“Hyde, Jekyll, and I ” ep 14 ~” Without an invitation and without permission…”

Tae Joo is the real Lee Soo Hyun! The police has now the evidence they need to arrest him, but somehow Tae Joo managed to run away.

Episode 14

Pretending to be Robin, Seo Jin entered Tae Joo’s office. Seo Jin, unlike Robin, can’t be hypnotized. The session starts. Tae Joo believes that he hypnotized Robin and starts talking about the day Seo Jin and Soo Hyun were kidnapped, but the moment he thinks Seo Jin’s memories and his memories differ, Tae Joo admits that he is Lee Soo Hyun.

Tae Joo:”I’m your friend Lee Soo Hyun!”

The moment Tae Joo admitted that he is Lee Soo Hyun, the police, who were listening to the conversation between Tae Joo and Seo Jin, run to the building to arrest Tae Joo. He waited for years to hear Soe Jin apologize to him, but now Tae Joo is having a conversation about their kidnapping with Robin. He is angry because of that, but then Seo Jin opens his eyes and admits that he is there in front of Tae Joo, not his other personality, Robin.

Seo Jin confronts Soo Hyun to see if his memories are true, if Soo Hyun’s father was working with their kidnapper for money and if Soo Hyun’s father forced Soo Hyun to bring Seo Jin to the Ghost House. But Tae Joo denies it, in Tae Joo’s memory his father didn’t abandon him, his father wasn’t involved in their kidnapping.

The police is at Tae Joo’s door. Tae Joo tells Seo Jin that doctor Kang is there and opens his door. The moment he opens the door, Tae Joo pushes the door into the policemen and runs away. He runs on the stairs, but when he sees that policemen are coming towards him from both downstairs and upstairs, Tae Joo takes the elevator down. At the lobby, when he gets off the elevator, Tae Joo is surrounded by policemen. But Tae Joo has a secret weapon, he used the same song to hypnotize the policemen when they went to him for help. Now to get away from the policemen, Tae Joo played the song and hypnotized them and ran away. The policemen weren’t able to move a muscle.

Worried because Soe Jin stopped the microphone and she didn’t know if he was alright or not, Ha Na runs to Tae Joo’s apartment. She scolds Seo Jin for turning off the wire, that something could’ve happened to him. Seo Jin doesn’t say anything, he grabs Ha Na’s hand and pulls her to his arms. Seo Jin hugs Ha Na to calm her down and to calm himself down.

At the hospital, doctor Kang tells Seo Jin that Tae Joo is in the same boat as he. Tae Joo selectively erased the parts of his memory that where too painful for him. Doctor Kang is also grateful to Ha Na for remaining by Seo Jin’s side even after she discovered Seo Jin’s illness.

Ha Na understands Seo Jin. He was betrayed by his father and his closest friend. She never experienced something like that and she doesn’t think that she could have survive as well as Seo Jin.

That night, for the first time, Seo Jin took someone with him to the secret room, while he was sending a message to Robin and that person was Ha Na.

Exhausted from all that happened to her since she met Seo Jin, Ha Na is sick. Seo Jin went to tell Ha Na what detective Na said, but when he entered Ha Na’s room, she was sleeping. She had a fever and couldn’t get up from her bed. This time, Seo Jin is the one that takes care of Ha Na, as she did when he was sick. Seo Jin prepared a tea for Ha Na, brought her some porridge and pills. He checks Ha Na temperature and gives her a hot pack. Before going to sleep, Seo Jin left a message for Robin in which Seo Jin was telling Robin that Ha Na isn’t feeling well.

That night Robin prepared a feast for Ha Na. They had dinner together and spend the night together.

In the morning, Seo Jin saw that Robin prepared dinner for Ha Na and he made her smile. Even if he and Robin are the same person, Seo Jin can’t remember the time he spent with Ha Na as Robin.

That night Seo Jin prepared dinner and texted Ha Na to come down to have dinner. He wants Ha Na to tell him who he makes her laugh when he is Robin. He wants Ha Na to tell him who he loves her when he is Robin.

Suddenly the lights are off. Tae Joo abducted the kidnapper t ask him if Seo Jin told the truth or not. But the kidnapper is afraid. When he said the truth in the prison, that Soo Hyun’s father was the other kidnapper, he was beaten up. This time when Tae Joo asks him, the kidnapper lies saying that Tae Joo’s father wasn’t the other kidnapper.

Tae Joo managed to infiltrate into Seo Jin’s house while Seo Jin and Ha Na were having dinner.

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