren’t twins, that woman treated Robin and Seo Jin as a monster and left. Hurt, Robin went to see doctor Kang and asked her to cease his existence. Doctor Kang could be able to cease Robin existence with hypnosis if Robin agreed. But when Robin existence was about to be ceased another personality appeared. The tired personality was violent and cruel. The new personality tried to kill doctor Kang, but team leader Sung and his team arrived in time. A lot of people were hurt that day. After that incident Robin didn’t appear for five years, until Ha Na came and Seo Jin cut himself off from everything so that no one could get hurt because of him ever.

Later Ha Na met Tae Joo. She wanted to know more about Seo Jin’s illness, but Tae Joo hypnotized her and found out about Seo Jin’s tired personality, the violent one, Terry.

When Robin woke up he looks everywhere for Ha Na but he can’t find her. Thinking that he was abandoned again as he was five years ago, Robin begins to feel stressed. Then Robin received a text from Ha Na. What Robin didn’t know was that the message was send by Tae Joo when he hypnotized Ha Na earlier.

When Robin arrived at the meeting place, he found doctor Kang tied on the chair. He tries to untie doctor Kang, but Tae Joo who was watching hypnotized him and the tired personality came out. Terry tries to kill doctor Kang again, but when she called Robin’s name, Terry stopped.

Ha Na received a video with Robin and doctor Kang and remembering what secretary Kwon said about Terry she called Robin.

Robin:”I want to live!”

Ha Na arrived at the place where Robin and doctor Kang were at the same time the police arrived. The police took doctor Kang and Ha Na runs over to Robin and hugs him.

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