“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 18~ Se Gi:”You dare to touch my girl?”

Once again all of Do Hyun’s personalities come out in one night.

Thoughts: Did all of Do Hyun’s personalities come out in one night to say their goodbyes? Is that a sign that Do Hyun is healing of his D.I.D condition? Maybe it is considering that Yo Seob said that he said goodbye to Ri Jin because he will be gone soon.

Episode 18

Not being able to bear the abuses against Do Hyun, Joon Young’s mind created Se Gi who started the fire at the mansion. Coming out of the basement, Joon Pyo sees Joon Young watching the fire and he asks Joon Young if he started the fire. The moment Joon Pyo got closer to his son, Joon Young fainted. He had to save his son so Joon Pyo took little Joon Young in his arms and left, even if Joon Young was asking him to save Do Hyun first.

After letting Joon Young with the firemen, Joon Pyo returned to get Do Hyun, but the little girl was gone. Ri On’s mother already had taken Do Hyun out of there. Few days after the fire a letter came saying that Do Hyun was taken by her mother’s friend so it would be better if no one will look for her.

While the paramedics were taking care of him, Joon Young, feeling guilty, started to forget his own name. Thinking that Do Hyun died in the fire, Joon Young started believing that his name is Cha Do Hyun and he created a second personality, Nana. Out of guilt, Joon Young’s mind created Nana, a personality who represented his friend Do Hyun, the 7 years old Oh Ri Jin. After the fire incident, Joon Young didn’t respond at his own name, he was only responding when people called him Do Hyun. He forgot his own name and believed that his name is Cha Do Hyun.

After finding out the reason why he had to leave as Cha Do Hyun and not as Cha Joon Young, Do Hyun fainted and Se Gi came out. Se Gi went to see Ri Jin and told her more about the day the fire started.

While Se Gi was with Ri Jin, he received a phone call from Alex, a colleague of Do Hyun from high school. He’s been threatening Do Hyun since high school. Now Alex wants money. Ki Joon found Alex and offered him 500.000$ for information about Do Hyun. Trying to get more money Alex called Do Hyun and asked for a million $ so he won’t say anything to Ki Joon.

On their way to meet Alex, Ri Jin sends a message to secretary Ahn without Se Gi seeing her. When they’ve arrived, Ri Jin convinced Se Gi to wait in the car while she will go and meet Alex. But when Alex saw Ri Jin he changed his mind. He doesn’t want the million $ from Do Hyun anymore, he will take the 500.000$ from Ki Joon and he will not tell anything to Ki Joon if Ri Jin spends a night with him.

Hearing Ri Jin screaming from inside, Se Gi runs in and beats up Alex.

Se Gi:”You dare to touch my girl?”

When Se Gi was about to kill Alex, Ri Jin calls Do Hyun to come out and he did. Do Hyun come back and he finds himself killing Alex and Ri Jin was next to him. Later Do Hyun and Ri Jin talk about their recovered memories. Ri Jin doesn’t want Do Hyun to feel guilty towards her and she wants him to keep using and protecting the name Cha Do Hyun.

Do Hyun send Ri Jin. They said their goodbyes and Ri Jin went inside, but before he left Do Hyun had a headache. When the headache is gone the personality that came out is Perry Park. Ri On and Ri Jin’s father saw Perry and took him inside for drinks. For him is strange that Perry is speaking with accent this time, but he just thinks that Perry drank before coming there. Seeing their father drinking with Perry Park, Ri On and Ri Jin don’t know how to react. Their father and Perry are getting along really well, but before he gets a chance to drink, Perry has a headache and faints. Taking advantage of this chance Ri On and Ri Jin took Perry to Ri On’s room.

Ri Jin and Ri On can’t understand why all of these personalities are coming all at once. Ri On believes that Do Hyun can’t face Ri Jin after getting his memory back and the personalities are coming to help the main personality stay where he belongs, next to Ri Jin.


When he returned to his room, Ri On can’t find Perry there. While Ri On and Ri Jin were talking, another personality came out. This time is Yo Seob and he went to Ri Jin’s room. Yo Seob was born when Do Hyun tried to commit suicide during his high school days. And because of Do Hyun’s will of wanting to live, Yo Na was born to stop Yo Seob. Now, after finding out the truth Do Hyun doesn’t want to commit suicide anymore so Yo Seob knows that he will disappear soon. He doesn’t know how much time he has left so Yo Seob is saying his goodbyes to Ri Jin. While Yo Seob was kissing Ri Jin on her cheek, Ri On came in and believing that Yo Seob is Perry, Ri On pushed him away. When Yo seob got up, he wasn’t Yo Seob anymore, it was Yo Na.


Afraid to let Yo Na sleep in his room Ri On asks Ri Jin to take Yo Na to her room. Because Yo Na kept trying to sneak into Ri On’s room, Ri Jin tied Yo Na’s hand and her own hand. During that night Yo Na moves and pulls Ri Jin out of her bed. Later, in the middle of the night, Yo Na is gone and Do Hyun came out. He opens his eyes and sees Ri Jin sleeping next to him. Their hands are tied up together.

Do Hyun:” I thought it would be painful for you if you were by my side and I thought the me who would be seeing that, would feel much more pain. I realized that you not being by my side was more painful. Don’t go. Stay with me!”

15 16 17 18

Even if he is afraid to be alone with Yo Na, Ri On can’t let Yo Na and Ri Jin sleep in the same room so he comes to get Yo Na to his room. When he entered, Ri On saw Ri Jin and Do Hyun holding hands. Embarrassed Do Hyun pretends to be Yo Na and leaves. But Ri On knows that it’s not Yo Na anymore. Yo No would never look away from him, while Do Hyun can’t take his eyes off Ri Jin.

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