“We Got Married ” ep 24 ( WGM ep 261) ~ Jae Rim:”It was a goodbye ticket.”

Kim So Eun prepared a special gift for Song Jae Rim.

Episode 24

Manager Kim’s day isn’t over yet so after the photo shoot, So Eun accompanies Jae Rim at his saxophone lesson. He wants to share his passions with So Eun. The saxophone lesson made Jae Rim remember their first meeting, but when he mentioned their first meeting So Eun remembered that on the day of their first meeting Jae Rim took the lead that she broke saying that he will treasure it since her lips are on it. But Jae Rim didn’t keep the broken lead. So Eun participates at Jae Rim’s saxophone lesson, but she isn’t that good with that instrument, she isn’t made for that kind of instruments. When the lesson is finished Jae Rim and So Eun keep playing for a while with the piano. Jae Rim started imitating animals. For her hard work, So Eun received another stamp. The lesson is over, play time is over, now it’s time for the couple to have dinner.

Jae Rim:” I am an idiot for you.”

At the restaurant So Eun is shucking the oyster for Jae Rim. The fresh live squid arrived too. Jae Rim tries to eat some, but he’s not that good with using chopsticks. When So Eun wants to help him, Jae Rim stops her and grabs the live squid with his hands.

Jae Rim:”Give me a fork!”

While So Eun feeds him to get the last three stamps, Jae Rim gives her one stamp and plays around with the stamp to finish the ink. The minute she got the last stamp, So Eun changed into her usual self.

Jae Rim:”It was a goodbye ticket.”

Before leaving the restaurant Jae Rim shows So Eun his account book, the account book he started after their first meeting. That account book is actually a notebook in which Jae Rim noted every memory of the two of them so he will not forget.

For the first time in his life, Jae Rim went to a basketball game. Suddenly he starts laughing, he hears the song he likes, the AOA song. When the cheerleaders entered, Jae Rim couldn’t take his eyes form them or stop smiling.

Near break time So Eun said that she will go salute a friend. During game break time, Jae Rim sees a familiar silhouette on the field, while the song “Like a cat” from AOA was singing. He suddenly realized what So Eun was doing and why she took so many pills earlier. So Eun entered the field with the cheerleaders and danced on “Like a cat” in front of all the people there. Her dance was broadcasted on all the channels that where filming the basketball game. That was So Eun present for “Valentine’s Day” for Jae Rim.

On the next short break its kiss time, a few couples are shown on the screen and they have to kiss. The last couple shown on the screen is the Solim couple. When Jae Rim and So Eun saw their faces there, their smiles faded. There are too many people there and they are embarrassed, but in the end Jae Rim kisses So Eun, on her forehead.

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