“Ho-Goo’s Love ” ep 3~ ep 4 ~Do Hee:” My water broke!”

Ho Goo meets Do Hee six months after they went to see the sea. He takes care of Do Hee while she is giving birth to her baby.

Episode 3

On his way home, Ho Goo sees a pregnant woman on the subway and gives her his sit. The pregnant woman dropped her bag and Ho Goo helps her get her thinks, but when their eyes met Ho Goo realized that the pregnant woman is none other than the girl he’s been waiting for six months. Do Hee is shocked too, but she is better at hiding her feelings.

The chair next to Do Hee is empty and Ho Goo sits there. The atmosphere is awkward between them. Ho Goo can’t look at Do Hee. He’s afraid that if he will look at her and will see her big belly he will realize that she is pregnant. He’s been waiting for her, but now he thinks that Do Hee got married after the night they’ve spend on the beach.

When Do Hee gets off the subway, Ho Goo gets off too and runs after her. He has to ask her few questions. Do Hee was coming from her doctor and she was going to eat something that she was craving form. Ho Goo goes with Do Hee. The innocent Ho Goo believes that a woman can get pregnant only after she gets married and Do Hee lies to him saying that she got married in a hurry.

When they separate, Ho Goo can’t leave first. He feels like he needs to watch Do Hee’s back getting further away from him.

On Christmas day, Do Hee stopped by Ho Goo’s store to return the comic book she borrowed six months ago. She can’t face Ho Goo so she leaves the book in the box outside. From inside Ho Goo hears the noise and goes out. When Ho Goo comes out, Do Hee hides. Seeing the comic book that Do Hee borrowed, Ho Goo knew that Do Hee was close and follows her.

That day Do Hee went to the swimming pool. She alone there and the water makes her body feel less heavy. After the swimming keeper left, Ho Goo came in. He has to ask Do Hee if he imagined wrong what she said six months ago when they kissed and they arranged to meet on Christmas day. Also Ho Goo has to return Do Hee’s medal.

Do Hee’s answers at his questions made Ho Goo get angry for the first time in his live.

Ho Goo:”Did you just pee in your pants because I shocked you?”

Do Hee:”No! My water broke!”

Episode 4

Do Hee’s water broke, she will give birth to her baby soon. Ho Goo jumps in front of a taxi. The driver stops and takes Ho Goo and Do Hee to the hospital. At first Ho Goo left, leaving Do Hee alone. She lied to the doctors about her name and she told them that her husband is oversees where they live.

Ho Goo felt bad that Do Hee has to go throw the labor on her own and runs over to the hospital. On his way Ho Goo stopped to the store and brought what Do Hee needs after she will give birth to the baby. She is impressed by him and sends him away, but in the end Do Hee accepts innocent Ho Goo and lets him be by her side. She isn’t alone anymore. She won’t have to give birth alone anymore.

During labor, Ho Goo does everything he can to make Do Hee feel better. He tells her to imagine that she is on the beach having fun, that she is relaxed, but it doesn’t work. Later he decided to tell Do Hee to endure the pain and if she will endure it she will win the gold medal at the next swimming competitions. That story worked! The labor is over and Do Hee gave birth to a baby boy, while Ho Goo was next to her in the operation room.

Do Hee:” You have all your fingers and toes! “

Ho Goo can’t keep his tears in and starts crying while the baby is holding Ho Goo’s finger.

Meantime, Ho Kyung was asked by her teacher if she will go out with her son. Ho Kyung’s teacher’s son is lawyer Byun Kang Chul, Do Hee’s baby’s father and an old high school colleague of her and Ho Goo. Kang Chul doesn’t have that much dating experiences, all he does is work and taking selfies.

After his father promised him a lot of money, Kang Chul decided to date Ho Kyung. He sends her a text message on Christmas day. Then a reply came. Kang Chul thought it’s from Ho Kyung, but it wasn’t.The text announced Kang Chul that his baby is being born.

“Shouldn’t you be spending Christmas with your family? I think a new member of your family is born right about now.”

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