“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 17~Se Gi:”I saved that child!”

The day Se Gi was created! The truths are coming out!

Episode 17

After he divorced his wife, Cha Joon Pyo left home and cut all ties with his family. He met Shi Hwa Ran and had a son, named Cha Joon Young. They were living in a small town, Hwa Ran was working at a restaurant and Joon Pyo was fishing. The people around them didn’t know Cha Joon Pyo’s real name, they would call him “Mr.Park”. Joon Pyo wanted to live freely from fishing with his new family and Joon Young promised his father that will buy him a boat when he will grow and the boat name will be “Perry Park”. Because Joon Young needed to be registered since he had to go to school and Hwa Ran refused to put him on her family register, Joon Pyo had to return home.

Few months before Joon Pyo’s return, his father found his ex wife, Min Seo Yeon in America, where she had a daughter with the man she loved. Joon Pyo’s father convinced her to return home and to register her daughter as Joon Pyo’s daughter.

When Joon Pyo came home with little Joon Young, he found home his ex wife and the little girl, whose name was Cha Do Hyun. Cha Joon Pyo’s father wanted so much Min Seo Yeon in his family that he told Joon Pyo to accept Do Hyun as his daughter or to leave and never return with his son there.

After he saw the family register in which his name was registered in the summer, when he was brought home in the winter, Do Hyun who now is remembering more and more about his past, asked secretary Ahn to investigate more the family register. During investigation, secretary Ahn found out that after the fire from Seung Jin’s Goup mansion there was made a small correction in the family register, the name Cha Do Hyun from the family register passed from “female” to “male” and little Joon Young wasn’t never registered. Joon Young was forced to live with a name that wasn’t his.

Do Hyun is suffering alone at his house. He remembered a lot from his past, he remembered that he lost his name, his identity and now he is losing Ri Jin. The shock from all those memories that come back to him and the atrocities that his family did then make him suffer more. His head starts to hurt, another personality wants to come out so Do Hyun runs to get his pills. Next to his pills Do Hyun found a note from Ri Jin, she was telling him to look at the video from the memory stick she left for him.

Ri Jin:”I like you!”

At her house Ri Jin suffered a shock also. She remembered her mother, her name and the fact that Do Hyun was her name and Cha Do Hyun lost his identity. She doesn’t know how to call him now. She is grateful to her parents for naming her Ri Jin, she is grateful to her mother for saving her form the basement and the fire, but she liked her name “Do Hyun” and she liked Cha Do Hyun’s name “Joon Young”.

Ri Jin doesn’t eat, she just stays in her room, alone, she doesn’t let her family be help her. Ri On can’t let her be like that and he can’t watch his mother worried about Ri Jin so he makes Ri Jin come out of her room.

Leaving his house, Do Hyun meets his grandmother in front of his house. There are some problems with the company and the grandmother needs Do Hyun to return. Do Hyun is the only grandson she has so she doesn’t want Seung Jin Group to end up in Ki Joon’s hands. In exchange of his return to the company, the grandmother tells Do Hyun what happened the day of the fire.

It was the day Cha Joon Pyo became the president on Seung Jin Group, after his father and wife died. There are rumors saying that they were murdered so that Cha Joon Pyo will become president. There is a big party at the mansion in Joon Pyo’s honor. Ri Jin’s mother, Ji Soon Young was there too. She was Min Seo Yeon’s friend and Min Seo Yeon asked her to save little Do Hyun from that house before she died.

Since everyone was busy with the party little Joon Young thought that it’s the perfect opportunity to save little Do Hyun. He packed few stuff, he took money and some food. He went to the basement to get Do Hyun. But when they were leaving, the moment Joon Young opened the basement door his father Joon Pyo was there. Joon Pyo wanted to introduce his son and future hair of Seung Jin Group to everyone in that party, but when he went to get the boy, Joon Young wasn’t in his room. Joon Pyo grabs Joon Young and pushed him out of the basement. Meanwhile Joon Pyo locked himself with Do Hyun in the basement and hit her. No matter how much he apologized and called his father, Joon Young couldn’t protect Do Hyun.

Now, adult Do Hyun hearing that story form his grandmother realizes that the fire wasn’t started from an electrical problem as he believed, but someone started that fire. Asking who wsa the culprit, the grandmother, who was the only person who saw the culprit, said that it was him. Little Joon Young started the fire trying to protect his friend Do Hyun. But what the grandmother doesn’t know is that it wasn’t Joon Young the one that started the fire. The fire was started by Shin Se Gi. Suffering more that Do Hyun, and being made both abuser and victim, an accomplice to the abuses that his father was making, and not having the power to protect Do Hyun, Joon Young’s mode created Shin Se Gi. When Se Gi come out for the first time he started the fire.

Se Gi:” That was when you created me. I saved that child!”

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