“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 20 ~ Jackson:”You can sleep in my room tonight.”

In episode 20 comes a special guest, a fan of Jackson.

Episode 20

In episode 20 the quests that came were the comedy duo Cultwo, Jung Chan Woo and Kim Tae Gyun. When he heard that his father will come to Roommate house, Kim Tae Gyun’s son, Kim Beom Joon wanted to come too. Beom Joon is enjoying Roommate and also he is Jackson’s fan.

When the guests arrived, Jackson was with Joon and Ryohei upstairs. Beom Joon was looking for Jackson so Tae Gyun asked Young Ji to call him. After giving Tae Gyun a big hug, Jackson took Beom Joon in his arms and spent some time with his little fan.

Jackson:”You can sleep in my room tonight.”

Jackson took Beom Joon to his room and a single word from Beom Joon and Gook Joo’s picture disappears ( well it’s not exactly a picture, but that’s the first thing that I can’t think about…). After taking a picture with little Beom Joon, Jackson invited him to sleep there that night, but Beom Joon can’t. Even if he wants to spent the night at Roommate house, Beom Joon will have to go home because the next day he will have to go to school and he has to wake up really early.

Jackson takes Beom Joon to the second floor to show him that side of the house. Young Ji gave Beom Joon some slippers bigger that the little boy and Jackson offered to carry Beom Joon on his back on the stairs.

On the second floor, while being on Jackson’s back, Beom Joon wearing a mask from Se Ho pretends to be a superhero with the camera.

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