“Ho-Goo’s Love ” ep 5~ ep 6 ~Kang Chul:” The most beautiful person I saw in my life is exactly Kang Ho Goo.”

Do Hee feels bad that Ho Goo has to take care of her and her baby when it’s not his responsibility and pushes him away.

Ho Goo listened to Byun Kang Chul and Do Hee’s conversation and understands why the baby’s father wasn’t with Do Hee when she gave birth.

Ho Kyung goes on a blind date with Kang Chul.

Episode 5

Byun Kang Chul can’t sleep. He keeps watching his phone. He received a text saying that his child is being born.

Ho Goo returns to the hospital in the morning. He brought snacks for Do Hee and everyone in the hospital. He comes in running happy. When he enters Do Hee’s room she told his to stop coming to her and to stop seeing her baby. It’s not his responsibility. But Ho Goo couldn’t leave without seeing the little one. After he saw the baby, Ho Goo returned to Do Hee. He wanted to ask her something. Before Ho Goo came in, Do Hee tasted the snacks Ho Goo brought, but when she reached for the water bottle, by mistake, the snacks fell in the trash can.

Ho Goo is in Do Hee’s room again. He wants to know if Do Hee asked him to take her to Yeosu six months ago because she wanted to abort the baby. Finally Ho Goo realized it! He sees the snacks in the trash can and thinks that Do Hee threw them. Disappointed, Ho Goo picks the snacks. After telling Do Hee that he brought those snacks with hard worked money from his parents, Ho Goo leaves.

Meantime Byun Kang Chul is in a middle of a trial. He’s defending a man who fired his employee because that woman was a single mother. Kang Chul’s client verbally harassed his employee and fired her, but in Kang Chul’s eyes that woman deserved it. For Kang Chul if a woman isn’t married she should abort her child, he doesn’t see with good eyes singles mothers. And that kind of discrimination also comes from Kang Chul, a man who abandoned his ex girlfriend after leaving her pregnant….

Kang Chul found out who send him the text saying that his child is being born and went to see Do Hee in the hospital. He is angry that Do Hee didn’t do as he said, she didn’t abort.

Ho Goo received a phone call from the nurse saying that Do Hee experiences some after birth pain and asked him if he will come to see her. At first Ho Goo didn’t want to come or to ever see Do Hee again, but in the end he gave in and went to see her. When he arrived, Ho Goo listened to Byun Kang Chul and Do Hee’s conversation. What Kang Chul was saying to Do Hee about the fact that she had the baby and that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with that baby, infuriates Ho Goo. Wanting to see the baby’s father’s face, Ho Goo follows him to the elevator. Ho Goo even hits Kang Chul.

Episode 6

Ho Goo hears Kang Chul saying that the baby isn’t his responsibility, that Do Hee should have aborted it when he said so. When Kang Chul leaves, Ho Goo follows him to the elevator and hits him. Innocent Ho Goo is angry! The baby is both Do Hee and Kang Chul’s responsibility so how can he say that. If he didn’t want a baby he should’ve used protection.

Kang Chul saw Ho Goo before, he knows Ho Goo’s face, but he doesn’t remember from where. Ho Goo also finds Kang Chul’s face familiar. Later both of them remember that they were colleagues in high school.

Do Hee’s coach can’t get in touch with Do Hee since six months ago. He came looking for Ho Goo. Seeing that Ho Goo lies to him, the coach follows Ho Goo until he meets Do Hee. After talking to the coach, Ho Goo went to the hospital, but there he found out that Do Hee was discharged.

While waiting for the bus, Ho Goo sees Do Hee taking a taxi and tries to stop her, but he can’t. Ho Goo gets the next taxi and arrives at the motel Do Hee went. When Do Hee opened the door for Ho Goo, the coach came in. He is shocked to see Do Hee with a baby. Later Do Hee tells her decision to her coach, she will soon give the baby for adoption.

Meantime Ho Kyung is having a blind date with Kang Chul. Knowing that Kang Chul hates people that are late, Ho Kyung come late at her date. During diner Kang Chul talks about his achievements. Bored Ho Kyung smiles, pretending to be interested, she has to get her revenge on Kang Chul. Ho Kyung is an expert in dating so she knows who to make Kang Chul interested in her.

Kang Chul:”I will never tell her who I thought was the most beautiful girl to me, because the most beautiful person I saw in my life is exactly Kang Ho Goo.”

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