“Ouroboros ” ep 4~ Tatsuya:”I’m also in disguise.”

Tatsuya and Ikuo are closer to finding who killed Yuiko, but before that they begin to find out Yuiko’s secret.

Episode 3

Tatsuya has a new costume. He got his new costume from a police fanboy in exchange of picking up his loan. This week Tatsuya will be in disguise, he will be a policeman.

Tatsuya:”This week I’ll be in disguise.”

Ikuo and Tatsuya met at their old orphanage. Pretending to be a police officer, Tatsuya accompanied Ikuo to investigate a company that seems to be connected to Yuiko’s death. That company imports health foods and was established three years before Yuiko was killed. Also Tatsuya found out that the Haijima Corporation was established the same year the orphanage where they were opened. Both Ikuo and Tatsuya met the president of that company.

Leaving Ikuo with the president, Tatsuya, using the excuse that he needs to go to the bathroom, goes to the president office. He copied everything from the president’s computer on a memory stick and left. When he come out of the office Tatsuya was seen by the president’s secretary. He gets close to the secretary and pretends that he was looking for her because he likes her.

Tatsuya:”I’ve been thinking about you since the moment we met. I want to arrest you.”

When they left, Ikuo sees the secretary making sings to Tatsuya, but when he asked Tatsuya what happened Tatsuya just answered “company secrets”.

On their way back, Tatsuya tells Ikuo that he was promoted.

Ikuo was transferred to the central office. His new partner is an old policeman who hits his partners. The case that the policemen from the central office are working on is a about a serial killer who murders police chiefs. Until now two police chiefs were murdered. Ikuo follows around his new partner, but Bandou doesn’t pay attention to Ikuo, he just calls someone. Since he can’t talk with his partner Ikuo asked help from another coworker, who explains Ikuo who things are there. Suddenly Ikuo stops his new coworker from talking and says that a phone is ringing in a box that came to the police station. Ikuo and other man opened the box. Inside there was a phone ringing and the person who was calling was Ikuo’s partner, Bandou. Then Ikuo sensed a strange smell. The coworker keeps looking inside the box and finds the pieces of the tired police chief body. Another murder occurred! All the police chiefs that were murdered are connected. They were all classmates and Bandou was one of the classmates, which makes him a future victim.

Back to Ikuo’s old working place, detective Chono tells Mizuki that there is a connection between Ikuo and the yakuza leader, Danno Tatsuya.

Ikuo is looking for his partner, Bandou, but his partner didn’t come to work. Worried, Ikuo found out Bandou’s address and went there, but no matter how much he waited Bandou didn’t come home. While he was leaving Ikuo hears some noises and runs to see what is going on. Arrived at the place form where the noise came, Ikuo saw a motorcycle man attacking Bandou with a sword. Ikuo protected Bandou and took him to the hospital.

Tachibana Tomiko came to the hospital. She took the picture with Bandou and his classmates and gave the picture to Ikuo for further investigation. In that picture is also Ikuo’s former boss, Mishima Kaoru. From all the people in that picture Mishima, Bandou and another person where the only ones which didn’t received important promotions. Mizuki saw Ikuo dragging Mishima out and followed them. Mishima knew that Mizuki was following them and told her to accompany Ikuo to restore Bandou’s picture.

At the laboratory Ikuo realized something and left leaving Mizuki there with the picture with the forensics.

The same time, the killer is at the hospital. He managed to get rid of the policeman watching Bandou and attacked him. The killer put unconscious Bandou into a cart and took him to the elevator. The killer is claustrophobic so he can’t get inside that elevator, he will pick the cart with Bandou in downstairs. Before the elevator’s door’s closed, Tatsuya arrived. He asks the killer if he doesn’t get in and the killer lied saying that other cleaners will pick the trash downstairs. Tatsuya got in the elevator, while the killer took the stairs.

Tatsuya:”I’m also in disguise.”

Downstairs the killer attacked Tatsuya, but Tatsuya was stronger. Also Ikuo arrived. When he opened the box on his first time at center office, Ikuo smelled green apples around the box with pieces of body from the second victim. Also the same smell Ikuo sensed it from his coworker, who was helping him. At that moment Ikuo didn’t think that it could be any connection between them, but when the lady from the laboratory said that green apple smell is used in claustrophobia too, Ikuo remembered that his new coworker wasn’t taking the elevator.

It’s time for Tatsuya to leave, Bandou came to his senses. The killer is Ikuo’s new coworker, the one that was nice with Ikuo. He is also the son of a former police officer, who was in Bandou’s picture. Bandou and the other three policemen that were killed did some illegal things in the past and the killer’s father was blamed. He was send to a small town and went crazy. When his wife wanted to leave him, the killer’s father killed her and put her into a box. The killer is claustrophobic because his father used to put him into a box. Listening to the killer’s story, Ikuo realized that he is like them, like him and Tatsuya.

Ikuo:”He’s the same…as us.”

The killer’s story made Ikuo remember again something that happened the night Yuiko died. Ikuo remembered that Yuiko was arguing with a man that night.

When she arrived at the hospital, Mizuki saw Tatsuya leaving. She is starting to suspect a connection between Ikuo and Tatsuya too.

The criminal is arrested, but the police want to cover up the story. Ikuo can’t accept that and hits his superior. The superior wants to suspend Ikuo, but then superintendent Hibino, Mizuki’s father, came and took Ikuo’s side. Mizuki’s father is the man Ikuo offered an omelet rice once.

The next days the president form Haijima Corporation called Tatsuya saying he has some information about Yuiko’s death, but when Tatsuya arrived the president was death. It looked like a suicide, but Tatsuya thinks that the president was murdered. On the president’s desk there were pictures with Tatsuya and Ikuo and children, but also there was a picture with Yuiko dressed as a police officer.

When Tatsuya received the phone call from the Haijima Corporation president he called Ikuo. While he was leaving Ikuo is stopped by Mizuki. She has something to ask Ikuo.

Mizuki:”What’s your relationship with Danno Tatsuya?”

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