“We Got Married ” ep 23 ( WGM ep 260) ~ So Eun:”Please stop touching my butt!”

Jae Rim’s manager takes care of him and his schedule for the day.

I’m going to wait for a few episodes until making an opinion, but watching this episode it was like I was looking at another couple, not the Solim couple I knew. Jae Rim was kind distant, while So Eun tried hard to please him. I suppose Jae Rim is still upset about So Eun’s scandal.

Episode 23

Jae Rim is waiting for So Eun to his company. The moment she entered, Jae Rim told her that she has to resolve the problems she created.

Jae Rim :”You reap what you sow.”

Using the coupons that So Eun gave him in Turkey, Jae Rim made So Eun his manager for the day. He wanted to show her what he is like when he is working. Jae Rim brought for So Eun the jacket that she will use while being his manager, it’s a jacket that managers uses lately. He even brought her a notebook where she will note down his schedule. Every time she does something good, Jae Rim will give her a stamp. When So Eun will get 10 stamps then it’s when her shift will be over. The thing with stamps will be hanged on So Eun’s neck. Before leaving, Jae Rim called his real manager to bring the rest of his staff to So Eun. Poor So Eun, she will carry a lot of things around the whole day. Then the real manager gives her Jae Rim’s schedule for the day.

It’s time to leave. So Eun can’t drive the celebrity car so they take the regular car. Trying to get a stamp, So Eun takes Jae Rim bags and she even opens the door for him, but in the end Jae Rim didn’t stamp her card, he stamped her hand. On their way, So Eun missed the street where they should’ve entered to for several times. Arrived at the salon, So Eun washes Jae Rim’s hair.

Jae Rim:”My girl is pretty.”

Because So Eun forgot to put a towel on Jae Rim’s shoulders while washing his hair, Jae Rim’s clothes are wet. While rinsing the shampoo, So Eun slashed by mistake water on Jae Rim’s face so she will not get a stamp from there. Trying hard to get stamps So Eun offers to help Jae Rim change his clothes, like a stylist, but when he heard her offer Jae Rim said that he will make her regret her offer.

With Jae Rim’s hair washed it’s time for his makeup. The makeup will be done by So Eun of course. She dry’s Jae Rim’s hair and while looking around to chose the makeup products, Jae Rim arranges her shirt in the back. Thinking that he is lifting her shirt, So Eun turns around. Shy Jae Rim explains what he was doing, that he was covering the microphone with her shirt. Later while So Eun was putting makeup on his face, Jae Rim again arranges her shirt.

So Eun:”Please stop touching my butt!”

The makeup began. When she finished putting the makeup on Jae Rim, he looked like a pale patient. The makeup was too bright for him. So Eun tried to fool Jae Rim into thinking that she kissed him, using her fingers, like he did few episodes ago, but Jae Rim is too concerned and lost in his thoughts. With his makeup done, it’s time for Jae Rim’s hair to be done. Looking at him, So Eun decided to make his hair like a bad boy style, she will make him a vampire look.

Makeup and hair are all done. When he sees himself, Jae Rim can’t say anything but “do you want to die?”.

With his makeup and hair done again, by a specialist this time, Jae Rim and So Eun leave for the place where Jae Rim has a photo shoot. Playfully, Jae Rim gets inside first and stops So Eun from entering. Inside So Eun chose the clothes for Jae Rim and wants to help him change, but he refuses.

Jae Rim:”I’m going to the bathroom to change so why are you following me.”

Jae Rim changed into various clothes for his photo shoot, while So Eun watched from the side and even interrupting from time to time to arrange Jae Rim’s clothes or makeup. At some point So Eun disappeared. She went to buy drinks for Jae Rim, the photographer and the staff there.

After he finished the photo shoot Jae Rim asked So Eun to take a picture together. As payment she received two stamps.

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