“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 13 ~”I will protect you and I will become your world.”

Robin remembered that he was hypnotized.

Finding out who is the real Lee Soo Hyun.

Episode 13

Worried that something could happen to doctor Kang and Robin, Ha Na arrived at the place where Robin was. The police came the same time. While the police officers took doctor Kang to the ambulance, Ha Na stayed with Robin. She hugged him and he said that he wants to live, but he wants to live as Robin, not as Goo Seo Jin.

At the house, Ha Na tried to calm down Robin saying that she will protect him from now on, but she also made the mistake to tell Robin that she has to protect Seo Jin too. Upset Robin asked her how can she share “love”. He doesn’t want t share her with anyone, even if the other person is Seo Jin.

In the morning Ha Na told Seo Jin what happened the night before and gave him the message Robin left him. In the video, Robin was saying that Lee Soo Hyun knows about them more that they imagined. Robin realized that there are two possibilities, one Lee Soo Hyun is one of the people close to them and the second one is that Lee Soo Hyun has someone working for him around Seo Jin and Ha Na. To find out who Lee Soo Hyun is now, Robin asked Seo Jin to suspect anyone around him, because suspecting others is what Seo Jin does best.

While he was looking at Robin’s video, Seo Jin received an email from Lee Soo Hyun. He wants to know that Seo Jin remembered about the day they were kidnapped. Encouraged by Ha Na, Seo Jin replied to Soo Hyun’s email. The day they were kidnapped Lee Soo Hyun insisted that Seo Jin will meet him at the Ghost House at a certain hour. After they were kidnapped, Seo Jin heard the kidnapper talking on the phone with someone about that person’s son. But the son the kidnapper mentioned while talking on the phone wasn’t Seo Jin. Tae Joo can’t remember that part and he can’t believe that Seo Jin’s kidnapping was planned by his own father.

Later, after Ha Na told him what happened the night before, Seo Jin and Ha Na went to give their statements, but Seo Jin got angry when he found out that the police lost doctor Kang again. Before leaving Seo Jin tells detective Na what he remembered about Lee Soo Hyun’s father being an accomplice of his kidnapping.

As Robin suggested, Seo Jin stated doing what he does best, suspect everyone around him and he started with Yoon Tae Joo. Because Ha Na has something to talk about with Seo Jin, he stops the car and they go in the park. She consoled Seo Jin saying that he didn’t abandon Lee Soo Hyun, that it’s not his fault that Soo Hyun became like that. In Ha Na’s eyes the culprits for what happened are Seo Jin’s father, because he refused to pay the kidnapper and save his own son and the second culprit is Lee Soo Hyun’s father, who forced his son to bring Seo Jin to the Ghost House and be kidnapped for money.

Since he met Ha Na, Seo Jin changed, he is doing things that he couldn’t do before, like waiting or smiling. And he wants to do with Ha Na now all the things he wanted, but couldn’t do in his life.

Seo Jin:” I want you to become my world.”

The night came again and Robin appeared. Ha Na called him at the theatre where Tae Joo hypnotized him thinking that Robin could remember something if he returned there. And Ha Na was right. Robin remembered something when he saw the screen. Robin remembered that he saw on the theatre’s screen a marble coming towards him and then he remembered that Tae Joo was playing with a marble in front of him also. Returned at the house, Robin leaves a message to Seo Jin and tells him that he figured out who Lee Soo Hyun is. Yoon Tae Joo is Lee Soo Hyun.

In the morning Ha Na told secretary Kwon that Robin woke up again instead of Seo Jin. But actually Seo Jin pretends to be Robin. He called Tae Joo pretending to be Robin and make an appointment. Robin is susceptible to hypnosis, but Seo Jin isn’t. Doctor Kang tried hypnotherapy with Seo Jin, but he couldn’t be hypnotized. Because Robin could be hypnotized, Seo Jin pretending to be Robin meets Tae Joo trying to get the prove he needs that Tae Joo is Lee Soo Hyun.

While Soe Jin, dressed as Robin, went to Tae Joo’s office, Ha Na was in the parking lot with detective Na and other’s officers.

Seo Jin:”Is it you? Are you Lee Soo Hyun?”

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